How the UK’s Covid rules will change tomorrow – from face masks to travel and isolation

Nightclubs and other venues will no longer require a Covid vaccine passport for entry from midnight on January 27, although some may continue to ask for one on a voluntary basis.

Under Plan B measures, proof of double vaccination or a negative lateral flow test was required for indoor unseated events with 500 or more attendees, unseated outdoor events with 4,000 or more people and any event with 10,000 or more attendees.

Kate Nicholls, the CEO of UKHospitality, said the rule change was a “hugely welcome step”.

“Certification had deterred customers from spontaneous visits and severely limited trade. We would now urge the devolved administrations to begin removing these and other conditions at the earliest opportunity,” she said.

‘Remaining cautious’

The Prime Minister said the Government would set out its “long-term strategy for living with Covid-19”, adding: “Explaining how we hope and intend to protect our liberty and avoid restrictions in future by relying instead on medical advances, especially the vaccines which have already saved so many lives.

“But to make that possible we must all remain cautious during these last weeks of winter. There are still over 16,000 people in hospital in England alone. The pandemic is not over.”

What are the current rules in Wales?

On January 14, Mark Drakeford, the Welsh First Minister, said the Covid restrictions in Wales were “necessary and effective”, as he outlined his Government’s own plan to ease measures. 

Rules on outdoor gatherings in Wales were eased from January 15, all outdoor activities moved to alert level zero from January 21 and restrictions on indoor activities are set to be eased from January 28

Covid passes will remain in Wales for larger events.

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