Even crushing Ukraine won’t satisfy Putin’s warped territorial ambitions

In November 1939, Queen Elizabeth (later the Queen Mother) gave Lord Halifax, the foreign secretary, a copy of Adolf Hitler’s book Mein Kampf, warning him of the Fuhrer’s “obvious sincerity” but jokingly advising him not to read it, “or you... Read more

Goodbye Priti Patel, hello Michael Gove: A tonal switch from baseball bat to kid gloves

That’s the bit you’ll see on the telly, but otherwise he reassured the House, reeled off stats and rarely looked at his notes. How does he do it? He’s got his Henry Newman back, the special advisor sitting in the... Read more

David Bailey on Diana’s ‘terrible hair’, the Queen’s ‘beautiful skin’, and living with dementia

Bailey’s photographs are extraordinary things: so vital that they seem to crackle. He loathes talking technique but has said that his secret was to “fall in love with [the subject] a bit, just for that moment.” Those who have sat... Read more

Nothing tough about Ross Kemp’s genial new quiz show

Bridge of Lies (BBC One) is not to be confused with Bridge of Spies, Steven Spielberg’s Cold War thriller. It is a daytime quiz show presented by Ross Kemp, and he doesn’t do a bad job of it. If Gordon... Read more

Holding, episode 1, review: a charming drama – once you figure out what’s going on

When I finished watching the first episode of Holding (ITV), which is based on the debut novel by Graham Norton, I went back and watched it again. Not because I enjoyed it – although I did – but because I’d... Read more

Boris Johnson takes £2,200 pay rise because there is ‘no way’ to turn it down

On Monday, Nicola Sturgeon said that ministers in Scotland would not receive a pay rise this year, writing on Twitter that members of her government would donate increases to their pay to the public purse. She said ministers “have not... Read more

Britain’s defence spending set to drop because of soaring inflation

The analysis was conducted last autumn. Since then, inflation has only increased further, with the Treasury reportedly warned it could peak at nine per cent. The fall could call into question a promise made in the 2019 Conservative manifesto to... Read more

Boris Johnson: West made terrible mistake by failing to punish Vladimir Putin for Crimea invasion

The West made a “terrible mistake” by continuing to rely on Russian oil and gas after the 2014 invasion of Crimea, Boris Johnson has said. Writing exclusively for The Telegraph, he accused Vladimir Putin of using Russian energy supplies for... Read more

Step down from cleaning up road signs, health and safety brigade tells Southend councillors

Councillors who took it upon themselves to clean road signs have been banned from using ladders because of health and safety concerns. Officials at Southend-on-Sea Council have written to members urging them to refrain from climbing when sprucing up signage... Read more

Liz Truss condemns Chinese government’s ‘attempt to silence’ UK-based human rights group

“Attempting to silence voices globally that speak up for freedom and democracy is unacceptable and will never succeed,” Ms Truss said. Hong Kong Watch was accused of colluding with foreign forces which is criminalised under the national security law imposed... Read more

Swapping Russian gas for Saudi oil is not the answer

No new fields have been approved for three years, but the six likely to finally get the go-ahead this year could produce enough to power the UK for six months. Up to 25 more projects could be approved before the... Read more

Teach lessons on tackling misogyny in primary schools, says Sadiq Khan

Sadiq Khan has said lessons on tackling misogyny should be taught in primary schools in order to challenge inappropriate attitudes. The Mayor of London said more needed to be done to address violence against women and girls and this could... Read more

Boris Johnson is not ‘turning a blind eye’ to Saudi human rights abuses to keep the lights on, insists Sajid Javid

Boris Johnson is not “turning a blind eye” to human rights abuses in Saudi Arabia to keep the lights on, Sajid Javid insisted on Monday morning. Mr Johnson will reportedly travel to Riyadh, the Saudi capital, later in the week for... Read more

More than 43,000 offer to house a Ukrainian refugee in first five hours of UK scheme

Mr Gove repeatedly banged on the despatch box as he told MPs: “I have had it up to here with people trying to suggest this country is not generous.” But Lisa Nandy, the shadow communities secretary, told him: “He can’t... Read more

Doctor who saved Boris Johnson tells him: Save ventilator patients from huge energy bills

‘Something has got to give’ Vincenzo’s mother, Maria, said: “Our energy cost £1,500 last year, now it is estimated to be £5,000. Many families are in the same position as us. Something has got to give – this is life-saving... Read more

BT admits vulnerable customers could be cut off by digital phone rollout

But Mr Howe, who is responsible for customer care issues with the rollout, admitted the free battery packs only had a limited life, typically lasting between one and four hours when in full use.  “We are confident we can manage... Read more

Money Makeover: ‘Most of my money is in Bitcoin – can I still retire early?’

The pandemic triggered a monumental shift in lifestyle priorities and inspired a generation to pursue a taste of the good life. Craig Bates wants to join them. Mr Bates, 48, currently lives with his wife in West Bromwich in the... Read more

Buy these bargain investment trusts while you can

DIY investors can buy investment trusts at much lower prices than usual as market falls widen discounts. British investment companies have fallen by 18pc this year, far exceeding the 8pc drop in the FTSE All Share index, which tracks the... Read more

‘My late husband took out a loan and now I owe £35,000, can I escape the debt?’

Whether a transaction is brought about by the exercise of undue influence is a question of fact. Here you say there was a relation of “trust and confidence” between those two persons giving personal guarantees on behalf of the borrower... Read more

Rents cool as cost of living crisis brings record squeeze for tenants

“Rental growth is slowing as affordability pressures bite,” said Ms Beveridge. It is already on a downward trajectory. Rental growth in February slowed for the sixth consecutive month, down from a peak of 8.7pc in July 2021. However, this was... Read more

Ford’s commitment to electric cars casts doubt on the future of its top-selling Fiesta and Focus

The strategy in Europe consists of three new EV models, two of them medium-sized crossover cars (to be launched in 2023 and 2024), which will be built at Ford’s Cologne factory (which currently builds the Fiesta) and which will be... Read more

How to welcome a refugee into your home

“The night after we spoke I spent the night wondering what I’d let myself in for, on every level – practical, emotional, financial,” he tells me. “But when Beate said she had a group of five, I cut out all... Read more

Brain food: why Britain is falling in love with offal again

Traditionally cheap, offal has historically been associated with peasant food, eaten primarily by poorer members of society – a key component of ‘cucina povera’ in Italy. This legacy is also strong in Britain, with haggis, black pudding, faggots and liver... Read more

Three easy ways to eat for better brain health

Health-wise, most of us have been impacted on some level by Covid-19. The news that even mild cases can affect your brain is just the latest in a string of studies linking the illness to a decline in brain function.... Read more

Spotting who really has long Covid can be a challenge

The Government has been much criticised on several counts for its handling of the pandemic. But perhaps unfairly so, for the most recent mortality figures reveal that Britain, compared with the 32 European countries, has not done too badly, coming... Read more