Our approach to refugees is failing everybody – we need to change it

Among members of the Government and their advisers, it is difficult to find anybody willing to defend its record when it comes to helping Ukrainian refugees. In interviews, ministers pass the buck. No 10 blames the Home Office, and the Home... Read more

Jeremy Kyle: Death on Daytime, review: the damning truth about the cruellest show on TV

Some documentaries have a hole at their centre when the key player doesn’t take part. Not Jeremy Kyle: Death on Daytime (Channel 4), because everything we need to know about Kyle’s role in this sorry affair is already in front... Read more

The Ipcress File episode 2, review: thank goodness they didn’t make Harry Palmer into an action hero

Joe Cole is a year older than Michael Caine was when The Ipcress File came out in 1965 – 33 to Caine’s 32 – yet looks as if he’s just out of short trousers. This is the hurdle one has... Read more

Only Stephen Graham can save this plodding final series of Peaky Blinders

Stephen Graham is exactly what Peaky Blinders (BBC One) needs as it tries to shrug off the gloom that has accumulated around this stodgy farewell season of flat-capped Brummie noir. Graham could look scary playing a fairy – which is... Read more

Baftas 2022 review: host Rebel Wilson’s wrecking-ball comedy made for an uneven tone

The return to normality after two years of lockdowns, social distancing and Zoom quizzes has been a shaky experience for many. And as the 2022 Baftas (BBC One) reverted to that dimly remembered tradition of red carpets, live audiences and... Read more

The Power of the Dog’s Bafta win is a triumph for Netflix – but not cinema

After two years of misery for cinemas, backing a film that was overwhelmingly watched in living rooms feels like a pointed choice. But Bafta’s 7,000 or so voting members, drawn from all areas of the British film industry, were also... Read more

Baftas 2022 winners: The Power of the Dog is named Best Film

Editing Belfast: Úna Ní DhonghaíleDune: Joe WalkerLicorice Pizza: Andy JurgensenWINNER: No Time To Die: Tom Cross, Elliot GrahamSummer Of Soul (Or, When The Revolution Could Not Be Televised): Joshua L. Pearson Production Design Cyrano Sarah Greenwood: Katie SpencerWINNER: Dune Patrice... Read more

Nicola Sturgeon will take in a Ukrainian refugee ‘if needed’

But Michael Gove, the Levelling Up Secretary, insisted the Homes for Ukraine scheme would be the “fastest way” of proving support. Britons can apply to sponsor refugees from Monday and should be matched with them by Friday. Mr Gove said... Read more

Michael Gove says he did not know of any security concerns about Evgeny Lebedev

Mr Gove told Sophy Ridge on Sunday on Sky News: “I have met Lord Lebedev in public, and nobody has ever suggested to me that that was wrong. “He’s made clear through the pages of the Evening Standard, the newspaper... Read more

No tax cuts despite cost-of-living crisis, warns Michael Gove

Mr Gove admitted that further measures would be kept “under review” but said that he did not feel the National Insurance rise should be postponed from its introduction in April. Soaring worldwide oil and gas prices, due to sanctions on... Read more

Tory MP: Bullying drove me to brink of suicide

Last month a former government advisor called on ministers to improve access to mental health help – and in particular, to boost provision of mental health nurses, based in GP surgeries. James Starkie, a former advisor to cabinet ministers Michael... Read more

Attempts to sanction Russian oligarchs slowed by fears over historic £1.3bn payout

One government source said: “If an oligarch is going to sue over sanctions, then the one place it is going to happen is here.” Another warned that taxpayers’ money could go into the pockets of Russian oligarchs if the legal... Read more

Valerie Pécresse sinks to fifth place as French Right implodes

Mr Zemmour, the other candidate often mentioned here, has drawn mixed reactions. On Saturday, while campaigning in Moissac, south-western France, he was egged again. Some in Neuilly-sur-Seine called him a “flash-in-the-pan” and even a “clown” who, like Ms Le Pen,... Read more

‘A huge shock is coming’: landlords eye rent rises as supply crisis threatens energy works

More than half of landlords will increase rents to cover energy efficiency improvements, a survey has shown, after the cost of eco-upgrades drastically increased. Investors now need to shell out thousands of pounds more for mandatory green improvements because of... Read more

Questor: as gold tests new highs we’re bullish on the prospects for this FTSE 100 miner

This could counteract the impact of an increasingly hawkish Federal Reserve, which would normally be expected to cause interest-paying assets to become more attractive relative to the precious metal; there is no “opportunity cost” of owning gold when interest rates... Read more

‘I sold all my furniture – then my house sale fell through’

First-time buyers Natalie Quail, 31, and her husband Nick, 34, have a tale of woe from the other end of the property ladder. The couple lived with Natalie’s parents in Radlett, Hertfordshire, during the pandemic but were keen to buy... Read more

Journalist Richard Ingrams: ‘The Lord Lucan case nearly bankrupted us’

Richard Ingrams, 84, co-founded the satirical magazine Private Eye in 1961 and became editor in 1963, a post he retained until 1986. He was a regular on BBC Radio 4’s The News Quiz for two decades and a long-standing columnist... Read more

‘Currys has insured my VHS since 2002 but now won’t repair it’

Dear Reader, I asked Currys when it stopped selling and repairing video recorders and it declined to say. Newspaper cuttings from 2004 show the retailer’s sister firm, Dixons, which later merged with Currys, was selling its last remaining stock that... Read more

‘Irresponsible’ energy firms resort to door-to-door sales tactics

Octopus Energy confirmed it deployed field sales teams in the Autumn. It said that until recently the teams had offered customers deals that locked them in for three years which were cheaper than the incoming April price cap.  A spokesman... Read more

‘The energy crisis forced me to move supplier seven times’

He switched to Symbio, an electricity-only supplier, from Together Energy, in May, paying £184 a month to heat and power his large Victorian house. He said: “It went bust in September and I was passed to E.On. I did a quick... Read more

Ask the expert: ‘Is paint protection treatment on a new mini worth the cost?’

Alex Robbins is contributing editor at Telegraph Cars where, as well as responding to readers’ queries, he also contributes reviews of new and used cars, together with articles on buying and selling.  His knowledge of the used car market informs... Read more

Creeping midlife weight gain – and how to stop it

Some of us are blessed with genes that make us less likely to succumb to middle-age spread. But consume more energy than you burn and you’re likely to see increased belly fat, no matter what. Your first reaction might be... Read more

Does the cure for cancer lie in the gut?

Could a faecal transplant save your life? This is the new line of research being pursued by an increasing number of cancer specialists around the world, as scientists attempt to find new ways to utilise the microbiome – the vast... Read more

How to recover from long Covid symptoms

A Swedish study of more than 300 people confirms that anosmia is the most persistent problem that dogs people who have had even the mildest Covid symptoms. For a third of them, it can take at least six months for... Read more

I had a hoot cavorting at Claridge’s with Country Life’s girls in pearls

I know I may strike some of you as a lightweight sort who flits from social gathering to social gathering, perhaps dashing off a column in between drinks parties before slipping on a pair of heels and heading to a... Read more