Ottawa to arrest anyone bringing fuel to Covid ‘Freedom Convoy’ truckers after state of emergency declared

In Vancouver, five people were arrested on Saturday for allegedly adding to the general havoc as police received reports of “rocks and eggs being thrown, cars being kicked, and nails being strewn on roadways,” police said. Several hundred vehicles traveled through the city en route to the demonstration, Vancouver Police said.

The five people were taken to jail and have since been released from custody, police said.

Police in Quebec said some 30 big trucks were blocking a major artery. They have now left but vowed to return after a two-week winter festival in the city is over.

In Winnipeg, a man was arrested after allegedly driving a vehicle into a crowded “Freedom Convoy” protest and striking four people on Friday, according to a statement from the Winnipeg Police Department.

Canadians torn

Many Canadians have been outraged over the crude behavior of the demonstrators. Some protesters set fireworks off on the grounds of the National War Memorial late Friday. A number carried signs and flags with swastikas last weekend and compared vaccine mandates to fascism.

A recent opinion poll by Abacus Data suggested 68 per cent of Canadians felt they had “very little in common” with the protesters, while 32 per cent said they “had a lot in common” with the truckers. Nearly 83 per cent of the eligible population is fully vaccinated.

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