For the first time, I am starting to regret choosing to have children

I’m starting to regret having children. This is, for me, the most extreme side effect of peering over the abyss created by Putin’s war. The future – already so much less promising for my children’s generation than it was for... Read more

Xi Jinping will exploit Putin’s Ukraine discomfort for his own ends

On February 4, Presidents Vladimir Putin and Xi Jinping renewed their marriage vows in a joint statement. They declared “no limit to their friendship, no restricted area for cooperation”. In the Chinese phrase, they are “as close as lips and... Read more

Direct military action over Ukraine would be a disaster

“He has no idea what’s coming”, Joe Biden said of Vladimir Putin in his State of the Union address yesterday. His speech in defence of democracy was received well by a normally partisan Congress; but what does the threat entail?... Read more

The West is clinging to the delusion that its survival can be bought cheap

Vladimir Putin’s criminally obscene invasion of Ukraine has changed everything. Britain and the West have been plunged back into what, at best, will become a lengthy new Cold War and clash of civilisations. For the first time in more than... Read more

Ukraine-Russia evening briefing: Five key developments as civilian death toll ‘hits 2,000’

Good evening. After the first week of war in Ukraine, the civilian death toll has passed 2,000, according to Ukrainian officials. It comes as the city of Mariupol, with a population of almost half a million, continues to suffer a... Read more

Fury over Labour by-election candidate who talked of race ‘uprising’

Labour’s by-election candidate has said that votes may not be enough to achieve racial progress as footage emerged of her discussing the merits of an “uprising”. Paulette Hamilton, who is seeking election in Birmingham Erdington on Thursday, said that Britain’s... Read more

France hits out at UK’s ‘overly restrictive’ approach to Ukrainian refugees

Foreign Office officials had already been working down a “hit list” of potential oligarch targets and continue to do so, with more than 80 people developing new sanctions. The Foreign Office and the Treasury have faced a flood of correspondence... Read more

Ben Wallace: No-fly zone over Ukraine would only bolster Russia

The repulsion of Russian tanks and troops in Kyiv and elsewhere had largely depended on air support, Mr Wallace said, which could not happen if a no-fly zone was imposed by Nato troops. “There’s been a lot of no-fly zone... Read more

Vladimir Putin’s commanders will be hunted down for war crimes, says Dominic Raab

Mr Raab, a former lawyer who prosecuted war criminals, said he was in discussions with Liz Truss, the Foreign Secretary, on the UK’s precise role but added: “It is important to lay down a marker now and puncture the perception... Read more

Sexist and outdated term ‘chairman’ doesn’t sit comfortably with us, say business leaders

Kwasi Kwarteng, the Business Secretary, is understood to have already rejected the idea because it would require a vote in the House of Commons. A source close to Mr Kwarteng said: “It requires primary legislation and we have more pressing... Read more

Russian troops in disarray and ‘crying’ in combat, radio messages reveal

Other videos showed troops apparently deserting. In one clip, a group of about a dozen Russian troops, with their backpacks and rifles, were seen walking away from a small village in the Sumska region that borders Russia in a video... Read more

Putin ‘angry and lashing out at inner circle’, US intelligence claims

The comment was particularly striking because Mr Medvedev has never been seen as a hawk. He served as a stand-in president for Mr Putin from 2008 to 2012 and his term was marked by a rapprochement with the United States... Read more

Londoners still suffering fallout from Tube strike as many lines remain suspended

TfL said customers should avoid travelling in the early morning and try to make their journeys later in the day. Further disruption is expected all day on Thursday during another strike, with customers advised to work from home if they... Read more

Workers changing jobs giving up tens of thousands in pension savings

Changing employers has long been the best way to boost your pay but an often-ignored aspect of handing in your notice is the impact on your pension. Switching jobs every five years, it turns out, can cut retirement pots by... Read more

Questor: Hargreaves Lansdown’s shares have slumped but its growth prospects are strong

The combined effect, according to estimates from Numis, the stockbroker, will be “very rapid” growth, of 20pc or more annually, in earnings per share. That’s the kind of figure that should attract a pricey rating for the shares, especially in... Read more

Late taxpayers fined a record £130m by HMRC

The tax return deadline was on January 31, but HMRC waived the normal penalties for latecomers in light of the pressure omicron was putting on accountants and small business owners at the time.  Some 2.4 million people missed the deadline... Read more

Five charts that show how Russia’s invasion of Ukraine will hit UK house prices

Joe Staton, of GfK, said: “There’s clear anxiety in these findings as many consumers worry about balancing the household books at the end of the month without going into further debt.” This data was gathered in the first two weeks... Read more

‘Should I inflate my meter readings now to save money when energy bills rise?’

Dear Moral Money, I am worried about my energy bills. I came off a fixed-rate tariff in January and my costs jumped by hundreds of pounds. This week, I received a letter from my supplier informing me that from April... Read more

Taxman demands employers add pro-tax rise ‘propaganda’ into workers’ payslips

The tax office has been “strongly encouraging” employers to justify the Government’s controversial National Insurance increase to workers, in a move derided as “propaganda” by business owners and “meddling” by a former senior civil servant. HM Revenue & Customs has... Read more

Investors have £1bn trapped in Russian stock market

More than £1bn of investors’ money has been trapped in Russia after asset managers including JP Morgan suspended funds operating in the country’s stock market. The Moscow exchange has been suspended since Monday after companies lost a third of their... Read more

Favourable BIK taxation of plug-in hybrid cars is a swindle and penalises the less well-off

It’s when it comes to PHEVs that the world becomes a great deal more complicated. Just to remind you, PHEVs are hybrid vehicles with a battery large enough to power the car on its own for a significant distance. Flawed... Read more

Supermarkets of Britain: we need you to rename the chicken Kiev

But is the chicken Kiev actually a dish of Kiev or is it in fact a rather long, red herring of fake news? Tragically, given what has happened in recent days, the chicken Kiev was eaten as a symbol of... Read more

The truth about artificial sweeteners – and what they really do to your body

We all know we need to eat less sugar, and sweeteners offer a compelling alternative. Since the introduction of the sugar levy in 2018, the global sugar substitutes market has boomed and is set to be worth around £7.5 billion... Read more

Kate Mosse: ‘Brexit has made this a divided and ugly country’

Best thing you’ve ever written? I really feel that An Extra Pair of Hands is the most important thing I’ve written. Truthfully, it took me a long time to decide whether to write it, because it’s very personal, but almost... Read more

Why Rihanna’s bump pride is busting a pregnancy taboo

As anyone who has been pregnant will attest, there is nothing more comfortable than stripping down to your knickers and letting it all hang out. Waistbands irk. Elastic chafes. Why not be rid of them? For the sake of our... Read more