Vladimir Putin’s popularity may not survive a bank run

Wars create a lot of misinformation. In Britain it would be immoral and illegal to create rumours of a bank run in order to try to trigger one. But if lots of Westerners on social media claim there is a... Read more

The invasion of Ukraine has left Merkel’s legacy in tatters

When the German Chancellor Olaf Scholz was elected last year, he took over from one of the most popular politicians in modern history. After 16 years in office, Angela Merkel’s approval ratings were higher than those of any other global... Read more

Invasion turns into economic calamity

Even if Russia’s military action has a familiar Cold War look to it, with the mass deployment of tanks and ground forces, the interconnection of global economies in the 21st century means the impact of sanctions is proving to be... Read more

Blue and yellow ribbons may be plentiful, but freedom for Ukraine will not appear overnight

Just before ministerial questions, a Labour whip appeared with half-a-dozen yellow and blue ribbons and ordered the shadow frontbench to put them on. The Government looked furious. Why didn’t they think of ribbons? Thankfully, they do have Liz Truss, who... Read more

The West is sleepwalking into an even more devastating conflict with Russia

As Russia’s invasion of Ukraine intensifies, the West watches from the sidelines, rooting for a Hollywood ending. That may happen yet. The Ukrainian underdog has put up spirited resistance against a retrograde Russian military machine and President Zelensky – immortalised... Read more

Emergency, episode 1, review: turning real-life trauma into a queasy TV cliffhanger

The decision to broadcast Emergency (Channel 4) across four consecutive nights leaves an uneasy feeling. Like similar shows of this type, such as 24 Hours in A&E, it follows cases of real-life trauma. We meet patients in great distress, whose... Read more

The Coral’s wild ride: ‘We were treated like kings – but we were cretins’

He also wanted their music to break away from the mid-paced mainstream indie played by the likes of Radiohead, Travis and Starsailor. “We wanted ours to be smaller and spikier,” Skelly explains. Broudie had a vision and “added colour”. Nick... Read more

Union’s surreal plan to close Glasgow’s gender pay gap… sell £60m Salvador Dali painting

However, the council agreed an equal pay deal worth about £500 million in 2019 for thousands of predominantly female workers, with the average payout expected to be about £35,000. A pay grading scheme has still not been introduced and unions... Read more

Kremlin accused of ‘blatant’ distraction tactic after blaming Liz Truss for nuclear escalation

On Monday, an ally of Ms Truss hit back after the Kremlin’s claim circulated, suggesting it was being made because Russia was not having the military success it hoped for in Ukraine. A Foreign Office source said: “It’s a blatant... Read more

Priti Patel says 100,000 more Ukrainian refugees can come to UK

Grant Shapps, the Transport Secretary, also wrote to all UK ports asking them to ban any Russian flagged, registered, owned, controlled, chartered or operated vessels in advance of laws enforcing it. Keir Starmer, the Labour leader, urged ministers to scrap... Read more

Exclusive: British Army warns its soldiers not to go rogue and travel to Ukraine

A Foreign Office source admitted that there could be legal consequences for Britons who travel to Ukraine to fight against the Russians. “It is legally murky”, the source said, adding those who go out to Ukraine to fight “do so... Read more

Delays at UK ports double as Brexit red tape slows customs

Dwell times at UK ports have more than doubled since last spring as global supply chains creak. Shippers spent an average of more than seven days discharging at British ports last month, well above the European average of roughly five... Read more

Cheers! Cheaper Sauvignon Blanc as UK and New Zealand sign post-Brexit trade deal

Shoppers in Britain will enjoy cheaper wine after a new post-Brexit trade deal with New Zealand was signed on Monday. Tariffs on favoured New Zealand products such as Sauvignon Blanc will be slashed by five per cent, knocking an average... Read more

Vladimir Putin must be brought to justice for committing war crimes against Ukraine

We must now fund and empower an independent agency to gather and investigate all evidence to enable swift legal action to be taken before the International Court of Justice. We do it already, spending $2.8 million to Unitad, the United... Read more

Pummelled by Ukraine’s army, and stymied even by unarmed civilians, the Russian blitzkrieg is faltering

But insurgent Russian troops on the ground couldn’t hold the airbase and the planes and helicopters were sitting ducks. One security expert said it was “embarrassing” that Russia’s vaunted electronic warfare capability had been unable to jam the radio frequency... Read more

Russia’s economy is collapsing – here’s how to protect your money

The Russian economy has fallen into turmoil as the West applies economic sanctions, the value of the rouble collapses and global companies sell off their stakes in Russian firms. Markets have tumbled as the Russian invasion of Ukraine has spooked... Read more

Energy bills: how will the price cap affect my payments in 2022 and should I fix my tariff?

The energy price cap will rise by £693 to £1,971 from April, regulator Ofgem has confirmed, piling more pressure onto already struggling households.  Boris Johnson was called upon to address the cost of living crisis in the UK at the... Read more

UK energy bill rebates: how to claim £350 off your gas and electricity costs in 2022

Consider a smart meter Smart meters track how much energy you use in your home daily, giving much more accurate readings than traditional analogue meters, which work off a monthly estimate. Readings are sent automatically to suppliers, meaning customers are... Read more

Turmoil for trapped flat owners as energy crisis makes contractors go bust

Adrienne Pettitt, 32, owns a flat in a building in Salford that has major cladding problems. Works were due to start in June 2021, but this was pushed back to January 2022. Then the contractor pulled out because it was... Read more

Questor: London Stock Exchange’s own shares have potential after diving by over a third

Major acquisitions can make or break a business. On the one hand, they can prompt an improving financial performance if expansion into new markets or a stronger position in existing segments is the long-term result. However, on the other hand,... Read more

‘My sister was unmarried – can she claim her late partner’s estate?’

However, this changed at the end of 2014 for spouses and civil partners who were allowed “additional permitted subscriptions” and in effect to inherit their late spouse’s Isa with tax benefits intact. However, again this is not the case with... Read more

Investors flocking to American shares could be making a major mistake

Professional investors are taking unnecessary risks with savers’ money by piling into cheap American stocks, experts have warned.  The top 10 most bought stocks by global fund managers in the past month featured technology stocks that have fallen dramatically since... Read more

The triple lock didn’t need to be broken – even the Government’s own people admit it

His latest report showed that will be easily managed this tax year, as the excess of income over expenditure will be £10.2bn and the accumulated surplus £52.7bn. Over the next five years that surplus will grow each year to reach... Read more

Money Makeover: ‘I’m widowed and have £400k – how do I plan for life on my own?’

She also wants to use £30,000 to build a wool craft business. “I am a sheep farmer’s daughter. My idea is to develop wool from sheep and make throws and cushions. I want it to be a legacy I leave... Read more

‘Council tax on my buy-to-let has quadrupled to £7,000’

With these tenancies, landlords typically pay bills and council tax on behalf of tenants and then pass on a single monthly charge to renters. If council tax rises, landlords must absorb the cost or pass it on to tenants in... Read more