Ukraine is suffering the full horror of war

Anyone who imagined that modern warfare would be a relatively clean affair involving drones, cyber attacks and rapid special forces strikes on military targets will have been disabused by the horrors unfolding in Ukraine. This is old-style brutality, in which... Read more

Putin will live to regret a war that has united Europe against him

Until a few days ago, things were going about as well as Vladimir Putin could have hoped for. He’d established that no country would fight with Ukraine, as Germany’s offer of 5,000 helmets attested. Squabbling over potential sanctions made it... Read more

Amol Rajan Interviews Ian McKellen, review: this Hollywood heavyweight doesn’t need silly questions

One slight problem underlying Amol Rajan Interviews: Ian McKellen (BBC Two) was that the last time the two met, McKellen told Rajan that he would never perform Shakespeare again. The next time they met it was to discuss his latest... Read more

Food drops inside Ukraine by British planes are unlikely as ministers fear they may be shot down

Ms Truss said: “Well, you are absolutely right about the dire situation, and the United Kingdom has sent teams to the border to assist, particularly in Poland, but also in other countries facing those issues. “I was in Geneva… the... Read more

We won’t let oligarchs use ‘deep pockets’ to silence critics, says Dominic Raab

Oligarchs will be prevented from using their “deep pockets” to silence critics, Dominic Raab has said. The Justice Secretary promised measures, to be announced shortly, that will prevent oligarchs close to Vladimir Putin from exploiting UK courts and libel laws... Read more

Boris Johnson sanctions Russian oligarchs Alisher Usmanov and Igor Shuvalov

On Thursday night, the US State Department went further, imposing visa bans on 19 Russian oligarchs and dozens of their family members and close associates. The UK and other Western nations have targeted Russians with links to the Kremlin to... Read more

Former education secretary Gavin Williamson knighted

Mary Bousted, the joint general secretary of the NEU teaching union, said: “Honours such as this should be a reward for honourable service and being effective and competent in your job. Well, no one could really say that Gavin Williamson... Read more

Scotland set for surge in people applying to change gender

There could be a 10-fold increase the number of people applying to change their gender in Scotland after controversial legislation abolished the need for medical diagnosis. Shona Robison, the SNP’s Social Justice Secretary, admitted that the number of applications for... Read more

Brexit on back burner as Ukraine war hits Boris Johnson’s ability to trigger Article 16

The impact of trade restrictions on kosher food has been a cause of concern. The Jewish community in Northern Ireland “are unable to access kosher goods” and are “literally struggling to practise their faith due to the protocol, and we... Read more

Florida governor tells people to remove face masks, saying: ‘Stop this Covid theatre’

DeSantis’s office did not immediately respond to a request comment.  His spokeswoman, Christina Pushaw, has tweeted defences of the governor’s comments, writing: “I mean, someone had to say it, after 2 years of propaganda that terrified and manipulated young people.... Read more

Two superyachts seized as Europe cracks down on oligarchs

German authorities have reportedly seized a $600m (£448m) yacht belonging to Russian billionaire Alisher Usmanov, while France has impounded a yacht belonging to Igor Sechin, the Rosneft chief, amid an escalating crackdown on oligarchs. The 156-metre yacht Dilbar, the world’s... Read more

‘Peacemaker’ or casual observer: what China could do next during Russia’s war on Ukraine

China’s official media has also avoided calling Russia’s action an “invasion”, urging restraint on “all parties”. Social media has been less restrained, with nationalist bloggers, always allowed more leeway, cheering on Putin. The sentence “Nato still owes the Chinese people... Read more

Russia’s economy is collapsing – here’s how to protect your savings

The Russian economy has fallen into turmoil as the West applies economic sanctions, the value of the rouble collapses and global companies sell off their stakes in Russian firms. Markets have tumbled as the Russian invasion of Ukraine has spooked... Read more

Is my pension pot on track for a comfortable retirement?

A life of luxury would cost a single person £31,000 every year or £41,000 for a two-person household, the Which? report found.  Someone who could take that income would be able to afford both the “essential” and “comfortable” standards of... Read more

How to help your children buy a house in the UK without giving away cash

In this instance, generous family members need to consider whether their savings would be better invested elsewhere, where they could earn a higher return. It is also worth bearing in mind that a lot of lenders place a restriction on... Read more

Questor: as investors’ nerves fray, here are some trusts that are looking like bargains

Also on our list are two other trusts that invest in smaller British companies: River & Mercantile UK Micro Cap, 28pc lower since May 2021, and Montanaro UK Smaller Companies, in the red to the tune of just under 20pc... Read more

‘My energy bill costs more than my mortgage’

Mark Aldrich, 47, from Warwickshire, will pay more for gas and electricity from next month than he spends on his mortgage. His energy supplier, Bulb, has increased his monthly direct debits from £120 to £208, more than the £170 he... Read more

‘Technology shares have nosedived – is it time to cash out?’

Different investment styles fall in and out of favour in the stock market. For the past decade, “growth” investing has been the best place to be, as low interest rates have benefited fast-growing companies, especially in the technology sector. But... Read more

Home buyers battle record 135-day delays as property market breaks down

Sellers are also feeling the pain of a system that cannot cope. In February 2007, the average sale took 102 days to complete. Now, the process takes 157 days – more than five months. Hold ups have increased at every... Read more

Cost of a loaf of bread to rise 20pc as Ukraine war sparks wheat shortage

British shoppers face paying 20pc more for a loaf of bread because of a global shortage of wheat. The price of the crop has jumped by 75pc in the last year to hit a post-financial crisis peak, accelerated by the... Read more

‘I’m nine and have £17,000 saved in my Isa’

Mr Chatterton Dickson said he would not be overly prescriptive about how the money is eventually spent. “I would like it to go to something that will stand the test of time, and I don’t want him to blow it... Read more

The problem of ‘blinding’ car headlights – and how to stay safe on the road

LEDs give off a very directional light, which means if one is pointing straight at you it will appear far brighter than a halogen lamp. But the colour tone is much more like natural light so when you’re driving a... Read more

The 10 best fuel saving tips every driver should know

As fuel prices seem to get more expensive by the day, finding ways to reduce your fuel consumption has never been more relevant.  Focus on these simple steps to save money on petrol and you’ll free up your cash for... Read more

It’s going to get Messi: we try the world’s best footballer’s brand-new burger

Seven Ballon d’Ors, four Champions Leagues, 10 Spanish titles, a Copa America, 786 goals, one enormous burger. It would be a stretch to call this the highlight of Lionel Messi’s career, but the world’s best footballer (don’t @ me) has... Read more

Five white wines to make you look on the bright side

Taste the Difference Coteaux du Giennois 2020, Loire, France (13%, Sainsbury’s, £11, down to £10 until March 22) From an appellation north of the more famous Sancerre and Pouilly-Fumé, a Loire sauv blanc that’s delicate and refreshing, quivering with fresh... Read more