The Novak Djokovic quandary reveals Australia’s Zero Covid failure

Novak Djokovic, the world’s No 1 ranked tennis player, is no stranger to court victories but none has been as dramatic as his legal battle to win the right to contest the Australian Open this month. He was detained on arrival... Read more

Ultra low rates have created a new generation addicted to debt

Have low interest rates created broader problems than politicians and people realise? In the wake of the 2008 global financial crisis, interest rates were slashed from 5.25 per cent to 0.5 per cent and we have become addicted to cheap... Read more

‘Boring’ or a masterpiece? The great Power of The Dog divide

If being watched by precisely no one was any kind of excuse for the Golden Globes to go rogue, you’d never know it from the winners they announced last night. Almost across the board, they were guessable: the big favourites... Read more

Prince Charles at the Garrison Chapel: paintings that convey an awed wonder at nature

Early morning at Kilphedir Pool, Sutherland, and the slow-flowing river reflects a radiant sky. The painting has an exhilarating air. Executed by HRH The Prince of Wales, it captures beautifully the blowy capriciousness of Highlands weather: brilliantly sunny one moment,... Read more

Enid Blyton book to get modern makeover with lesson about sexism

The Magic Faraway Tree, Enid Blyton’s beloved children’s adventure, is to get a modern makeover with a lesson about sexism. Jacqueline Wilson is writing a new version of the story, updated for the 21st century, in which three siblings named... Read more

The double life of Munich’s ‘good German’ – and would-be Hitler killer – Adam von Trott zu Solz

In 1939, Trott made several trips back to England to lobby British officials and his friends – which included his meeting with the Astors and Chamberlain while on his double mission for both the Auswärtiges Amt and resistance. Back in... Read more

‘He’s broken… filling a hole in his soul’: how Batman’s darkness engulfed Ben Affleck

Whedon got the project over the finish line. But the quippy style he had pioneered with Buffy and with the first two Avengers film landed flat. There was a clear clash between the tone the two directors had envisaged (Snyder... Read more

Hacks was the best comedy of 2021 – why isn’t it shown in the UK?

What the show is far more interested in proving is how similar these women are, beneath the trappings of generational idiom. Again, it’s obvious from that very first meeting, as they match each other insult for insult, like a romcom’s... Read more

Euphoria, series 2 episode 1 review: this show is determined to shock – but Grange Hill did it first

My first instinct was to tell you not to watch Euphoria (Sky Atlantic) if you are the parent of teenagers. You will experience it not so much as a television drama but as a relentless assault on your nerves. Drugs,... Read more

What’s on TV tonight: Couples Therapy, Junior Bake Off, and more

  Monday January 10 Couples TherapyBBC Two, 10pm; NI, 11.15pmBought in from American cable network Showtime, this docuseries trains hidden cameras on four New York couples (aware, of course, that they’re being filmed, but seemingly not playing up to it)... Read more

Netflix is gunning for Oscars glory. That’s bad news for cinema

For battle-scarred cinephiles, this presents a quandary. Obviously we want Scorsese to be able to spend whatever he likes on a book adaptation he’s been mulling since the 1980s. But if we’ve any interest in the long-term health of our... Read more

Ex-Tory MP who raped wife told her ‘everyone thinks I’m fabulous’ and no one will believe you, it is claimed

“I remember saying to him, I’m going to go to the police. And he said to me, nobody’s going to believe you Kate,” she claimed on a podcast by Tortoise Media. “I’m a Member of Parliament, the blue eyed boy,... Read more

Scots could wear face masks for years under Nicola Sturgeon’s plan for living with Covid

“Sometimes when you hear people talk about learning to live with Covid, what seems to be suggested is that one morning we’ll wake up and not have to worry about it any more, and not have to do anything to... Read more

Boris Johnson: Number of people catching Covid in hospital is ‘unacceptable’

On Monday, Prof Graham Medley, the chairman of the Spi-M modelling group, which advises the Government on the virus, said ministers would reach a stage where mass vaccination is no longer cost effective. “The decisions that the Government makes about... Read more

Food importers face more pain from Brexit charges

Importers are set to face hundreds of pounds of extra charges when the next wave of post-Brexit checks affecting food products are introduced this summer, port bosses have warned. Industry leaders are braced for bigger disruptions in July when physical... Read more

Boris Johnson urges ‘restraint’ over £2,000 pay rise for MPs

Lord Lamont told The Telegraph: “The alternative, which I would prefer, would be to lessen the social and environmental levy, which accounts for 12 per cent of the bill. When people say energy costs are out of the Government’s control,... Read more

Michael Gove: Tony Blair was an ‘outstanding statesman’ and anyone fair-minded would agree

Tony Blair was an “outstanding statesman” and any fair-minded person would agree, Michael Gove has said after calls for the former Prime Minister to be stripped of his knighthood. The Conservative minister defended the former Labour leader after a petition... Read more

From symptoms to transmission – why we must listen to South African scientists on omicron

“You have to empower people by telling them what is going on, but I get the feeling that some of the UK scientists didn’t want to use the word ‘mild’, they only want to use the word ‘severe’.” Her suspicion... Read more

Novak Djokovic affair exposes Australia’s Covid policy as hysterical and paranoid

After two years of fiercely policed lockdowns and restrictions, Australians, like Britons, feel rightly outraged when they perceive one rule for the elites – be they participants in the G20 and COP26 jamborees, Hollywood celebrities or tennis stars – and... Read more

Omicron has humiliated Britain’s dismal lockdown establishment

By rights, omicron ought to have humiliated the pro-lockdowners. Their apocalyptic narrative has spectacularly collapsed. Daily deaths remain relatively stable, at less than a sixth of the figure projected by some Sage modelling. Premonitions that the Johnson Government had “left... Read more

Rishi Sunak backs call for Covid isolation to be cut to five days

Beyond the Chancellor, the Telegraph has been told that others who would favour the move because of potential economic benefits are Grant Shapps, the Transport Secretary, Anne-Marie Trevelyan, the International Trade Secretary, and Kwasi Kwarteng, the Business Secretary, provided it... Read more

Boris Johnson among 100 invited to lockdown-busting ‘bring your own booze’ Downing Street party

On Monday Adam Wagner, a leading lawyer and expert on Covid regulations, said: “This looks unlikely to be legal for attendees. Being outside the home was illegal at the time unless (the only potentially relevant exception) it was for the... Read more

Michael Gove clashes with Treasury over bid to boost manufacturing

Michael Gove has clashed with the Treasury over plans to overhaul British manufacturing because of concerns about the costs involved, in a blow to his levelling up agenda. The Housing Secretary has been warned not to go ahead with a... Read more

Row erupts over Special Boat Service ‘using run-down pool’ to train for combat

“It’s all a matter of money,” Mr Drax added. “If we are going to ask these brave men to do these things, the least we could do is provide them with the facilities to do it.” Johnny Mercer, the former... Read more

Firearms holders face long wait for new gun licences as system grinds to a halt amid chaos

A number of police forces have stopped issuing new gun licences, it has emerged, amid claims the system has fallen into chaos. “Untenable” delays to the processing system mean that in some areas, firearms holders are waiting more than six... Read more