The UK must learn the hard lessons from the shattering of the West’s illusions

Seven hundred years ago last month, a mighty roar shattered the night’s silence in the small East Anglian town of Ely. The elegantly constructed, but inadequately underpinned, tower of the cathedral had come crashing unexpectedly to earth. Luckily, it being... Read more

Russia’s war on journalism is another step towards the totalitarian

The world has been reminded in the past few weeks of the critical importance of a free press. Journalists have risked their lives to report on what is really happening in Ukraine, exposing as cynical propaganda the Kremlin’s claim that... Read more

Michael Gove accused of ‘Corbyn approach’ over seizure of oligarchs’ lavish UK homes

Michael Gove is taking a “Jeremy Corbyn approach” in his bid to seize oligarchs’ homes without compensation, government insiders have warned, as some in Whitehall resist proposals to confiscate Russian-owned assets. A government source warned against undermining “the right of... Read more

MPs issue eleventh-hour plea to Boris Johnson to reverse fracking ban

Almost 40 Conservative MPs and peers have issued an eleventh-hour plea to Boris Johnson to reverse plans to seal two of the country’s only viable shale gas wells next week – insisting that Britain must embark on a “national mission”... Read more

Government urged to increase defence spending in wake of Ukraine invasion

In an interview with this newspaper, Ben Wallace, the Defence Secretary, states: “This war will give us lots of pause to think about the balance of investment decisions. “What I’m seeing anecdotally at the moment, is that armour doesn’t fare... Read more

Ben Wallace: Vladimir Putin could be toying with Emmanuel Macron

Amid the to-ing and fro-ing of world leaders and diplomats between Moscow and other European capitals last month, one visit particularly stood out. Striding across the polished floors of Russia’s ministry of defence, Ben Wallace, the UK’s Defence Secretary, was... Read more

Don’t test Britain, Ben Wallace warns Vladimir Putin

On Sunday, Lord Frost, the former Cabinet Office minister, and Sir Michael Fallon, the former defence secretary, will warn that overall defence spending must increase following Putin’s invasion of Ukraine, with some senior Tories insisting that funding should rise immediately... Read more

Syrians celebrate Ukraine capturing Russian pilot accused of Aleppo air strikes

Syrians were celebrating on Saturday night as a Russian pilot involved in bombing raids on their country was reportedly shot down over Ukraine and captured by local forces. Major Krasnoyartsev is believed to have been pictured alongside Vladimir Putin and... Read more

Latest pictures from Ukraine: Civilians crowd under ruins in Kyiv

The plan to evacuate around 215,000 people from the cities of Mariupol in the southeast and from Volnovakha in the east during an agreed ceasefire came to an abrupt end on Saturday morning.   Within hours of it being declared to... Read more

Ukrainians told me this is their fight – but we must provide the materials of war they need

Russian military actions on the ground are war crimes. Admiral Chris Parry, a former director-general at the Ministry of Defence, argues that an important part of the world’s strategy should now be to shine a light on Putin’s innermost circle,... Read more

Nicola Sturgeon prepares to shunt Great British Railways into the sidings

Nicola Sturgeon is set to shunt Westminster rail reforms into the sidings by snubbing flagship new public body Great British Railways. Officials for Transport Scotland and Scotland’s Railway last week poured scorn on Grant Shapps’ plans for Great British Railways... Read more

Britain freezes more Russian bank assets than any other country in the world

Britain has frozen more Russian bank assets than any other country as part of the international wave of sanctions against Vladimir Putin’s invasion of Ukraine, ministers have said. The Foreign Office revealed the UK had frozen a total of £258.8... Read more

Britain’s response to Ukrainian refugees ‘lacks humanity’, says French minister

That movement of mostly women and children is coming at a faster rate than the relocation of people at the height of the Balkan wars in the 1990s, and far faster than the one during the Hungarian refugee crisis of... Read more

Hargreaves pockets £60m in ‘hidden costs’ from savers

Britain’s biggest stockbroker has been accused of “double-dipping” by charging customers to hold their money yet failing to share with them the interest it earns on their cash. Hargreaves Lansdown made more than £60m in interest from clients’ cash held... Read more

Landlord loopholes: the most tax-efficient ways to invest in buy-to-let property in the UK

There are two reasons for this. It may be because the lower-earner is not using their full personal allowance or because they are in a lower tax bracket. “Similarly, if one of them is a higher-rate taxpayer and the rental... Read more

‘Being good at investing will land me with a £438,000 tax bill’

Mr Tovey stopped paying into his pension when he left his career as a solicitor in 1996 aged 43, at which point he had saved £350,000. That has grown to £1.5m with investment returns. He said: “I wouldn’t say I... Read more

‘My wife died – and then my energy supplier put up my bills’

A bereaved man’s energy bills increased by 55pc following the death of his wife, after Scottish Power, his supplier, cancelled his fixed-rate deal. Simon Moores, 58, from Liverpool, lost his wife, Sarah, in February. When he contacted his supplier to... Read more

Energy deals rising by £100 a day as Russian gas fears up prices

Energy firms have hiked the cost of their fixed-price deals by more than £100 in the last two days after the war in Eastern Europe sparked fears over wholesale gas prices. The £3,446 cost of a 12-month fixed-price deal is... Read more

‘I found a Roman ring buried for 2,000 years’: meet the mini treasure hunters making history

Detectorist societies always adhere to two golden rules: no trespassing and respect the land you are searching on. All finds legally defined as treasure must also be reported to the local coroner within 14 days of discovery, according to the... Read more

Savers in frozen Russia funds hit by ‘unfair’ fees

Rory Maguire of fund ratings firm Fundhouse said investment managers were legally entitled to charge fees while the funds were suspended but the “right thing to do” would be to waive or discount them. Liontrust confirmed the that 0.95pc annual... Read more

Ask the expert: ‘Is my insurance company discriminating against me?’

Alex Robbins is contributing editor at Telegraph Cars where, as well as responding to readers’ queries, he also contributes reviews of new and used cars, together with articles on buying and selling.  His knowledge of the used car market informs... Read more

MotoGP is back with a bang

Moto2 squads such as Idemitsu Honda Team Asia and American Racing have established a platform to try and prepare native riders for MotoGP, resisting the temptation to pluck from the latest crop of promising Spanish or Italian youth. It’s more... Read more

Lights off, thermostats down – why this is a campaign midlifers like me can get behind

Not only do we get to insist on putting our power-saving knowledge, passed down the generations, into practice in our homes, we’ll get that extra warm glow from knowing it’s the right thing in every way – morally, financially and... Read more

What every parent needs to know about raising girls in Britain today

Everyone working with teenagers around the world has known it for almost a decade now: a generation is unravelling. The pandemic didn’t help. The backdrop of what is going on right now in Ukraine is likely to be having an... Read more

Diana Henry’s fast and easy traybake recipes

 If you don’t know what a sheet pan dinner is, you must have been living in a broom cupboard. Without your phone. Instagram is full of them. They’re more visually arresting than the ‘one pot’ dish, the sheet pan dinner’s... Read more