Shining Vale, review: Courteney Cox stars in Sharon Horgan’s latest black comedy

Sharon Horgan specialises in creating women who could do with a lie-down in a darkened room. Anna Maxwell Martin in Motherland, Sarah Jessica Parker in Divorce, and now Courteney Cox in Shining Vale (StarzPlay) – they’re all frazzled in a... Read more

Neil MacGregor interview: ‘Why don’t we have a Museum of England?’

Neil MacGregor studied many cultures of the world while director of the British Museum, but it is the English he finds the most perplexing. “Why is there no Museum of England?” he asks, pointing out that Wales, Northern Ireland and... Read more

Tuppence Middleton: ‘The doctors didn’t know what was wrong with me…’

‘You never really stop looking for the secrets some houses keep,” says Tuppence Middleton. Mystery certainly swirls around the homes at the heart of both her new dramas. On the big screen, the 35-year-old actress reprises the role of a... Read more

£46m invested in GB News to challenge BBC, owner’s accounts reveal

The owner of GB News has invested nearly £50m in its attempt to rival the BBC and Sky News. All Perspectives has been drawing on £46.5m worth of cash since spring last year to bankroll the fledgling news network’s expansion,... Read more

The Ipcress File, episode 1, review: a sexy spy thriller with one short-sighted bit of casting

“My friend and I will settle for the best of everything,” says Tom Hollander’s menacing, smarmy, charming spook-wrangler Dalby, in ITV’s The Ipcress File. It’s a statement that could almost be applied to the drama itself, were it not for... Read more

Peaky Blinders’ toe-curling obsession with real historical figures is its greatest vice

Tommy Shelby (Cillian Murphy) may have given up the booze but Peaky Blinders (BBC One) continues to struggle with its own problematic addictions. Most glaringly, its obsession with parachuting in real-life historical figures for toe-curling cameos. This week it was... Read more

What’s on TV tonight: The Ipcress File, Outlander, Peaky Blinders, Volodymyr Zelenskyy and more

The WitchfinderBBC Two, 10pmThis terrific six-part comedy drama is set in 1645, in the middle of the English Civil War and at the height of fears about famine, plague and witchcraft. Comedian Tim Key is Gideon Bannister, an incompetent witchfinder... Read more

Michel Houellebecq: ‘Leftist scum monopolised intellectual debate in the 20th century’

That dream of connection also leads Houellebecq far from liberal individualism. He is a fan of Auguste Comte, who opposed individual rights in the name of scientific altruism. In this, Houellebecq resembles the new generation of post-liberals, who share his... Read more

Mud, leeches, eating your own dog: the ghastly truth about travel writing

There Allen is reunited with a dear friend of his youthful initiation-rite days. Explorer, he says, is actually, “a book about friendship – the value of disconnecting from our own world and the importance of connecting with another”. Further contemplation... Read more

The Golden Cockerel, ETO, review: a terribly timed, unevenly sung fairy-tale about an invading tsar

What the opera needs to animate it, as well as orchestral textures, is great singing, and this is somewhat absent from ETO’s cast, to a quite startling extent in a couple of the main roles. There are good caricatures in... Read more

How did Justin Welby’s much-hyped grilling of Tony Blair fail to mention the word ‘morality’?

“Post-9/11, I decided we had to be with America in this moment. You know, the whole issue to do with the use of chemical, biological weapons, development of nuclear weapons and so on. We had to take a strong, strong... Read more

Don’t lecture me on plight of refugees, says Dominic Raab

Priti Patel, the Home Secretary, has unveiled plans that will allow more than 200,000 Ukrainian refugees to come to the UK, including extended family members and sponsored workers. However, all arrivals will need to have visas and undergo the relevant... Read more

NHS to pay for patients’ taxis and hotels if they go to hospitals away from their home

Mr Javid suggested the NHS will also pay for travel and accommodation for people who are using NHS services that are far from their homes, and that patients will be able to compare the services of NHS and private hospitals... Read more

Tony Blair admits he ‘may have been wrong’ over Iraq War

Sir Tony Blair has admitted that he “may have been wrong” over the Iraq War. The former Prime Minister’s remarks are the furthest that Sir Tony has gone to date in acknowledging the criticisms around the conflict. He discussed his... Read more

Russian banks turn to Chinese payments system after Visa and Mastercard suspend operations

Russia’s biggest banks are scrambling to switch to a Chinese card system after global payment giants Visa and Mastercard suspended operations in the country as part of efforts to isolate Moscow from Western financial structures. Sberbank and Alfa Bank plan... Read more

Sex traffickers exploit Ukrainian refugees as dark side of exodus to Europe emerges

Sex traffickers are taking advantage of young women and unaccompanied children fleeing the war in Ukraine, police and volunteers in Poland have warned. As more than a million refugees flood westwards to escape Vladimir Putin’s invading troops, a darker side... Read more

‘Our sons were sent to Ukraine as cannon fodder’: Furious Russian mothers face down Kremlin

Angry Russian mothers have accused Vladimir Putin of deploying their sons as “cannon fodder” in his invasion of Ukraine, according to video footage of a confrontation with a regional governor that emerged on a day when police in Russia detained... Read more

Pictured: Shocking fan violence at Mexican league match leaves 22 injured and doubts over World Cup

Queretaro said: “We roundly condemn the events that occurred at Estadio Corregidora. “We are in full communication and coordination with the authorities so that they can act quickly against anyone responsible.” Atlas added: “Atlas FC regrets and disapproves of the... Read more

Vladimir Putin’s rap sheet: Atrocities committed in Ukraine that could be considered ‘war crimes’

Russian forces have been accused of committing a litany of war crimes in their invasion of Ukraine. Laws of Armed Conflict are made up of various treaties and conventions, including the Geneva and Hague conventions, both of which Vladimir Putin’s... Read more

How Vladimir Putin blundered into his biggest economic mistake

In just days, Putin has inadvertently engineered a tectonic shift in European energy policy, moving at a faster pace than expected. It risks decimating his oil and gas industry, which accounts for 15pc of Russia’s economic output, over a third... Read more

Economic war will test the West’s resolve

Maersk of Denmark, Singapore’s Ocean Network Express, Swiss-based MSC, Germany’s Hapag Lloyd and CMA of France, five of world’s six biggest cargo-shipping lines, all announced their refusal to shift containers with goods originating from or bound for Russia, as the... Read more

Russia may be just the start of ownership headache for compromised Premier League

The subscribers to broadcaster iQiyi expecting live Premier League action in mainland China this weekend will be mystified. Mass Covid breakout? Impromptu international break? Wildcat referee strike masterminded by noted Professional Game Match Officials Limited militant vinyl-enthusiast Jon Moss? How... Read more

We don’t need tax hikes to fund the army – let’s make cuts elsewhere

This 2pc target seems low, but we have spent this little on defence before. After the Crimean War ended in 1856, for most of the next half century our defence spending was at, or just over, 2pc of GDP. But... Read more

In this dangerous new cold war, we need strength and sense to prevail

Thirty years after the Cuban Missile Crisis, President Kennedy’s defence secretary, Robert McNamara, learnt something that made his blood run cold. Unknown to Washington, in the event of a US attack on Cuba, Soviet forces there had been primed to... Read more

Labour ties itself in knots on demand for Boris Johnson to quit over ‘partygate’

Sir Keir Starmer has refused to repeat his call for Boris Johnson to resign over “partygate”, saying politicians should demonstrate “unity” after the Russian invasion of Ukraine. Despite a Labour spokesman insisting that the party had not withdrawn its call... Read more