Why are children who have had Covid at risk of becoming diabetic?

From the beginning of the pandemic, doctors have been sharing anecdotal evidence, with surges in Covid cases being followed a few weeks later by a surge in diabetes diagnoses. One such trend was spotted across four NHS trusts in northwest... Read more

Mariella Frostrup: ‘At last I’m not pigeonholed, I’m just me’

She finally saw a GP, who ordered three consecutive blood tests but drew no conclusions. Frostrup’s diagnosis only came when she saw a female gynaecologist three years later, who broke the news to her that at 50, menopause was well... Read more

Barbara Taylor Bradford: ‘I hate the idea of “woke”… I think it’s a load of rubbish’

She has sold more than 90 million novels and is one of the UK’s most commercially successful authors of all time. Her first novel, A Woman of Substance, was published in 1979 and became a bestseller overnight. Her 39th book, A... Read more

My now ex-wife has taken a restraining order out on me

I moved home last month, from a flatshare where I was one of four (and the oldest by 15 years), and into a bedsit which, from its front window, has uninterrupted views of the next-door neighbour’s wall. It’s a relief... Read more

The levelling-up agenda is far too narrow

The Prime Minister is in trouble. Less visible is the fact that his signature policy is as well. Two years after Boris Johnson made “levelling up” the lodestar of his administration, half of the public have no idea what it... Read more

American liberal elites are waking up to the benefits of Brexit

Bitter Remainers love to paint Brexit Britain as isolated and parochial, as though leaving the EU was a supreme act of hara-kiri on the international stage. America’s liberal elites have similarly sneered at Brexit, with The New York Times and... Read more

Emmanuel Macron has forgotten who France’s allies are 

France assumed the rotating six-month presidency of the EU Council at the start of this month, and it marked the occasion by unfurling the bloc’s Blue and Gold flag under the Arc de Triomphe. It was a short-lived gesture, curtailed by... Read more

Jacinda Ardern is martyring herself and her country – and all for a failed Covid strategy

In certain quarters, New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern has acquired a reputation for being the most virtuous leader over Covid. The Atlantic called her the ‘most effective leader on the planet’. The Guardian celebrated Jacinda, among other ‘female-led countries,’... Read more

Jamie Oliver’s ‘offence adviser’ leaves a bad taste in my mouth

Have you got yourself an “offence adviser” yet? This new breed of professionals are trained like sniffer dogs to detect even the faintest whiff of explosively un-woke material in anything that might be publicly shared, from company reports and social... Read more

Are monument topplers so pure that they won’t be cancelled, too?

An unusual event will soon be taking place in Cambridge: a hearing in the beautiful chapel of Jesus College by the Consistory Court of the Diocese of Ely. The College has petitioned for a “faculty” (an authorisation) to remove from... Read more

It is vital that civil servants return to the office 

As part of the removal of Plan B restrictions, the edict to “work from home if possible” was dropped last week – and not before time. “WFH” has entered the language as shorthand for a phenomenon deemed necessary at the... Read more

Would a robo-PM solve our woes? Unfortunately, computer says ‘no’

There was an idiot outside Westminster on Monday singing “Bye-bye Boris” at top volume on a loop, which was utterly pointless because the PM was miles away in Milton Keynes looking at a robot that can perform surgery (if it... Read more

‘Convalescence’ is making a comeback. And not before time

From the rhythms of our working lives and the places where we live, to the way we occupy our leisure hours and even shop for groceries, there is no aspect of our lives that has not been affected by the global... Read more

The best foundations for women over 40: a make-up guide to a flawless finish

Finding the right foundation is rather like investing in the perfect pair of jeans, once you find your perfect fit, it’s yours for life.  However, when it comes to base you should consider reevaluating yours once a season as technologies... Read more

Don’t toast Burns Night with whisky, choose this Scottish spirit instead

Around Burns night we traditionally celebrate whisky (I like Talisker 10 YO with haggis and neaps). But Scotland’s reputation for a different spirit is newly on the up. I’m talking about gin. Scottish Gin has grown rapidly over the last... Read more

Dior brings back the glamour of couture, from £200,000 bridal gowns to socks dripping in crystals

After almost two years of shows behind closed doors, Dior provided a dramatic curtain raiser to the Paris couture season on Monday afternoon. There was palpable excitement at the return to catwalks proper – not least among the celebrities gathered... Read more

Why ‘skip-care’ should be your new beauty mantra

On the whole, beauty writing is not a controversial sport. But I’m going to let you in on something that might be considered a little against the grain, particularly in the beauty world: you really don’t need very much skincare... Read more

‘I refuse to apologise for loving fashion just because I’m not a model’

The thing is, women have dealt with unwanted messages about our bodies for too long. I know this as well as anyone. As a teenager, I took time to grow into my looks and height. In my twenties, I went... Read more

How Kate Moss at Glastonbury circa 2007 is inspiring the way we dress in 2022

Like so many of the fashion trends of the last 100 years, the original indie look is one that was born and bred in the UK. Moss, with her tiny mud-splattered denim shorts, oversized leather jackets and smudged mascara encapsulated... Read more

Liz Truss’s comments on China are ‘demented’, says former Australian PM

Liz Truss is “demented” for comparing Chinese aggression in the Indo Pacific region to the possible invasion of Ukraine by Russia, the former prime minister of Australia has said. The Foreign Secretary suggested that Moscow and Beijing were working together... Read more

‘British democracy is still functioning, unlike in the US,’ says disillusioned Republican pollster

He’s a veteran Republican strategist whose messaging skills have been recognised by everyone from Barack Obama to David Cameron. But after more than 30 years helping political leaders across the Atlantic hone their brand, Frank Luntz says the “toxicity” of... Read more

California’s Black bears killed in record numbers, as wildfires force them towards roads in search of food

Scientists have pointed to fierce wildfires that raged in the area at the end of summer, including the Dixie fire, California’s largest ever, which decimated 963,000 acres. With the ground scorched, bears had to travel further to find food. “I... Read more

Monday evening UK news briefing: Boris Johnson’s ‘bloody’ invasion warning to Russia over Ukraine

The response to the threat of Russian aggression is far from unified. Vitali Klitschko, the former world heavyweight boxing champion turned mayor of Kyiv, has accused Germany of “betraying” Ukraine.  In a guest editorial for Germany’s highest-selling newspaper today, Mr... Read more

Ukraine crisis: Join our webinar and chat to Telegraph journalists

In the latest developments on the Ukraine crisis, Nato has announced it is sending additional ships and fighter jets to existing bases in Eastern Europe, as well as putting extra troops on standby, as tensions escalate. The move comes as... Read more

Ukrainians baffled by ‘Vladimir Putin’s choice of puppet’ to lead after invasion

Over the weekend, Mr Murayev posted a number of cryptic statements on Facebook which flirted with the notion of a new leadership in Ukraine, though not an explicitly Russian-led one. “The time of pro-Western and pro-Russian politicians in Ukraine is... Read more