Ukraine is now winning the war, but I fear it will lose the peace

Limited wars end in negotiations. Therefore, unless the Russo-Ukraine conflict takes a calamitous turn that engulfs us all, jaw jaw, as Winston Churchill said, will replace war war. It is also true that the Kremlin needs a route out, otherwise... Read more

Britain cannot afford chaos at its ports

P &O Ferries is, by some measures, a strategically important company to the UK. It handled about 15 per cent of all freight cargo in and out of the country before the pandemic, as well as carrying millions of holidaymakers... Read more

Have the Tories finally found their star to knock Labour off its anti-racism high horse?

Unveiling the Government’s plan for tackling race inequality was never going to be a cakewalk for Kemi Badenoch. When the Sewell Report was first published, Labour’s Clive Lewis, with his usual subtlety, had tweeted a photo of the Ku Klux... Read more

How Putin’s phoney war on woke fooled the populist Right – and Left

It’s hard to articulate moral principles when you’re shelling hospitals, but Vladimir Putin has been doing his best. In his latest televised address, he listed the values he claims to be upholding (sovereignty, future of children, etc) and, then, the... Read more

C’est si bon! Joanna Lumley falling in love with Paris is the pick-me-up TV we all need

Bonjour, my gorgeous darlings. We’re watching Joanna Lumley’s Great Cities of the World (ITV), and this first episode is in Paris. Oh, it’s heavenly. Divine. Just look at the fabulous architecture, the beautiful people, the scrumptious food. Smell the romance!... Read more

Next BBC political editor to be a woman as broadcaster settles on all-female shortlist

The next BBC political editor is almost certainly going to be a woman, after the corporation settled on an all-female shortlist for the £260,000 a year role. Sky News’ Sophy Ridge and ITV’s Anushka Asthana are expected to fight it... Read more

Sheikh shuts down P&O Ferries in battle with unions

Ministers were first told about P&O’s decision to sack staff on Wednesday night. It is a major embarrassment for Mr Johnson and comes just hours after he visited the United Arab Emirates to discuss increasing oil production. Sultan Ahmed bin... Read more

Arnold Schwarzenegger invokes his ‘broken’ Nazi father as he tells Russian soldiers ‘Putin lied to you’

Arnold Schwarzenegger has made an impassioned attempt to tell Russian soldiers, and the Russian people, the truth about the war in Ukraine. Describing himself as a “longtime friend of the Russian people,” the “Terminator” star released a nine-minute video, with... Read more

Sick Douglas Ross races to recover ahead of Scottish Tory conference to avoid Boris Johnson ‘snub’

Douglas Ross is determined to overcome illness to attend Boris Johnson’s speech at the Scottish Tory conference on Friday over fears his absence would be viewed as a snub to the Prime Minister. Sources close to the Scottish Tory leader... Read more

Will Douglas Ross’s truce with Boris Johnson croak, like his voice? Only time will tell

There will be more croaks than jokes on Friday when Boris Johnson and Douglas Ross meet to smooth the serious rift that exists between them.  The Prime Minister and the leader of the Scottish Tories have agreed a truce, given... Read more

Taxes have reached ‘high water mark’ under the Conservatives, vows Oliver Dowden

A recruitment drive for new candidates from outside London and the south east will start to find the “very best people”. Candidate assessments will be carried out at the party’s base in Leeds. All new candidates would have to pass... Read more

Ukraine tells Europe: If Joe Biden can call Vladimir Putin a war criminal, so can you

However, some analysts suggested that Mr Biden’s remark may have “cost a lot of people their lives” by jeopardising ongoing peace negotiations with Russia.  Harry Kazianis, a senior director at the US Center for the National Interest, told The Telegraph:... Read more

Macron to seize energy firms and ramp up defence spending to €50bn to boost France’s ‘independence’

He later confirmed he intended to raise the state’s stake in electricity utility EDF. France, which owns 84 per cent of EDF, had reportedly been mulling on reviving a plan to nationalise the debt-laden group and reorganise its business with... Read more

Russia planning lightning advance to encircle Ukrainian army and claim victory

Dr Kaushal told The Telegraph that any subsequent advance would not be easy for the Russians, adding: “The warship shelling of Odesa reported on Thursday and amphibious vessels arriving in the Black Sea in recent day suggests to me that... Read more

Sadiq Khan: Met officers who strip searched black teenager should be charged with gross misconduct

Police officers who strip searched a black schoolgirl while she was on her period should be sacked if they are found guilty of wrongdoing, Sadiq Khan has said. The Mayor of London has intervened in the case by calling for... Read more

Labour MP pulls out of Nigel Farage’s anti-net zero rally

A Labour MP has pulled out of Nigel Farage’s rally against net zero after pressure from the party’s leadership. Graham Stringer was set to appear at the former Reform UK party leader’s event alongside Richard Tice, its current leader. Saturday’s... Read more

Angela Rayner burst into tears after trolls blamed her for killing of Tory MP Sir David Amess

Labour deputy leader Angela Rayner “burst into tears” and was left “scared out of her wits” after being blamed over the alleged murder of Sir David Amess, a court heard. Stuart Kelly, 53, and Michael McGrath, 70, on Thursday both... Read more

Teaching of race ideology in schools is ‘absolutely terrifying’, warns minister

The teaching of race ideology in schools is “absolutely terrifying”, the equalities minister has said, as she warns that children should not be asked to take the knee in class. Kemi Badenoch said that critical race theory is “morally wrong”... Read more

Boris Johnson has increased taxes as much as New Labour did, says IFS

The IFS report said: “If the Chancellor’s plans remain unchanged, next month will mark the beginning of a steep ascent in the path of UK taxation. “It will come hand in hand with a spike in inflation, only fuelled further... Read more

Rebellion plot over Priti Patel’s ‘immoral’ plan to process migrants offshore

As many as 50 Conservative MPs will next week try to force the Home Office to drop plans to process asylum seekers’ claims outside of the UK. David Davis and Andrew Mitchell, former Conservative Cabinet ministers, are leading a group... Read more

Russians target Priti Patel and Ben Wallace with fake video calls

Explaining how the call was set up, Mr Wallace said: “A government department referred me to a request for a phone call with the Ukrainian prime minister, a man I’ve never met before. “The department set up a phone call... Read more

‘My £180k portfolio is shrinking – how can I generate more income from my investments?’

Donald Brown, investment manager at Brewin Dolphin, said: Mr Steer has several holdings in his portfolio, so at first sight it looks very diversified. But the underlying mix is less appealing: more than two fifths of his portfolio is in... Read more

Spooked lenders pull long-term mortgage deals

Lenders have pulled their long-term mortgage deals to stop homebuyers locking in cheap repayments as they prepare for further increases in interest rates by the Bank of England. Nearly two in five 10-year loans, which allowed homeowners to lock in... Read more

What rising interest rates mean for house prices

Now that the Bank Rate has risen to 0.75pc, if lenders immediately pass the increase onto mortgage borrowers, the monthly costs would rise to just over 43pc of their disposable income. Lenders would, however, be likely to absorb some of... Read more

Questor: this China trust has halved but is not going to fall further – it’s time to buy

He was speaking before yesterday’s strong recovery, when the trust’s shares gained 16pc as part of a wider rally following intervention by Beijing. China’s State Council said it would increase support for financial markets and the property sector and vowed... Read more