Rishi Sunak considered resigning over National Insurance U-turn row, he told fellow MP

Mr Johnson publicly watered down his position on the increase for a few days in late January. When asked if the increase would go ahead, he only said that the money for healthcare must be found. In the end, Mr... Read more

Freeport hopes of P&O’s Dubai owner at risk after mass sackings

Bosses announced on Saturday that it would resume services between Liverpool and Dublin amid fears of a logistics crisis.The Dutch-flagged Norbank ferry departed Merseyside shortly 10am, arriving in Ireland at 430pm. Union sources said that the crew was a combination... Read more

Jacob Rees-Mogg to reduce government focus on ethical contracts

Jacob Rees-Mogg is preparing to shake up government outsourcing so that it focuses more on taxpayer value-for-money and less on supposedly ethical principles. The minister for government efficiency wants to reduce the weighting given to “social value” when contracts are... Read more

Boris Johnson frustrated with Rishi Sunak over ‘resistance’ to new nuclear power plants

Government sources believe it is increasingly likely that Mr Sunak will need to raise the threshold at which National Insurance Contributions (NICs) are paid in order to counter some of the effects of the NICs increase due to take effect... Read more

Labour trying to ‘open floodgates’ for Russian political donations, claims Boris Johnson

Responding on Mr Johnson’s behalf on Friday, Lord True insisted that the legislation “closes loopholes on foreign spending – making it harder for shadowy third parties to spend money campaigning at UK elections.” In the letter, seen by The Telegraph,... Read more

Sharron Davies warns of legal action as Lia Thomas participation controversy continues

Davies said: “FINA are about to bring out some very promising new rules and the World Swimming Coaches Association are also highlighting that they want fairness for biological females. “So, hopefully we won’t need to go to the courts. But,... Read more

Russian economy set for biggest hit since Cold War

Prices rose by more than 4pc in the first two weeks of March alone, putting the pariah state on track for an annual inflation rate of 30pc by early 2023, according to the CEBR’s calculations for the Ukrainian government. Meanwhile,... Read more

P&O’s Dubai owners join Fred Goodwin and Philip Green in the business hall of shame

Though of course the Sheikh’s reputation had already been severely damaged by revelations in the High Court that he orchestrated the abductions of two of his children – including one off the streets of Cambridge – and subjected his youngest... Read more

‘Safe haven’ funds are actually losing you money – here’s how to fix it

Mr Smith advised investors concerned about the impact of inflation on their money to turn to property and infrastructure trusts. “The funds in these sectors generate income from long-term leases that are linked to inflation,” he said. Mr Smith highlighted... Read more

In search of Italy’s dolce vita – and its very generous tax breaks

Some people move to Italy in search of “la dolce vita”, like Phil and Anne Adams. The couple, from Milton Keynes, moved to the Abruzzo region in central Italy in 2018. She volunteers at the local school in the hilltop... Read more

Covid can no longer be an excuse for shoddy customer service

Mr James said there had been a “huge shift” over the past two years towards automation, which had harmed customer service across the board. “There are thousands of complaints every week mentioning chatbots, ineffective live chat functions and online forms... Read more

Britain’s luckiest Premium Bond winner scoops £1m with just £17 in account

The second-smallest Premium Bonds holding ever to win the top £1m prize was £400, with savers with this amount winning the jackpot on two occasions, one in October 2008 and the other in January 2015. Just 12 people holding £1,000... Read more

Why a 5pc fall in house prices won’t make it cheaper to buy

The average buyer would have to pay an extra £1,020 a year even if house prices dropped by 5pc with Bank Rate at 2pc, Hamptons found. In London, the increase would be £1,908. First-time buyers, who purchase cheaper properties but... Read more

Now you can hire a Norland Nanny – for £17.50 an hour

According to Dr Janet Rose, Principal of Norland, which has been training super nannies for the world’s smartest families for 130 years, there is currently a ratio of one Norlander for every 10 families searching. “Families will pay well over... Read more

Four brilliant rhubarb recipes that aren’t just pudding

There’s a jug of rhubarb cordial in my fridge. Unlike the Schiaparelli-pink wands from which it was made, the drink, once diluted, becomes a soft pinky-grey, the kind of colour interior designers might declare ‘on trend’ some time soon.  The... Read more

Why this beige powder could solve the world’s food problems

Then there’s Covid. According to industry analyst Michael Dent, ‘Since the pandemic people are aware of the fact that [disease] is obviously coming from animal agriculture… things like bird flu and SARS. There have been so many incidents with these... Read more

Get fit at 70 – the best exercises to stay healthy in later life

One recent study, published in the journal Heart, said people in their 70s who did 20 to 40 minutes’ moderate to vigorous exercise a day had significantly lower rates of heart disease than those who were inactive. Meanwhile another recent... Read more

What grief really does to your brain – and how it changes it forever

When we meet “the One,” there truly is chemistry. “The neurochemistry in our brain and our body stimulates, and is stimulated by, falling in love,” notes O’Connor. And when our beloved dies, “all our neurochemistry – all the dopamine, the... Read more

Why I’m open to dating a man over 60

If you have ever been near a dating app, one thing you’ll know is you have to “chat” to at least eight people at the same time before there’s even a sniff of a date on the horizon. Yes, it’s... Read more

The world is finally waking up to the lunacy of the US Democratic Party’s leaders

It is pleasant to see the rest of the world slowly waking up to one of my keenest hobbies. Which is noting the sheer weirdness of much of the American political class – and specifically the leading Democrat Nancy Pelosi.... Read more

This war is a shameful episode in German history

It was fortunate for Olaf Scholz that he could hide behind his face mask when Volodymyr Zelensky addressed German parliamentarians on Thursday. The Ukrainian President gave one of the most powerful speeches ever heard in the building’s 128-year-history — but... Read more

Tony Sewell deserves praise, not censure

Dr Tony Sewell, chair of the Commission on Race and Ethnic Disparities (CRED) runs an organisation called “Generating Genius”. I have always found the word “generating” in this context to be pertinent and powerful. It suggests that genius is not... Read more

Identity politics is eroding the values which set the West apart from Putin

On 29 September 1941, a 30-year-old woman called Dina Pronicheva turned up, as instructed, at a street corner in western Kyiv. The city had fallen to the Wehrmacht, and its Jewish inhabitants were told to assemble, with their valuables and... Read more

These ‘low-tax’ Tories are fooling no one but themselves

Are they lying to us, or to themselves? This is the question I find myself idly pondering, every time a senior member of the Government proclaims to the media that he or she believes passionately in low taxes. They’ve been... Read more

Set out a plan for a more competitive Britain

The Spring Statement is usually a rather smaller affair than the Budget, an opportunity for the Chancellor to present the latest economic and fiscal forecasts to the House of Commons and announce consultations on proposed policy changes. After his big-spending... Read more