Three of the best one-pot wonders for winter

If I’m not hosting, then during the winter months I am all about bowl food. It’s the edible equivalent of a blanket and open fire (which I don’t have – the reality being more like me on the sofa with my feet up). 

It’s the only way I want to eat, and usually means a one-pot dish, too – a bonus. Something cooked low and slow, ticking away on the hob while I get on with other things.

The chicken, ginger and lemongrass soup here is essential for a cold snap, a good way to help keep germs at bay. Pasta e ceci is a firm favourite, something all four generations of my family adore, and can be made with whatever greens are in season. The chickpeas can be swapped for beans, and the small pasta switched for broken-up spaghetti. 

Mix it up how you like. It’s a great batch cook, too. They all are to be honest. I tend to make a large batch of the porridge and pears on a Sunday when I have more time, then eat it during the week when time is limited but I want us all to have a good start before work/school. Porridge with pudding vibes is exactly the way I like to begin my day.

This easy chicken noodle soup is packed with nourishing ingredients: fresh ginger, lemongrass and celery all contribute to your daily dose of vitamin C. Make this when you’re feeling under the weather. 

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