Women are too often given reasons not to have children

It saddens me to read that more than half of women are childless by the time they turn 30. I had my first child at 30 and my second at 32. I don’t think I would have had my third... Read more

Putin is wrong if he thinks his aggression in Ukraine will make Nato pull back

Vladimir Putin has reportedly said that talks with President Biden have ignored his “fundamental concerns”. With the imminent threat of war on the European continent, this is worrying to hear, and all world leaders should continue to encourage further dialogue. We... Read more

China is being left behind as the rest of the world opens up

While much of the West edges closer to a full return to normality, China appears to be trapped. In the first few months of the Covid pandemic, Beijing sought to use its low death rate (at least according to official... Read more

Britain is taking the right lead on Ukraine

The UK is expected to offer a step-up in its commitment to Nato in eastern Europe, including doubling troop numbers in Estonia and sending fast jets, warships and military specialists to support the alliance. This would be a sensible and... Read more

Cake and prosecco aren’t the PM’s real problem – personal integrity is

The most damaging charge that can be made against political leaders at a time of national crisis is that they are unserious. The depiction of Boris Johnson as a jovial, careless rule breaker is precisely consistent with the image which... Read more

In the cruel world of cancel culture, for once a sinner has actually been forgiven

Poor old Doug Beattie. The head of the UUP, Northern Ireland’s moderate unionist party, almost lost his job this week over a trove of crude comments he made on Twitter ten years ago. He was, at the time, a captain... Read more

Treasury ‘stopped Britain’s FBI from investigating Covid loans fraud’

A wave of fraud linked to the scheme is expected to cost the taxpayer as much as £5 billion, and Lord Agnew told peers the Treasury appeared to have “no knowledge of, or little interest in, the consequences of fraud... Read more

Liz Truss launches plan to encourage more women into STEM jobs

A government plan to get more women into science, technology, engineering and maths-related (STEM) – jobs is to be launched by Liz Truss. Ms Truss, the Foreign Secretary and equalities minister, is forming two taskforces to examine ways to boost... Read more

Boris Johnson’s senior aide watched cricket as Kabul fell

On Saturday night, a Number 10 source insisted Mr Rosenfield, a former senior civil servant at the Treasury, was “in constant contact with the office”. But the disclosure that he spent Aug 12 watching England play India at Lord’s rather... Read more

Five years on, isn’t it about time we had something to show for Brexit?

The foot dragging has been even worse when it comes to deregulation. The pandemic does admittedly offer some excuse, but it still almost beggar’s belief that more than five years after the referendum to leave the European Union the Government has yet to... Read more

Far-flung free health insurance scheme on cards for UK travellers

Britain is in talks with Australia, New Zealand and Israel to give holidaymakers free healthcare when they are abroad as part of a post-Brexit scheme for travellers. The Sunday Telegraph understands ministers are negotiating to extend the successor of the... Read more

Here’s what Tory voters really think about Boris and ‘partygate’

Having been shown clips of Commons speeches by 11 possible candidates, however, Laura was drawn to Tom Tugendhat, the privately educated former Army officer and son of a High Court judge, and the first to say he would throw his... Read more

Time for Rishi Sunak and Liz Truss to drop the gimmicks and give us a battle of ideas

Next, we need to work out which industries we want to specialise in over the next half century. There is nothing wrong with targeting government help at specific high-growth sectors, so long as it doesn’t mean simply funneling cash at... Read more

JK Rowling’s second-rate critics should be thanking her, not trying to erase her

If anyone deserves the accolade “national treasure”, it is JK Rowling. The Harry Potter author is one of Britain’s biggest taxpayers; stumping up almost £120 million over the past three years. No jiggery-pokery, all paid directly through Scotland’s self-assessment system.... Read more

Our problems stem from a useless civil service, but we prefer to blame ministers

This week, the normally staid House of Lords witnessed a rare moment of drama. Lord Agnew, an entrepreneur serving as an unpaid minister at the Cabinet Office and the Treasury, made a statement about fraudulent claims for Covid grants. Having... Read more

Prioritising Pen Farthing’s animals over people in Afghan evacuation was ‘disgusting’ – ex-soldiers

But email evidence obtained by BBC’s Newsnight revealed that Dominic Raab had been reportedly “seeking a steer from No 10” on whether the charity’s staff should be called forward for evacuation. On Friday, the Foreign Office’s top mandarin apologised for... Read more

Liz Truss hires Boris Johnson’s official videographer

Liz Truss has recruited Boris Johnson’s official videographer to accompany her on overseas trips and overhaul her digital presence, The Telegraph can reveal. The Cabinet minister has hired Robert Midgley from Downing Street as her digital media adviser, in a... Read more

Equalities watchdog warns of ‘genuine public concern’ trans rights are conflicting with the rights of women.

The equalities watchdog chief has said there is “genuine public concern” that trans rights are conflicting with the rights of women. Baroness Falkner of Margravine, the chair of the Equality and Human Rights Commission (EHRC) said that over the last... Read more

Tom Tugendhat: I would run to replace Boris Johnson in a leadership contest

Tom Tugendhat has become the first Tory MP to say he would run to replace Boris Johnson in a leadership contest. It comes less than 24 hours after reports that the Prime Minister will receive imminently the report from Sue... Read more

Investors pay out £400m in fees to poorly performing fund managers

Alan Miller, of SCM Direct, said that £157bn is invested in poorly performing British stock funds where investors would have been better served by owning a cheap market tracker fund. He added: “There is little evidence that many investors moved... Read more

Families face £145k black hole to make second step on property ladder

Families hoping to buy a detached home must now spend another £145,000 to make their second step on the property ladder, after the pandemic widened the gaps between rungs on the ladder. The race for space among buyers triggered a... Read more

The property hotspots where you can actually buy

Its coastal location and easy links to London cemented Hastings as a favourite with buyers fleeing the capital last year. Property prices in the area jumped by 17pc in 2021, to an average of £299,000, according to Rightmove. Jordon Matthews,... Read more

British shares are making a comeback – it’s time to buy

Keith Balmer of BMO Global Asset Management now has more invested in British stocks than at any time in the past five years. His mixed investment strategy has 22pc in UK shares, twice its lowest level. “The UK market is... Read more

‘I made $4m profit on crypto, but the bank won’t let me spend it’

Vincent Fraysse*, 36, originally from France but now living in London, managed to turn €3,000 (£2,500) into $4m (£3.9m) betting on movements in markets. He now works for a cryptocurrency hedge fund, but said it took him two years to... Read more

£100,000 lost to scammers – yet TSB refuses to pay out

The ombudsman has told the bank to pay back around £100,000 to almost a dozen customers hit by scams in the first three months of 2019, just before the refunds pledge came in. It means the victims have had to... Read more