Boris Johnson will have his work cut out in Saudi Arabia

There appears to be one purpose, and one purpose only, driving Boris Johnson’s visit to Saudi Arabia this week, and that is to persuade Riyadh to support a dramatic increase in global oil supplies. The hard-hitting sanctions imposed against Moscow... Read more

The Killing of PC Harper: A Widow’s Fight for Justice, review: a case that appalled the nation

Then there was the next set of pictures – the crushing moment three teenagers were convicted of Harper’s manslaughter but not murder – and the despicable shots as the killers and their families cheered at the verdict, gave thumbs up,... Read more

Almost 89,000 Britons apply to open their homes to Ukrainian refugees

The website was overwhelmed after Michael Gove, the Levelling Up Secretary, confirmed the full details of the programme in the House of Commons. “The irony of this is I’m actually quite proud that the system struggled,” Mr Cleverly, the Europe... Read more

Son of Vladimir Putin’s press chief has assets frozen as 370 more Russians face sanctions

Among the other Russian oligarchs targeted by the UK are Mikhail Fridman and German Khan, co-founders of the powerful Alfa-Group, and Pyotr Aven, the head of the Alfa Bank. Between them have a combined estimated worth of more than £100... Read more

Brexit blamed for the low number of fraud prosecutions

Brexit is to blame for the failure to prosecute more frauds, the Crown Prosecution Service has claimed. Gregor McGill, CPS director of legal services, told the Commons justice committee that leaving the EU had created problems for police pursuing fraudsters... Read more

Spare me the existential angst about the ineluctable decline of the West

There we were, two years ago, fretting about the onset of what was already described as a pandemic but which had yet to take a grip. By and large, things were not that bad at all. The racing fraternity had... Read more

White House mocks Russia for sanctioning the wrong Joe Biden

The White House mocked the imposition of Russian sanctions on Joe Biden and a host of other senior US officials. Jen Psaki, the White House press secretary, suggested the Kremlin had mistakenly sanctioned the US President’s late father, after they... Read more

Fuel duty cut won’t stop Britons feeling pain of soaring petrol prices, Rishi Sunak warned

Both France and Germany have offered financial support in the past month to help drivers with the soaring cost of petrol. Jake Berry, the Conservative MP for Rossendale and Darwen, said in the House of Commons: “With the cost of... Read more

Hundreds of workers and patients taken hostage by Russian troops in Mariupol hospital

The besieged city is encircled by Russian troops and remains under constant bombardment, with almost 400,000 people still trapped without running water. Ukraine was having serious problems trying to deliver humanitarian aid to the city, according to Iryna Vereshchuk, the... Read more

Britain agrees to pay £400m debt to Iran as Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe gets her passport back

The UK has long said that it would pay back the money but continues to insist there is no link between that payment and discussions about the release of Ms Zaghari-Ratcliffe. Her lawyer, Hojjat Kermani, said on Tuesday he believed... Read more

Russia seeks Syrian mercenaries to save its doomed invasion of Ukraine

Pro-regime Facebook pages associated with Syria’s fourth armoured division have posted adverts seeking fighters for Ukraine, promising $3,000 over six months – a significant salary in a country where the average income is 100,000 SYP, roughly £23 per month. Russian... Read more

Russian TV presenter Marina Ovsyannikova who said ‘No’ to war interrogated for 14 hours

Several pro-Kremlin commentators have suggested that Moscow would not want to make a martyr of Ms Ovsyannikova by throwing her in jail. But she has already become a hero to many in Russia. Staff at the newsroom of Channel One... Read more

Banning at-home abortions puts politics above women’s health

Few good things have come out of the Covid-19 pandemic, but improved access to pregnancy termination services has been a silver lining. While the change in regulations came into place in March 2020, the pandemic-led shift to telemedicine abortion did... Read more

Ban on home abortions increases risks to women, Government told

The data show that under the temporary measures, four in 10 abortions were performed in the first six weeks of pregnancy, compared with 25 per cent under traditional methods, with half as many serious adverse events. “It could lead to... Read more

It’s a bit rubbish: council tax bills rise as binmen go out on strike

Residents are being asked to pay an extra £60 in council tax despite being hit with bin collection strikes that mean they have to drive to rubbish tips themselves. Bin collection strikes are at their highest level in nearly 40... Read more

War forces farmers to think again about GM crops

Even at the best of times, farming can be a tough business. Yet as the world grapples with the impacts of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, “it has actually become pretty frightening times for farmers”, says Hertfordshire-based farmer Stephen Roberts.  “Food... Read more

Ukraine says war could be over in two weeks as peace talks going ‘pretty well’

The war in Ukraine could be over in a matter of weeks, a Ukrainian official has said.  Oleksiy Arestovich, an adviser to the Ukrainian president’s chief of staff, claimed late on Monday that Russia is likely to run out of... Read more

Lord Frost: Tories should pledge to tear up Northern Ireland Protocol unless EU backs down

The Tories should make tearing up the Northern Ireland Protocol a general election campaign promise unless Brussels caves to British demands to renegotiate the treaty, Lord Frost has said. The former Brexit negotiator said the EU had to recognise that... Read more

Telegraph’s top 10 income funds to fund your retirement

The Income 10 highlights the best funds for regular payouts. The Telegraph 25 is the definitive list of our favourite funds and we also showcase the 10 best funds for growth, preserving your money, investing ethically and keeping costs low... Read more

Telegraph’s top 10 growth funds to boost your savings

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Questor: Watchdog’s review casts a shadow but this pawnbroker has just raised its divi by 41pc

Better still, net shareholders’ funds of £137m compare with a market value of £122m, so the shares trade at a discount to net asset, or book, value. Even if we strip out £20m of goodwill and intangible assets, the shares... Read more

Delayed interest rate rise could create mini stamp duty holiday effect

A delay to interest rate rises could create a mini stamp duty holiday effect as buyers rush to lock in cheaper debt that will push up house prices in the next few months. The additional spike in inflation caused by... Read more

Five ways to cut your tax bill before April 6

However, it is here whether we like it or not and we need to plan accordingly. If you are due a bonus and have scope to be paid before the tax year end it will save tax for both you... Read more

Early retirees risk ‘sleepwalking’ into a financial disaster

Half a million older people have been squeezed out of the workforce during the pandemic and could face a retirement disaster as the cost of living crisis bites. More than 493,000 people aged 50 to 70 have stopped working since... Read more

Investors trapped in failed Neil Woodford fund ‘may not see cash returned until 2023’

Investors trapped in Neil Woodford’s failed former fund could be forced to wait another year to retrieve their savings, after the administrator Link Fund Solutions admitted it had struggled to sell its remaining holdings. Since the £3.7bn fund was suspended... Read more