Surprise us, Sunak

We ask this more in hope than expectation, but will the Chancellor use his spring financial statement tomorrow to reverse the planned rise in National Insurance contributions? Mr Sunak intimated at the weekend that it was too late to change... Read more

Britain has the right balance on Covid-19

Were it not for the crisis precipitated by Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, it is likely that the surge in coronavirus cases would be dominating political debate. It is estimated that some three million people in the UK are currently infected... Read more

Then Barbara Met Alan, review: a joyously defiant story of how disabled people rejected pity

There was a scrappy, unconventional quality to Then Barbara Met Alan (BBC Two), Jack Thorne and Genevieve Barr’s true story of the disability rights activists Barbara Lisicki and Alan Holdsworth. At first, this seemed to work against it, not helped... Read more

Daughter of Russian banker ‘linked to Russia’s FSB’ is working with the Conservatives

The Conservative Foreign and Commonwealth Council, headed by Sir John Major and with patrons including Jeremy Hunt and William Hague, did not respond to questions about vetting of Dr Bogdan. According to her LinkedIn profile, she had worked as an... Read more

Sir David Amess murder suspect plotted to assassinate Michael Gove while out jogging, court told

In the weeks leading up to the attack on Sir David, the defendant also carried out internet research into a number of other leading politicians, including Ben Wallace, the Defence Secretary, Dominic Raab, the Deputy Prime Minister, Sir Keir Starmer,... Read more

Skip to the good bits and don’t mention our ‘failures’, SNP and Greens tell speechwriters

The 126 pages of guidance covered each minister’s preferences for their meetings, engagements, speeches, letters and briefings. The detailed list of demands included the font and size of type they wanted for their speeches, whether they wanted a lectern or... Read more

Watch: Russia releases hoax video of Ben Wallace ‘discussing Ukraine’s nuclear ambitions’

His tweet carried a picture of the two Russian intelligence officers, Anatoliy Chepiga and Alexander Mishkin, who unsuccessfully attempted to poison Sergei Skripal, a former KGB spy and defector, in a clumsy and bungled operation. The video was published under... Read more

Taxes or borrowing may have to rise again unless ministers use Brexit to turbocharge growth, CBI chief warns

“We’ve got public transportation systems that are nigh on uneconomic. We’ve got catch up education to do. We’ve got health paid for, but not, let’s be honest yet social care. “The pressures on public spending are inexorable. I’m not sure... Read more

Tory rebels ‘on side of criminals’ if they vote against immigration Bill, say Priti Patel allies

“By blocking the passage of the Nationality and Borders Bill in full, detractors of the Bill are taking the side of criminals in the fight against the vile people-trafficking trade,” one told The Telegraph. “The British people are fair and... Read more

Defer National Insurance rise, ministers urge Rishi Sunak ahead of spring statement

Sir John Redwood said the fiscal headroom meant the Government could “cancel the NI rise, cancel VAT on domestic fuel, cancel VAT on green products and give a bit back on fuel duty”. He added: “That headroom doesn’t include the... Read more

The woke wars have sapped the West of its ability to fight true evil

As a new battle of civilisations rages in Ukraine, the culture war continues to rip the West apart. One might have hoped that Vladimir Putin’s neo-fascism would have put the West’s descent into pointless arguments over “woke” trivialities into perspective.... Read more

Ukrainians chase away Russian soldiers at anti-war protests – but others are given heavy beatings

Ukrainian protesters have chased away Russian soldiers who attempted to make mass arrests during an anti-war demonstration in the Zaporizhzhia region. Demonstrations against Vladimir Putin’s occupation have taken place across the country.  In the occupied city of Enerhodar, home to... Read more

Volodomyr Zelensky compares Russian invasion of Ukraine to Hitler’s ‘final solution’

“We cannot rewrite the history of the Holocaust, a genocide that was also committed on Ukrainian soil. “This war is terrible, but comparing it to the horrors of the Holocaust and the Final Solution is outrageous,” Mr Hendel said, while... Read more

Vladimir Putin accused of mass abductions of Ukrainian citizens

It came as Boris Johnson spoke on Sunday night with Volodymyr Zelensky, the Ukrainian president, to ask for “an assessment of Ukraine’s military requirements” in advance of his meetings with G7 and Nato leaders this week. Ten million people —... Read more

Is Bitcoin a good investment in 2022?

Despite war in Ukraine, rising interest rates and the soaring price of oil, major cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin have remained relatively stable this year. Bitcoin, the biggest cryptocurrency, is currently worth £31,000 ($41,000) a coin and has been steady since... Read more

For sale: Julie Andrews’ £16.5m Wimbledon mansion

In her acceptance speech at the latter, Andrews took pleasure in taking cool revenge. She said: “And, finally, my thanks to a man who made a wonderful movie and who made all this possible in the first place, Mr Jack... Read more

Plan to soften National Insurance increase only saves £183 a year

Chancellor Rishi Sunak’s plan to dampen the National Insurance tax rise would only save middle income earners £183 a year versus current rules and still leave households hundreds of pounds worse off. The Government is considering plans to soften the... Read more

Stocks to buy before the Spring Statement

There is one word on the tip of all investors’ tongues: inflation.  Consumer costs peaked at a 30-year high of 5.5pc in January and the Bank of England has raised interest rates in a bid to stop them from spiralling... Read more

Fisherman takes 32ft boat to petrol station in protest against rising fuel costs

“If we take VAT and fuel duty off white diesel it comes to about 80p to 95p a litre,” Mr Attenborough said. “If you do the same for red diesel it comes to about £1.20 a litre. Where does that... Read more

‘I was jailed for being a paedophile and then Premier Inn denied me £107 refund’

Has a company treated you unfairly? Our Consumer Champion is available to help. For how to contact her click here.   Dear Katie, In 2019 I booked to stay at a Premier Inn for six nights, paying in full on arrival. I was... Read more

House prices hit new record as buyers rush to beat the banks

Sellers are taking advantage of an extreme shortage of homes up for sale, as well as buyers rushing to purchase before rising interest rates bring an end to the era of cheap debt. The Bank of England last week made... Read more

Elderly people’s personal alarms rendered useless by BT digital phone rollout

It comes after BT admitted some customers in isolated areas could be left unable to dial 999 in an emergency during a sustained blackout on its internet-powered phones, after customers were cut off during Storm Eunice.  Some 1.5 million BT... Read more

Why E10 petrol costs you more at the pumps

When What Car? magazine conducted a series of tests of E10 bioethanol fuel against pure petrol, it found a reduction in fuel economy ranging from six to 11.5 per cent, with larger-engined cars suffering the least. Because of the increased... Read more

Why a luxury Italian label became Putin’s go-to brand

At a particular level of society, there are certain brands that become a go-to. Until now, Loro Piana has been the ultimate “stealth wealth” operator. Its fabrications are exceptional, but its aesthetic is discreet – there’s no obvious branding, no... Read more

Inside the private clinic that could Americanise our health system

Tom Mihaljevic laughs. “No, we do not charge extra for rooms with a view.” He’s laughing because that view is of Buckingham Palace, and Mihaljevic is the chief executive of the Cleveland Clinic, one of America’s biggest healthcare providers, which... Read more