How Adele is reinventing Hollywood glamour for 2022 – and the key pieces you need to emulate the look

Adele was once the girl from Tottenham who favoured baggy black clothes and a thick smudge of kohl eyeliner, an often grungy look which belied her mesmerising voice. Now 33, recently divorced and living in LA, the singer’s image has, like her life, transformed almost beyond recognition.

And there’s no better example of this new haute-Adele than a series of looks which she debuted this week, with the release of her latest video, Oh My God. Overseen by super-stylist Jamie Mizrahi, Adele wears three bespoke designer creations which chime with the ultra-elegant, modern yet ladylike new style that she has been shaping for the past couple of years.

In some way, each outfit nods to the classic tenets of Hollywood glamour while giving the look a 2022 update – it’s a strategy which Adele has been honing ever since she stepped back into the limelight for the launch of her 30 album last year, but which truly comes into its own here. 

Here are four ways that Adele is reimagining Golden Age sophistication for now…

The showstopper gown

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