England players are entitled to a drink – but their all-night session proves regime change is needed

The incident shows the team needs a firmer hand, a head coach who will pull players and his assistants into line and set the example himself.

The problem is that drinking in English cricket is endemic and always has been. Players can get away with it at county level where they are anonymous and scrutiny is minimal.

Some then take that to international cricket. But when they play for England, and especially in Australia, they have to be wiser, and realise they are front page news.

The Ashes tour four years ago was blighted by stories of drinking. It started with Jonny Bairstow’s ‘headbutt’ of Cameron Bancroft in a bar in Perth on the very first night of the tour.

A few weeks later they returned to the same nightclub and Ben Duckett poured a drink over Anderson. It was the first time the midnight curfew had been lifted and was quickly reinstated. 

This was a time when England were without Ben Stokes because of the incident in Bristol “I think the players need to be smarter. That’s the reality, they are adults, intelligent adults, and at times they are not using that intelligence in the right way,” said Andrew Strauss, team director at the time.

Not much has changed.  

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