Telegraph readers remember Meat Loaf: ‘What a legacy to leave’

US heavyweight rock singer, Meat Loaf, whose hits included Bat Out of Hell, has died aged 74.

A statement on his official Facebook page said: “Our hearts are broken to announce that the incomparable Meat Loaf passed away tonight with his wife Deborah by his side.”

Telegraph readers have joined the rest of the world in sharing their tributes to Meat Loaf, and we would like to invite you to share your memories of Marvin Lee Aday and his music in the comments section of this article.

‘He blew everyone away with his performance’

@Chris Wallace:

“To those like me with long enough memories, nobody had heard of Meat Loaf until his appearance on the Old Grey Whistle Test; he blew everyone away with his performance. The following week his debut album was in the top three of the album chart and the rest is history. Sad loss.”

‘I hope Meat Loaf and Jim Steinman are rocking again wherever they are’

@Steven Mccabe:

“I remember seeing him on the Old Grey Whistle Test in 1977 and thinking this seems strange when punk rock was all the rage. To be fair, I wasn’t ready for the great compositions by Jim Steinman, sung with such incredible gusto by Meat. It’s sad that both are no longer with us. I hope they’re rocking again wherever they are.”

‘Every one of my cars had his album in’

@Douglas Green:

“Absolutely heartbroken. His was the album of my lifetime; every one of my cars has had his album in, and destroyed a lot of speakers. I first heard Bat Out of Hell when I ‘borrowed’ my sister’s stereo when revising for my mock exams in the early 90s. I haven’t stopped playing or singing them since. I saw him in London in the mid 90s. It was the most enjoyable concert ever. RIP fella.”

‘You will be missed, but your music will live forever’

@Donald Troosers:

“What a huge personality he was. I remember getting a coach from Abbots Langley to see him at Hammersmith Odeon in 1984. He rode onstage on a massive customised Harley and belted out two hours of the finest rock opera you will ever hear. I think he must have lost a stone in sweat. RIP, Meat. You will be missed, but your music will live forever.”

‘I became an instant fan hearing Paradise by the Dashboard Light on the radio’

@Bianca Mitchell:

“Paradise by the Dashboard Light came on the car radio and I had to pull over to hear the lyrics. Went straight to Tower Records and bought the album because it so perfectly expressed how I’d felt about a certain lad I came perilously close to marrying. I became an instant fan hearing that song on the car radio, and hearing he’s died at a mere 74 is depressing, really.”

“RIP and deepest condolences to the loved ones he’s left behind.”

‘Terrific voice and stage presence’

@Sue Feeney:

“So sad to hear. Another legend gone to join the Great Gig in The Sky. Amazing performer with a terrific voice and stage presence. Condolences to all your loved ones. Thank you for the music. RIP Meat.”

‘I’ll always remember hearing his first interview’

@David Richards:

“I’ll always remember hearing his first interview on Capital Radio in the late seventies. A rather nervous Nicky Horne (who was short in stature and probably felt ‘Little’ was meeting ‘Large’) asked him: ‘What shall I call you?’

“Meat Loaf’s reply was one word, ‘Meat’. 

“Bat out of Hell was never surpassed. No doubt, Meat and Jim Steinman are now having a beer at the Devil’s Roost pub in Heaven.”

‘Another legend lost to us, thanks for all the memories’

@Julie Wasson-Thompson:

“This news hurts. Fantastic voice, supreme entertainer and wonderful music to sing your lungs out to. Also, a really lovely, big man every time I saw him interviewed. I wish I’d been able to see ‘Meat’ perform live in concert. 

“Another legend lost to us, thanks for all the memories. RIP.”

‘What a legacy to leave’

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