Sadiq Khan’s leadership has once again be called into question

Yet again, Britain’s capital and Europe’s largest metropolis has been brought to a halt by a strike on the London Underground. Tuesday’s stoppage is to be followed by another on Thursday, effectively making it a four-day walk-out, disrupting a city... Read more

Political posturing helps no-one

Whenever there are wars, the agencies of international cooperation creak into action, often to little effect. The United Nations Security Council holds emergency sessions only for the motion condemning the aggressor to be vetoed by one of the permanent members,... Read more

The Russian people may be all too willing to follow Vladimir Putin into oblivion

On a trip to Paris recently, I visited Les Invalides, drawn there almost against my better judgment by the presence of Napoleon Bonaparte’s mortal remains. They sit inside a gigantic sarcophagus made from purple quartzite hewn from a Russian quarry... Read more

Rock Till We Drop, review: pensioners’ battle of the bands is the feelgood hit of the year

Sometimes a programme comes along brimming with the feel-good factor. This is what you get with Rock Till We Drop (BBC Two), a show with bags of heart and an irresistible premise: assembling a band of musicians aged 65 and... Read more

‘Zero Tube strikes’ Sadiq Khan has overseen more walkouts than any London mayor

Mick Lynch, the general secretary of the RMT, said Mr Khan “should be standing up to Tory ministers who want to needlessly attack jobs, pensions and conditions of key transport workers” and accused him of a “political failure” to secure... Read more

Duty of care laws will let ‘woke prejudice’ control internet, say Tory MPs

Lord Frost is at the head of a Tory revolt over proposed duty of care laws that they fear will allow “woke prejudice” to stifle free speech. The former Brexit minister is urging ministers to “take a fresh look” at... Read more

Elite Chechen hit squad sent to assassinate Volodymyr Zelensky ‘eliminated’, says Ukraine

An assassination attempt against Volodymyr Zelensky by Chechens has been foiled, a senior Ukrainian official said. Oleksiy Danilov, secretary of the National Security and Defense Council, said an “elite group” of Chechens had arrived in Kyiv to kill the Ukrainian... Read more

How Russia’s vast military convoy was ambushed on the road to Kyiv

Tens of thousands of Kyiv residents, mainly women and children, had fled the capital but those that remained out of the three million population queued on Monday for bread, water and other supplies. Checkpoints were fortified with furniture, rubber tyres... Read more

‘Don’t let us be forgotten’: Soldier’s plea as key Ukrainian port of Mariupol suffers under siege

One of Ukraine’s largest cities was under siege from relentless bombardment on Tuesday, with its power cut off amid fierce fighting. Russian forces said they were committed to encircling the strategic Black Sea port of Mariupol, which is key to... Read more

‘Pontificating politicians must witness war on the ground’: Tory MP defends Ukraine trip

Mr Holloway served as a captain in the Grenadier Guards, including during the First Gulf War. He was also a journalist with ITN who reported from Bosnia before becoming an MP. During his parliamentary career, Mr Holloway has also made... Read more

This isn’t the Vladimir Putin that I once knew

I saw a lot of Vladimir Putin when I was British ambassador to Moscow. He certainly was a rational actor then. Never had I dealt with a politician as clear, cold and calculating as the Russian president, comparable only to... Read more

SNP’s grievous insult to bravery of the Ukrainian people is disgraceful but no surprise

It was only a matter of time, but I knew they would do it because they always do. They just cannot help themselves.  They have become so navel contemplative and ferociously Anglophobic over the years that a huge number of... Read more

‘Wrong sort of lesbians’ blocked from debating SNP trans reforms

An academic and gay rights campaigner has claimed critics of Nicola Sturgeon’s transgender reforms are being “excluded from the political process” in Scotland after she was blocked from joining a Holyrood LGBT group. Dr Shereen Benjamin said that she was... Read more

BBC joins cultural boycott of Russia

The BBC will demand Russian broadcasters pull programmes such as Doctor Who and the local spin-off of Strictly Come Dancing from the airwaves, as the corporation joins a growing cultural boycott by withdrawing rights to its shows. Executives, including Tim... Read more

MPs handed £2,000 pay rise on same day families are hit with double cost of living blow

MPs will be handed a £2,000 pay rise on the same day the families will be hit with a double cost of living blow. The basic salary of politicians is due to increase by almost three per cent after the... Read more

SNP president condemned for ‘crass’ comparison of Ukraine and Scottish independence bid

Mr Russell’s claims also appeared to be undermined by an intelligence and security committee investigation last year, which found “credible” evidence that the Putin regime tried to help the nationalist rather than Unionist side in the 2014 referendum. It cited... Read more

Post-Brexit shortfall of EU workers cancelled out by staff from rest of world

The Brexit shortfall of EU workers has already been filled by staff from the rest of the world, official figures show. Data from the Office for National Statistics (ONS) reveal that the rise in jobs filled by people from non-EU... Read more

Named, the ‘amoral’ British lawyers muzzling media on behalf of Vladimir Putin’s ‘henchmen’

An MP on Tuesday night used parliamentary privilege to name and shame a string of “amoral” British lawyers whom he said had allowed Vladimir Putin’s “henchmen” to intimidate and silence a free press. Bob Seely, the Conservative MP for the... Read more

Dividend payments reach record high as British market booms

Global dividends grew by 17pc in 2021 to reach an all-time high of $1.5 trillion (£1.1 trillion), as a surge in commodity prices boosted payouts.  Nine out of 10 companies either raised their dividends or held them steady during the... Read more

Landlord loopholes: how to sell your buy-to-let property in the UK and pay less tax in 2022

She added that HM Revenue & Customs would quickly disqualify someone from Private Residence Relief if it seemed as though they had simply moved into the property to pay less tax. Chris Etherington of RSM, another accountancy firm, said moving... Read more

A million parents are missing out on £2,000 child benefit payout

This must be done by filling in a tax return. Around half a million parents were forced to fill in tax returns for the first time when the new rules came in, even though they had no other reason to... Read more

Older drivers punished by largest insurance cost rises in eight years

Older drivers have seen their insurance premiums rise at the fastest rate in almost a decade. New rules designed to help vulnerable customers have caused prices to spike for motorists aged over 50. Older policyholders have also been hit by... Read more

Clamp down on rip-off ‘ambulance chaser’ fees

The City watchdog has announced a clampdown on rip-off fees for victims seeking compensation from financial firms.  From today, the Financial Conduct Authority said fees charged by so-called claims management companies would be capped. Also known as “ambulance chasers”, the... Read more

How a woman defied ageism to make Dior one of the biggest brands in France

These elements of getting dressed have always occupied her, along with comfort. So while she is faithful to the spirit of Dior, mining its archives each season, each collection she finds ways to make its emblems, from the houndstooth check... Read more

What having solar panels really means for your wallet

Everything you’ve read about the energy crisis is true: power costs are rocketing, with energy price cap rises adding an average of £700 to annual household bills. Add to that rising inflation, tax hikes and stagnating wages, and we’ve got... Read more