Bat Out of Hell: The inside story of Meat Loaf’s hellraiser album that almost never made it

Meat Loaf was, in every way, a larger-than-life star. He was a big man, with a big voice and a big personality, singing big songs on big themes, and always giving it everything he’d got, with big, sweaty, gut-busting performances... Read more

892, review: John Boyega energises this hostage drama

No film can tackle a true story about a hostage situation – in a bank, for good measure – without expecting to be compared with Sidney Lumet’s Dog Day Afternoon, a frazzling, profoundly compassionate high-water mark of 1970s Hollywood realism.... Read more

Living, review: Bill Nighy is brilliant in this graceful, affecting Akira Kurosawa remake

On the long list of films there can be no conceivable need to remake, Ikiru must be somewhere near the top. Akira Kurosawa’s 1952 drama about a Tokyo bureaucrat searching for meaning in the last months of his life is... Read more

Stop dragging your heels on axing face masks in schools, SNP told

SNP ministers were on Friday urged to “stop dragging their heels” on scrapping face masks in schools after Scotland’s national clinical adviser said the “day is coming” when the requirement will end. Prof Jason Leitch said he believed secondary pupils... Read more

Michael Gove’s ‘warehouse tax’ on online giants is blocked by Treasury

The policy clashes reflect the challenge Mr Gove, Mr Sunak and Mr Johnson are facing as they attempt to shape and improve the levelling up plan. The phrase was adopted in the December 2019 election to sum up Mr Johnson’s... Read more

The Telegraph weekly news quiz: Which constituency does Tory defector Christian Wakeford represent?

In the week where David Davis told Boris Johnson “in the name of God, go!” and Conservative MP Christian Wakeford defected to the Labour party, The Telegraph’s news quiz is here to find out how closely you have been paying attention... Read more

Britain must stand firm against Russian aggression

When the Soviet Union collapsed, Britain, Russia and the United States made a solemn agreement with Ukraine. In exchange for giving up its inheritance of the third largest nuclear arsenal in the world, Ukraine’s security was to be guaranteed and... Read more

Boris Johnson faces his biggest challenge

Boris Johnson has endured what must count as the worst week of his political career. Fury at allegations of parties in Downing Street during lockdown has morphed into a direct threat to his leadership, not helped by his own clumsy... Read more

Vladimir Putin should ‘step back’ from Ukraine invasion, warns Liz Truss

Ms Truss called for a joint response to threats, as she added that the UK needed to work “with partners like Australia, Israel, India, Japan, Indonesia and more”. “Building closer ties with our friends and drawing other countries closer to... Read more

Olaf Scholz denies ‘refusing’ to meet with Joe Biden to discuss Ukraine crisis

Le Monde cited French government sources on Friday saying Paris and Berlin were  “perplexed” about the “alarmist” tone coming from Washington and London about troop deployments. “We can see the same number of trucks, tanks, personnel. We have observed the... Read more

Meetings, briefings and tea room talking: How Tory leadership manoeuvres have already begun

Her popularity among the membership seems more assured. She regularly tops the Cabinet league table published by the ConservativeHome website, which represents the party grassroots, an appeal that may in part derive from her simple but clear political messaging. Her... Read more

A ban on conservatories is exactly the sort of idiocy that could finish off Boris and ‘net zero’

The clue’s in the name: the Conservative Party. How can the Conservative Party even think of banning conservatories? Did they miss the memo? How could they be unaware that an attack on conservatory-dwellers is an attack on everything it means... Read more

As Russia poses a grave threat to European security, our MPs sound ever more ridiculous

‘In the name of God, go,” said David Davis MP in the House of Commons on Wednesday, addressing Boris Johnson. He was quoting L S Amery, who used those words to devastating effect against Neville Chamberlain in the famed “Norway” debate... Read more

Exclusive: Taking turns on Wilf’s slide and spilling wine on the office printer – new details of Downing Street party revealed

The Telegraph can detail new allegations about what took place that evening, which is said to have seen around 30 people in total attend the leaving parties. In the basement gathering – attended by those marking the photographer’s departure and... Read more

Tobias Ellwood proposes military takeover of No 10 … but not the kind you might be hoping for

A “military officer” is needed to help Number 10 recover from the recent scandals that have left it in a “temporary flux”, the chairman of the defence select committee has said. Tobias Ellwood said that in order to give a... Read more

Scottish nationalists should be nice to the English, says SNP Westminster leader Ian Blackford

However, in an interview with Chopper’s Politics podcast, which you can listen to using the audio player above, Mr Blackford said: “I would never permit any existence of anti-English sentiment of any way, shape or form, whether it comes from... Read more

Double trouble for Boris Johnson as he could face two leadership challenges in six months

Boris Johnson could face a second leadership challenge within six months – even if he were to survive one in the coming weeks – under “live” proposals being discussed by backbench Tories. With Sue Gray’s report into Downing Street parties... Read more

Boris Johnson’s chief of staff cancels meeting amid rumours he faces the sack

Boris Johnson’s chief of staff unexpectedly cancelled a regular meeting with advisers on Friday, sparking speculation that Number 10 sackings could be imminent. Dan Rosenfield, the long-time civil servant who became Mr Johnson’s chief of staff only a year ago,... Read more

Exclusive: Government seeks to gag BBC over spy story

The legal row revolves around a highly sensitive case, understood to concern British intelligence activities overseas. A source said there would be huge disquiet should the BBC news broadcast go ahead. The source said: “It is really serious – there... Read more

Scotland Yard to meet with William Wragg over No 10 blackmail claims

Ben Howlett, a former Tory MP, claimed on Friday that an ex-whip warned him funds would be withheld from his constituency over a link road project if he did not support the Government during Brexit votes. Mr Howlett, the MP... Read more

‘A forex course I cancelled won’t refund me my £3,000’

Sally says:  You have had a most frustrating experience with this forex training company. First, being lured in with a soft sell about how you were one of the lucky ones to get a huge discount on the online courses... Read more

Questor: one of our bonds is about to mature. Where can we get a good return on the proceeds?

Bonds are supposed to be less trouble than shares – barring disaster, you know what return you will get from them if held to maturity – and so it has proved with our Income Portfolio. In the five years or... Read more

‘My tenants started a cannabis farm, but my insurer tells me I am not covered – what can I do?’

Dear Property Doctors,  I have been happily renting out three properties in Coventry for almost 20 years with no major problems until now. Two weeks ago I was asked by the police to attend at one of my properties to... Read more

‘Oil stocks will make money this year, but I’m not buying’

Fossil fuel stocks are in for a bumper year as oil prices climb to their highest level since 2014. Demand for fuel has jumped back to pre-pandemic levels and share prices are sure to benefit, particularly after a lack of... Read more

Why I’m being forced to break into the secret property market to buy my family home

Private selling also creates a vicious circle: with stock so low, more people will attempt to find a buyer off-market. This, in turn, keeps stock low. There are already enough barriers to buying. House prices are rising by 10pc a... Read more