We must prevent the nightmare scenario of Iran obtaining nuclear weapons

With the world’s attention understandably fixed on the catastrophe unfolding in Ukraine, another potential global crisis is looming on the horizon in the form of Iran’s nuclear programme. According to diplomatic reports, talks aimed at reviving the controversial 2015 nuclear... Read more

A shameful vote that emboldened Vladimir Putin

In 2013, after the House of Commons voted against military action in Syria following the regime’s use of chemical weapons, the headline on our editorial read: “Western wobbles over Syria will embolden Putin.” We do not claim any great prescience.... Read more

Britain’s bungled response to the Ukraine refugee crisis goes right to the top

At home, I have all kinds of books about the 1968 Prague Spring with pictures of Russian tanks arriving to punish a government that had strayed too far from Moscow’s line. The aim is to show my children the horrors... Read more

Cancel culture’s biggest foe: the man publishing books the mainstream won’t touch

“And we couldn’t advertise for it, there were no reviews for it, many bookstores refused to carry it, many libraries boycotted it. The idea that a book like this that has 2,194 citations, that has blurbs from doctors and scientists,... Read more

Time to take a tip from the Italians and switch on My Brilliant Friend

Elena Ferrante’s Neapolitan Novels are celebrated bestsellers in Italy. And they are celebrated bestsellers in the UK. HBO and RAI’s television adaptation of Elena Ferrante’s Neapolitan Novels, My Brilliant Friend (Sky Atlantic), is one the best-loved and most-watched TV shows... Read more

Our House finale, review: this brainless TV drama needs bulldozing

After four hours of breathless, brainless action and Martin Compston sweating over mortgage forms, Our House (ITV) finally came to an end. And I know what you’re thinking. “£1.7 million? For that house? In that part of London?” They should be... Read more

Happening, review: a drama that will make your heart race

The French title of this film is L’Événement: another serviceable English translation might have been “The Event”. But in the original language, it’s also a loaded linguistic near-miss with L’Avènement: “The Advent”, or more baldly, “The Birth”. The prospect of... Read more

Family of 90-year-old Ukrainian refugee begs UK Government to fast-track her cat’s visa

As a result of this newspaper highlighting her plight, and her family’s direct pleas for Priti Patel, the Home Secretary, to “have a heart”, their case was escalated and they were granted visas within 24 hours. However, despite Ms Razumenko and... Read more

Millions face severe hunger as situation ‘deteriorating rapidly’ in Somalia, UN warns

The situation in Somalia, where four million people are at risk of starvation, is “deteriorating rapidly” and risks being overshadowed by Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, the United Nations has warned.  The country is in the grips of its worst drought... Read more

Russia at risk of default within days

Russia is facing effective bankruptcy as soon as Wednesday after the World Bank warned that crippling sanctions have left the Kremlin “mighty close” to a default on its foreign debts. Carmen Reinhart, chief economist at the World Bank, said that... Read more

Russia’s poisonous past suggests Ukraine is right to fear a chemical weapons attack

But during Vladimir Putin’s rule, Western governments have repeatedly accused Russia of using banned chemical substances to assassinate critics, including several times since 2017. The Kremlin denies poisoning opponents. The State Centre for Research on Virology and Biotechnology in Koltsovo,... Read more

Where conflict is reported in Ukraine right now

Vladimir Putin says there is no “war” in Ukraine. First-hand footage posted on social media suggests otherwise. Since Russian troops stormed into Ukraine on Feb 24, videos, pictures, and dash cam footage has been shared online, charting the destruction of... Read more

Blame the Home Office ‘blob’ for the Ukraine visa shambles

Regardless of Patel’s own culpability, a common criticism of the “unwieldy” Home Office is that it has grown too large to be effective. “It’s a massive department,” the source added. “Consider the spectrum of what it covers: immigration, counter terrorism,... Read more

As bizarre and stupid interventions go, Nicola Sturgeon’s no-fly zone comments take the cake

In an interview with ITV Border News, she said that she shared concerns about the risk of direct military confrontation, but that a no-fly zone should be considered “on a day-to-day basis”. In an equally bizarre comment, she insisted that... Read more

Douglas Ross withdraws demand for Boris Johnson to quit over ‘partygate’

Mr Ross was the first senior Tory to demand Mr Johnson’s resignation. He urged the Prime Minister to quit in January after he failed to convince Mr Ross in a phone call about why he attended a Downing Street garden... Read more

Daughter of Sergei Lavrov’s mistress should be next in line for Russian sanctions, say MPs

Ms Polyakova, an actress and restaurateur, is said to have been in a relationship with Lavrov since the early 2000s and documents unearthed by the foundation show she has been abroad with the foreign minister more than 60 times, including... Read more

Rethink fracking risks so people can heat homes affordably, says Jacob Rees-Mogg

The Brexit Opportunities minister told Friday’s Chopper’s Politics podcast, which you can listen to using the audio player at the top of this article: “We need a good understanding of what the real risks are before we can decide whether... Read more

Liz Truss urges West to ‘tighten the ratchet’ on Vladimir Putin

Following a lengthy meeting with Antony Blinken, the US secretary of state, she told The Telegraph: “We discussed what more sanctions we can put on. We’re very clear the ratchet needs to be tightened. “The sanctions are already having a... Read more

‘How do I stop my pension losing £1,000 a week?’

Watching your life savings diminish dramatically during periods of market falls can be excruciating. For Lynne Carroll, a 68-year-old ex-hospice worker, watching the value of her pension lose £11,000 in the space of just three months this year became unbearable. ... Read more

Questor: this hi-tech trust has taken a tumble and its premium has evaporated. Time to buy

As the trust takes a conservative approach to valuing its investments, Mackie says there is no need to fear a similar reversal among Augmentum’s holdings. He says a number of investments in the portfolio are currently valued at cost, even... Read more

Landlords face £15,000 bill in Sadiq Khan’s rent freeze plan

London landlords could be hit with a £15,000 cocktail of bills over the next two years after mayor Sadiq Khan doubled down on calls for rent controls in the capital. Buy-to-let investors would lose thousands of pounds in rental income... Read more

Novice investors caught out in latest gold rush

The number of people buying gold for the first time has soared to levels not seen since the start of the pandemic, as the escalating war in Ukraine sparks a rush to safe haven investments. However, novice investors, who pushed... Read more

Millions face losing free money towards their first homes

It means buyers now face losing the state bonus after years of diligent saving, as the property price cap for the scheme has remained frozen while house prices have shot up. Had the limit increased with inflation it would stand... Read more

Trapped savers in Russian funds win battle for fee refunds

The announcements represent a major victory for this newspaper, which last week championed calls from consumer advocates for fees on gated funds to be dropped, or at least discounted.  Initially most fund houses said fees would remain in place. Critics... Read more

Homeowners crippled as mortgage costs rise £800 in just six months

David Hollingworth, of L&C Mortgages, said: “Rates have been shifting rapidly as lenders adapt to higher borrowing costs from the central bank. The sheer pace of change is taking borrowers by surprise.” Changes have accelerated in the past few days... Read more