Boris Johnson must act now to forestall the energy crisis

We await a new “energy supply strategy” from the Government, foreshadowed this week by Boris Johnson in response to the Ukraine crisis. The Prime Minister yesterday said that this would be brought forward within the next few days and he... Read more

Putin’s monstrous new fascism has destroyed the globalised world order

It was one of the last great campaigns, a final Mad Men masterpiece before the art of TV advertisements was forever destroyed by Google and Facebook. Filmed in 1997, the year of Tony Blair’s Third Way, it starred Mikhail Gorbachev... Read more

Michael Mosley: Who Made Britain Fat?, review: government ministers, look away now

Britain’s obesity crisis does not come down to personal responsibility. That was the angle pursued in Michael Mosley: Who Made Britain Fat? (Channel 4). When you guzzle that takeaway or load your trolley with family-sized chocolate bars, you are not... Read more

Snobs dismiss Damien Hirst, but he was the pop star of contemporary art

“Art’s popular,” Damien Hirst once said. “That’s my generation. It wasn’t before… Isn’t that an awesome thing?” Like a brilliant singer-songwriter, Hirst, always the most prominent of the YBAs, knows – or, at least, once did – how to produce... Read more

The toxic fandoms who tried to stop my book prove how much cancel culture is spreading

Ultimately, it didn’t really matter. Before I even finished my book, his estate  – who I always hoped, and still do hope, would support the book  –  came out publicly against me. Now, it’s not uncommon for famous people and... Read more

Ed Sheeran has done no wrong – copyright lawsuits are ruining modern pop

In the case of Shape of You, it all centres on a brief but repeated melodic snippet in which Switch sings “Why oh why oh why oh why” and Sheeran sings “I oh I oh I oh.” Sheeran’s defence (and... Read more

Liz Truss backs return of fracking to stop Russia holding UK to ransom on gas

Robert Jenrick, a former communities secretary, called for a “more pragmatic energy policy” that would ease soaring bills while the UK strives to hit net zero. “I personally was always a supporter of fracking,” he told BBC Newsnight. “I don’t... Read more

Boris Johnson could broker oil deal after Saudi Arabia refuses Joe Biden’s phone call

A Number 10 readout of that call on Feb 11, before Russia’s full invasion of Ukraine, said the pair “welcomed defence and security collaboration between the UK and Saudi Arabia”. There was also a line suggesting a meeting could soon... Read more

‘There’ll be riots if Britain does not fix shambolic Ukraine refugee visa system’

The Home Office insisted that people were being locked out of the building not on their orders, but at the insistence of its landlord, citing safety reasons. Once inside, however, the confusion continued. Some who had been let inside reported... Read more

Xi Jinping ‘unsettled’ by Vladimir Putin’s difficulties in Ukraine

According to Chinese state media, he said: “The priority is to avoid escalating tensions from getting out of control.” They were the first public remarks by Mr Xi since Russia invaded Ukraine nearly two weeks ago. China has refused to... Read more

Show some compassion, MPs tell Priti Patel amid searing backlash over Ukraine refugee chaos

Kevin Foster, the immigration minister sent to face the wrath of MPs, said the pop-up centre had to be away from Calais because of the danger of the port city becoming a “choke point” for refugees and the risk from... Read more

Priti Patel is in deep political trouble over the Home Office’s Ukraine farce

Questioned on Monday by Labour MP Chris Bryant about preparations made for dealing with refugees, Liz Truss, the Foreign Secretary, said: “It’s really a matter for the Home Secretary.” Pressed on whether it may also be the FCO’s job to... Read more

Universities under pressure to cut ties with ‘serial bully’ John Bercow

Caroline Johnson, a Conservative MP on the education select committee, said the two universities should look again at Mr Bercow’s appointment in light of the “very damning” findings against the former Buckingham MP. “I feel sure that neither institution would... Read more

AWOL British soldiers fighting in Ukraine will be prosecuted, warns Ben Wallace

It is claimed that a number of soldiers who have expressed their intention to travel have been identified and persuaded against the idea in interviews with their chain of command. Last week Lieutenant General James Swift, the Chief of Defence... Read more

UK must lift visa requirements, says Ukraine ambassador as he reveals wife faced ‘bureaucratic hassles’

The Ukrainian ambassador to Britain has urged the Government to lift all visa requirements as he revealed that even his wife, Inna, had previously suffered “bureaucratic hassles” getting into the country. Appearing before the Commons home affairs committee, Vadym Prystaiko... Read more

What is a woman? Labour frontbenchers don’t seem to be sure

Labour’s frontbenchers have been unable to define what a woman is, with one saying the issue is a “rabbit hole”. On Wednesday, Yvette Cooper became the second shadow cabinet minister to refuse to give a definition of a woman. The... Read more

Money Makeover: ‘Is £200,000 enough to fund my jet-set retirement?’

After a lifetime of saving, it is understandable when retirees want to wind down in style. John King, 72, from Kent, loves to travel. He plans to take his wife, Susan, their two daughters and spouses, and his four grandchildren... Read more

Questor: the Ukraine war has decimated Polymetal’s worth – here’s what we’ll do

In the meantime, further share price volatility is extremely likely while events in Ukraine remain highly fluid. In Questor’s view, Polymetal’s share price has fallen to such an extent since our original recommendation that investors should hold and await further... Read more

Rural homes left out in the cold as price of heating oil doubles

Most oil-reliant homes are rural and tend to be poorly insulated compared to urban properties. More than seven times the proportion of rural homes are F or G rated, the lowest bands on the energy efficiency scale, compared to urban... Read more

Fraud victims lose £28,000 to bank transfer scams every hour

Only around £2 in every £5 lost to the convincing scams are reimbursed, Which? found, with victims forced to swallow £495m in losses, equivalent to losing £4.7m a week, or £677,000 a day.  Rocio Concha, of the group, said banks... Read more

‘My partner’s parents earn more than mine – can I ask them to pay for our wedding?’

Dear Moral Money,  My fiancée and I have recently announced our engagement and don’t want to leave it too long before the wedding. She has already started planning and has put together a very rough budget. Having just bought our first... Read more

Stock markets are falling – but here’s why you shouldn’t sell

War in Europe has sent global stock markets tumbling, but experts have urged savers to hold onto their investments. Many investors have been left nursing losses in their Isas after the FTSE 100, which tracks London’s largest listed companies, and... Read more

The £500 reason to ditch your cash Isa

Cash Isa savers will lose nearly as much of their purchasing power this year as in the whole of the past decade after paltry interest rates failed to match soaring inflation. The consumer prices index hit 5.5pc in the year... Read more

Alan Titchmarsh: ‘People found to be dropping litter should be given a month’s community service’

The worst day of your life? When our first child Polly was a baby, my wife fell down the stairs with her in her arms. She shattered her elbow and Polly fractured her skull, and I found myself in hospital... Read more

How your dogs are ‘catching’ your depression

Winston Churchill, like Samuel Johnson before him, called his depression his “black dog”. Like a faithful hound, his paralysingly low moods were – we must imagine – lingering at his heel, waiting to be attended to, demanding things of him.... Read more