No, the West isn’t so decadent that we would refuse to fight and die for our countries

A poll published earlier this week in the United States made a virtual discussion seem horribly real. The poll of adult Americans asked them what they would do were America to be in a situation like that which Ukraine is... Read more

Ukraine reinforces the case for the Integrated Review

Military commentators have been quick to co-opt the war in Ukraine to their particular cause. In many cases that cause is a retreat from the modernising agenda of the Government’s Integrated Review (IR) in light of Putin’s deployment of traditional... Read more

Ofsted’s over-zealous approach to safeguarding puts the future of boarding schools at risk

This article is about one school, but the predicament it highlights has wider implications – about independence, bureaucracy, freedom of religion and the best interests of children. My own specific interest in this case goes back to 2020. I wrote... Read more

Before his terrible Ukraine poem, Bono tried to help Sarajevo – and it worked

“It’s about 11 o’clock here in Sarajevo,” replies Carter. “There’s a general fear in Sarajevo The town is getting smaller. The perimeter is being fought over and the people are having to come to the centre of town. The supplies... Read more

The Nan Movie, review: Catherine Tate’s ‘comedy’ is as interminable as it is revolting

During an appearance on Lorraine Kelly’s ITV breakfast show earlier this week, the actor Mathew Horne said he was struggling to promote his new film The Nan Movie while war continues to rage in Ukraine. He should try watching it.... Read more

Soaring violence and aggression in classrooms ‘proves Scotland’s school curriculum must be scrapped’

Scotland’s school curriculum should be scrapped and replaced with a “traditional” system, the Scottish Tories have said, amid warnings that classroom discipline has almost completely broken down. Teachers are now routinely being attacked, spat on and sworn at by children... Read more

Whitehall blame game erupts over Russian ‘impostor’ who targeted Ben Wallace with fake video call

Ben Wallace spoke to a Russian hoaxer for nearly 10 minutes because Home Office officials had vouched for the individual, Whitehall sources have claimed. The Defence Secretary was assured the impostor was legitimate by the department’s officials, as a government... Read more

‘Your laws caused this’: MP abused as unions seize on P&O crisis to attack Tories

RMT’s General Secretary Mick Lynch has openly declared his preference for aggressive tactics. He said the government believe “the working class are weak” and declared the union would organise a series of rail strikes in 2022. In an interview with... Read more

Ukraine war shows ‘partygate’ was ‘fluff’, says Jacob Rees-Mogg

Jacob Rees-Mogg has dismissed the “partygate” scandal as “fluff”, saying the Ukraine war showed it was not a “serious” issue. But fellow Tories on Friday distanced themselves from his remarks, with one Cabinet member saying the row, which saw scores... Read more

Boris Johnson: Don’t hold new Scottish independence referendum during Ukraine war

Mr Johnson said the timing was wrong “when our European continent is being ravaged by the most vicious war in Europe since 1945 and when public services and the economy need to recover from the pandemic”. He added: “How incredible... Read more

In a £10,500 Italian designer coat, a limping Vladimir Putin tries to rally his people

Putin prowled the stage in his dark-blue, knee-length jacket reportedly made by the Italian fashion brand Loro Piana. The coat, which costs 1.4m rubles in Moscow’s swankier department stores, is made from quilted cashmere with white goose down feathers for... Read more

‘Injustice’: Sharron Davies calls out result after transgender athlete wins prestigious American swimming title

American swimming is facing fresh criticism after Lia Thomas, the sport’s most high-profile transgender athlete, made history by winning a prestigious NCAA title in Atlanta on Thursday night – beating a Tokyo Olympic medallist into third.  Thomas, who competed on... Read more

‘National laughing stock’: How Germany is spending €100bn to transform its military

The remaining purchases, such as tank ammunition and new fighter jets, are likely to be from manufacturers in the US, France and Britain. Tusa points to European missile maker MBDA as one company that could secure more business. Its Meteor... Read more

Inside Azov, the neo-Nazi brigade killing Russian generals and playing a PR game in the Ukraine war

In 2018, the battalion put out a slickly produced video showing hundreds of young men in fatigues marching in formation to a torch-lit fortress in Kyiv. They swore an oath on camera to “clean” the streets of illegal alcohol, drug... Read more

Murderer who carved swastikas into victim’s body must stay behind bars, rules Dominic Raab

The Ministry of Justice said Mr Raab “has repeatedly said that he wants the parole process to take a more precautionary approach when it comes to protecting the public”. Ling’s trial judge said the murder was so sadistic that he... Read more

Telegraph’s top 10 ethical funds to grow your money

The Ethical 10 highlights the best funds for making money morally. The Telegraph 25 is the definitive list of our favourite funds and we also showcase the 10 best funds for growth, income, preserving your money and keeping costs low... Read more

Interest rates will keep rising this year – here’s how to protect your money

Savers are braced for a prolonged period of interest rate increases, as the Bank of England has raised rates to combat runaway inflation.  The central bank has announced a 0.25 percentage point increase in the Bank Rate, taking the rate... Read more

Questor: a bold statement of intent from one of our holdings – we’ll raise the divi by 7pc

Away from the facts and figures, readers may be reassured to read the words of the trust’s chairman, Andrew Sutch, who will retire at the annual meeting next month. “Some years ago Claverhouse was one of the first investment trusts... Read more

‘BMW is refusing to fix my £62k electric car that takes nine hours to drive up North’

Has a company treated you unfairly? Our Consumer Champion is available to help. For how to contact her click here.   Dear Katie, Last year I decided it was time to get an electric car, so I traded in my BMW X5... Read more

Buyers face £3,700 penalty if they wait a year to purchase a home

Waiting just 12 months to buy a home will cost purchasers an extra £3,700 a year after rising interest rates and growing house prices push the dream of ownership out the grasps of more and more people.  Analysts have warned... Read more

‘My neighbour is threatening legal action over my wall. What do I do?’

Dear Property Doctors, Our neighbours greeted the news of a proposed kitchen extension well on the basis that they were going to do one themselves. But then they opposed us every step of the way. A few months into the... Read more

‘We have no Russian bonds but China hit us hard’

What is your investment strategy? We want to generate a consistent level of income regardless of how economies are performing. This is an income fund first and foremost, and we are flexible about what types of bond we buy. We... Read more

Homeowners paying thousands in penalties to quit mortgage deals

Homeowners have raced to quit mortgage deals early to lock in cheaper terms, paying thousands in exit penalties in the process. The number of borrowers that paid fees to leave deals has jumped by more than a third compared with... Read more

Teens in love? It’s parents your heart goes out to…

Worse still is the loss of those putative sons- or daughters-in-law – the ones who adore your other children and work hard at school, but whom your own idiot offspring dumps for someone who communicates entirely in grunts, thinks homework... Read more

Soave is the wine to drink this spring – here’s the best to buy

The poet, dandy, fighter pilot, lothario, propagandist and Italian First World War hero Gabriele d’Annunzio had extravagant, and often bizarre, living standards. He used to check in to hotels with his own bed linen, liked to go horse riding completely... Read more