Only the BBC can’t see that the licence fee is increasingly an anachronism

This is a big year for the BBC as it marks the 100th anniversary of the first radio broadcast. That fact alone might be thought enough to focus Corporation minds on the anachronistic way in which it is funded, much... Read more

Dancing on Ice 2022, launch show review: can Oti Mabuse and Bez save this sinking show?

Dancing on Ice (ITV) was twisting our melons, man. As the celebrity skate-off returned to the rink, cult hero Bez provided a moment of sheer TV joy. The Happy Mondays mascot descended on a giant pair of maracas before stumbling... Read more

Sue Perkins’ Big American Road Trip, review: a wasted opportunity for a deep dive into van-life

If a tree falls in the forest and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound? In the 21st century, we can also ask: if a millennial travels around in a campervan but doesn’t upload glossy... Read more

Romeo and Juliet, Southwark Playhouse, review: 80s-set Shakespeare is an unexpected nostalgia trip

There’s a lot of nostalgia for the 1980s knocking around, as well as a good bit of looking back in anguish. The signs are everywhere, from The Weeknd’s chart-topping brand of throwback synth-pop to Steve McQueen’s lauded documentary series Uprising,... Read more

Keir Starmer: My office beer doesn’t compare to Downing Street parties

He continued: “The party that was put to the Prime Minister on Wednesday happened because an invitation was sent to a hundred people saying ‘let’s have some socially distant drinks in the garden and bring your own booze’. There is... Read more

Just call me Tony: Blair says people do not need to address him as ‘Sir’

“Of course there will be people who object to it strongly but that is to be expected,” said Sir Tony. “It didn’t surprise me, and the best thing is just to accept that of course there will be people who... Read more

BBC warns Nadine Dorries will plunge it into a ‘spiral of decline’ by declaring end to licence fee

Sources close to the BBC Board said Ms Dorries was creating a “cut-price” broadcaster and urged her not to plough ahead with her plan to freeze the licence fee for two years. It is understood Ms Dorries has concluded negotiations... Read more

Military set to tackle Channel migrant crisis as Priti Patel orders ‘pushback’ of boats to France

The military is to be put in charge of stemming the surge in illegal migrants crossing the Channel and could take charge of controversial “pushback” tactics to turn away boats at sea. Priti Patel, the Home Secretary, is expected to... Read more

Rishi Sunak stays silent as Cabinet ministers back Boris Johnson in Tories’ ‘Operation Save Big Dog’

His Tweet was seen as a lukewarm message of backing. Ms Gray is the civil servant leading the probe into allegations of lockdown-breaking parties being held in Downing Street. Mr Sunak is yet to appear on radio or television giving... Read more

Can the Prime Minister change, or do the Tories need to change prime minister?

Conservative MPs face a decision. Do they stick with the Prime Minister – whom most voters, most Conservative voters, and most Conservative members believe has lied about breaching Covid rules – or do they force him out of office? There... Read more

Anger from all sides as Boris Johnson fights to survive ‘partygate’

In one extraordinary intervention last week, Danny Kruger – Mr Johnson’s former political secretary, who is now MP for Devizes and a ministerial aide – warned that many people “have decided they cannot vote for us again while Boris Johnson... Read more

Downing Street advisers could face sack as Boris Johnson battles to stay in No10

Speaking later to Sky News, Mr Dowden added that he did not think the Prime Minister should resign, regardless of the outcome of an civil service inquiry led by Sue Gray, a former head of propriety and ethics in the... Read more

Questor: rising inflation and new ESG alignment make now the right time to buy BHP

Since it last featured in this column the firm has also announced its intention to end its dual-listed company structure for efficiency reasons. While the firm’s shares would drop out of the FTSE 100 if a unification of its corporate... Read more

‘Hermes lost a £1,000 painting I was donating to charity’

Sally says: I receive many complaints about courier packages that go missing and share your opinion that their disappearance without explanation is not acceptable as it can only undermine confidence in such services. Though some packages inevitably vanish, especially in... Read more

Senior nurses must retire or lose their pension after working on Covid wards

A new wave of departures of senior health workers is imminent as punitive pension rules add pressure to the already short-staffed NHS. Thousands of the most experienced nurses will be punished for coming out of retirement to help in the... Read more

‘I turned an abandoned shop into a property gold mine’

Of course, planning is just part of the process and shop conversions take some care and imagination to get right: not all commercial premises make good homes. Avoid shops on busy streets – no one wants to live between a... Read more

Eileen Atkins: ‘My advice for avoiding money troubles? Don’t get married’

Eileen Atkins, 87, is the actress who found fame in 1966 on Broadway in The Killing of Sister George. She co-created TV series Upstairs, Downstairs and The House of Eliott and wrote the screenplay for Mrs Dalloway.  She has won... Read more

Ask the expert: ‘What is the best ultra-cheap car for a newly qualified driver?’

Alex Robbins is contributing editor at Telegraph Cars where, as well as responding to readers’ queries, he also contributes reviews of new and used cars, together with articles on buying and selling.  His knowledge of the used car market informs... Read more

14 cars from the Eighties now considered classic – including the Ford Sierra

The range grew to encompass a convertible and Touring estate, along with the ultra-desirable M3. It was produced until 1994 but many fell into neglect so you’ll need care to ensure you get a good one. Citroen BX It was... Read more

Dear Richard: ‘I’m being ostracised in my new role at work’

Dear Richard, I changed departments in October with a brief to tighten things up in my new department, which was staffed by people about my age (I am 30) but with less experience. They had a reputation for great banter... Read more

Austerity be damned! Sparkling sales of Champagne and caviar as people dine in style at home

Supermarkets are reporting a boom in sales of fine foods, including oysters, champagne and caviar, as people spurn dining out on special occasions and instead celebrate in style at home. Far from embracing austerity in a time of crisis, consumers... Read more

How magic mushrooms changed my life

The sunlight glittered on the sea and the coconut palms waved beguilingly as the facilitator gave each of us a handful of brown capsules. They looked like vitamin pills and tasted earthy. I had come on the retreat – advertised... Read more

Why vegan meat substitutes are the worst junk food of all

It’s the cynical greed that gets me. Turn on prime time television or allow the ads to slide on to YouTube, and every food processor and retailer seems to be cashing in on the Veganuary movement, pushing their products as... Read more

Three ways to… boost your Blue Monday mood with food

If you woke up this morning on Blue Monday feeling particularly fed up you are not alone.  But here’s some cheerier news – what you choose to eat today can go a long way to making you feel more chipper.... Read more

Why a caviar dealer may be the answer to every rich person’s problem

Poor old Prince Giacomo Bonanno di Linguaglossa, who’s launched a legal case against his Belarusian girlfriend, Tanya Yashenko, having previously showered her with cash, cars, a share in a bed-and-breakfast (just what every girl wants), and so on.  His lawyers... Read more