Plymouth shooter Jake Davison was referred to Prevent programme ‘by his own mother’

Mr Arrow said the inquest would also consider how Davison’s application for a shotgun was processed by the police, how the allegations of assault against him were dealt with and his referral to the pathfinder scheme.

The inquest would consider the seizure of his shotgun and licence and return a few weeks before the shootings.

Davison’s contact with mental health services in May 2021 would be examined and a later occupational health assessment.

The inquest would also consider the events of August 12, Mr Arrow said.

Social media usage by Davison suggested an obsession with “incel” culture, meaning “involuntary celibate”, as well as an interest in guns and the US.

Reports have suggested Davison’s mother had been struggling to get help for her son, having become concerned about his mental health.

Jason Beer QC, representing Devon and Cornwall Police, said the force was still actively investigating the events of last summer.

This included examining Davison’s use of chatrooms on the social media site Reddit.

‘Reddit refused to assist’

“A review of Jake Davison’s computer tower and mobile telephone showed he was an active member of Reddit forums,” Mr Beer said.

“Some of these were incel related. Some of the forums were pro-incel and some were anti-incel.”

Mr Beer said police had secured some posts and they had asked Reddit for further data.

“It did so against a backdrop of Reddit almost immediately deleting Mr Davison’s account once the shootings and his links to Reddit were known about publicly,” he said.

“Reddit declined to assist in any dialogue for the provision of that material and said if you want the material you have to do it under the treaty of mutual legal assistance.”

The inquest heard a peer review was also undertaken into Devon and Cornwall’s firearms licensing procedures by Durham Police, which has made a series of “indicative views”.

“Due to the force’s wish to identify promptly if there were any public safety issues that it needed to be aware of in its firearms licensing processes, policies and practices, a peer review was commissioned immediately,” Mr Beer said.

He said one of the recommendations was for a “more robust system” that automatically flags concerns to the firearms licensing unit without the need for human intervention by cross-checking databases.

Another was to review firearms licence holders who had “contention” and had weapons returned to them.

Mr Beer said the police had also commissioned psychological reports into spree killers, incel-motivated killers and “similarities or differences to Jake Davison and the prevalence or not of steroid abuse in the commission of violent crimes”.

In the wake of the shootings, the Home Office announced that the police will now have to check someone’s medical history before issuing a gun licence.

All firearms applications must be accompanied by a medical document signed by a registered, practising doctor.

A further pre-inquest review will take place on December 19.

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