Cindy Crawford’s finally got out of her hair rut – and this is why you should too in 2022

A few months ago Cindy Crawford’s 90s hairstyle went viral on TikTok. To most of you that won’t count for much, but if the cool kids are copying your style then you know it’s well past its sell by date. 

There is some merit in maintaining a signature look – Cindy Crawford does this almost too well. But if you haven’t so much as parted your hair differently in over three decades then it may well be time for a refresh. 

Hairdresser to the Duchess of Sussex and Alexa Chung, George Northwood, says: “Changing your hair is key to not getting stuck in a style rut. If you keep the same style you’ve had for decades then it starts to fade – just as your skin does with age.”

“ Hair texture becomes more fluffy and frizzy with age and it might not look as shiny or full as it did when you were younger so adapting your style as you age is the secret to looking your best, otherwise it can appear as if you’re hanging on to the old you – there’s something cool about embracing change with age.” 

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