Joe Biden has yet to show true leadership

Past visits of US presidents to Europe have been defined by East-West tensions. In 1963, John F Kennedy travelled to West Berlin and declared himself a citizen of a city physically divided by the recently completed wall. “All free men,... Read more

A provocative red sock is waggled, and the border Bill mutineers try a push-back of their own

Here’s a paradox: Britain is a great country, say MPs, because it opens its doors (David Davis), but a mean one because Tory toffs don’t want to let anyone in (Tim Farron). If you back the Nationality and Borders Bill,... Read more

Craven politicians are too scared to confront the true cost of electric cars

Almost from the moment that the first automobile took to the roads led by a pedestrian waving a red flag, the motorist has been clobbered by the chancellor of the exchequer. The first to seize the opportunity to raise money... Read more

The power (and pitfalls) of nationalism in music

Living as I do in the boundary-less world of the middle-class “brain worker”, much of it spent online, I am as likely as anyone to forget the power of nationalism, and also to downplay its importance in culture. It takes... Read more

Climate change on the back burner as Liz Truss wants aid spent on women and girls

“It could mean in practice that the Foreign Office focuses on political stuff and away from some of the areas we have been known for, such as health and climate stuff,” the source said. A source close to the Foreign... Read more

Triple whammy of tax rises set to cost every adult £1,000 a year extra

Tax rises will cost people an extra £1,000 a year, an analysis has shown, as Rishi Sunak pledges extra help in Wednesday’s Spring Statement for hard-pressed families. In a fresh cost of living blow, an analysis by the Institute for... Read more

Let civil servants work around the school run, says union

Steve Barclay, the Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster, wrote to the permanent secretary of every department at the end of January saying that government departments should “lead the way” in getting people back to the office. On Tuesday, the... Read more

An entire London suburb could be ‘cancelled’ as council decolonisers close in

The culture wars have seen statues removed and reputations “cancelled” – now entire areas are in the line of fire for their supposed historic connections. The south London district of Tulse Hill, home to sprawling council estates, a popular park... Read more

Emmanuel Macron calls for calm after Corsican separatist dies following prison attack

Emmanuel Macron on Tuesday appealed for calm in Corsica after the death in prison of Yvan Colonna, a nationalist who was strangled by an inmate on mainland France sparking violent riots on the restive Mediterranean island. The riots turned the... Read more

Millions more placed in lockdown to curb China’s largest Covid outbreak yet

Elsewhere in China, tens of millions of people are under different forms of lockdown. The city of Tangshan east of Beijing banned traffic for 24 hours on Sunday in hopes of slowing the virus’ spread and will test all its... Read more

Sunak must not repeat the mistakes of the 1970s

The UK sells and buys its fossil fuels on the world market. It is, therefore, subject to the same marginal prices as all other market participants.  The UK, unlike Opec, the US or Russia, simply does not have the productive... Read more

PM faces Cabinet split as push for onshore wind farms gathers momentum

Boris Johnson faces a Cabinet split over an attempt to tear up planning rules that prohibit new onshore wind farms as he seeks to wean Britain off expensive oil and gas. Ministers are considering reversing a change implemented by David... Read more

Boris Johnson’s WhatsApp messages from ‘partygate’ are ‘no longer available’

The update issued by Sue Gray’s team of investigators revealed that they examined emails, WhatsApp messages and text messages to establish “extensive substantive factual information”. In January, it emerged Mr Johnson blamed “security issues” for not sharing relevant WhatsApp messages... Read more

Up-and-coming funds to add to your Isa

Some of Britain’s best-known fund managers are wobbling. Terry Smith and Nick Train have failed to beat their peers in the past two years, and Tom Slater, who manages the Scottish Mortgage investment trust, has lost investors 13pc in the... Read more

Use this pension trick to net £42k and swerve Rishi Sunak’s National Insurance tax raid

Workers reluctant to pay the taxman hundreds of pounds in extra National Insurance contributions next month can swerve the tax with a little-known pension savings trick.  Pensions are well known for being tax efficient and making full use of them... Read more

Desperate tenants losing thousands to rental scams

Thousands of hopeful tenants have been scammed out of deposits for non-existent rental properties by fraudsters exploiting the red-hot housing market.  More than 5,000 people were victims of rental fraud between November 2020 and December 2021, according to national police... Read more

Questor: this investment company is back to trading at a big discount so we’ll hold on

All three already have valuations in the hundreds of millions of dollars and IP Group owns stakes in them of 19.5pc, 56.4pc and 28.4pc respectively, with a book value of £194m or 18p per share. Meanwhile the discount to book... Read more

Record childcare prices force parents to leave their jobs

The rising cost of childcare has isolated children and pushed parents out of work amid the worst cost of living crisis in a generation, campaigners have warned.  Nursery prices have hit an all-time high and a shortage of places has... Read more

Higher-rate taxpayers are throwing away valuable pension benefits

Dear Kate, I have just become a higher-rate taxpayer for the first time and wanted to know how this will affect my employer/employee pension contributions? Will I need to do anything to obtain the additional 20pc tax relief?  Neil Hibberd,... Read more

Landlords face £4,000 tax bill for offering homes to Ukrainian refugees

Landlords who want to offer homes to Ukrainian refugees will be hit by tax bills worth thousands of pounds because the tax office has failed to update its rules to support the Government’s flagship resettlement scheme. A policy designed to... Read more

Pensioners to receive £733 boost after promise to reinstate ‘triple lock’

This comes as a further blow for pensioners who are among the most vulnerable to rising energy prices and have little protection as the cost of living crisis bites. Inflation is forecast to hit 7.6pc in September, according to Goldman... Read more

Five ways Rishi Sunak could save Britain from high tax hell

It seems extraordinary that just one year ago the Budget forecast inflation of 1.8pc for 2022. Fast forward to today, with Britain in the midst of a cost of living crisis, and the Bank of England is now predicting an... Read more

‘When you help someone else your own problems don’t seem so bad’

Steve Barnabis was 11 years old when he visited his grandmother in Jamaica and accompanied her as she performed her charity work. They stayed and helped at an orphanage, which had been badly damaged by a hurricane. Barnabis experienced what... Read more

Easy ways to slash your energy bills, room by room

We had a power cut last week, in the throes of which I tried to persuade my panicking nine-year-old son that people used to live very happily without electricity. He wasn’t convinced and I’m ashamed to say that one candlelit... Read more

Why the brilliant British fish and chip shop is under threat

Sunflower oil and wheat are two other global commodities impacted by the war. Spiralling fertiliser costs, much of which comes from Russia and Belarus, means fewer potatoes could be planted this year, pushing up the price of chips.  One owner... Read more