‘What can I wear to flatter my new post-surgery shape?’

It’s been the year style has been put on ice in favour of track suit pants and slippers. But now it’s time to rediscover your fashion confidence and dip your toe back into something braver. In our Wardrobe Whisperer column, our team will find a solution for every style crisis.

Dear Wardrobe Whisperer, 

I am having a breast reduction following cancer treatment. I have always had big breasts on a small frame and it has dominated my choice of clothes all my adult life. 

Now that my breasts are becoming smaller, I am more aware of other options – not always wearing V-necks! – but I’m also more aware of my other lumps and bumps, which I used not to notice. Can you give me any advice?

– Annabelle

Dear Annabelle, 

Glorious as big boobs may be, the fashion industry doesn’t cater well for them, so you’ll find the options available to you now to be much broader.

Although it is inevitable that the loss of one dominant asset will draw attention to others, you are probably the only one conscious of your ‘lumps and bumps’. Most people will only wonder if you’ve lost weight. This makes your problem actually a rather lovely one to have – the only issue is that you’ll be spoilt for choice.

The clothes you used to wear will seem quite loose post-breast reduction, and while you may feel inclined to reach for pieces that shroud your figure, anything too big may overwhelm and drown your small frame.

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