Commentator-in-Chief Joe Biden is a threat to the West

Never fear, Europe, Joe Biden’s here. The president’s visit this week was designed to show the world that, when it comes to the war in Ukraine, he is on the front foot. He met refugees in Poland and gave away... Read more

War in Ukraine is entering a new phase

If Vladimir Putin’s original objective in launching his invasion of Ukraine was the capitulation of the government in Kyiv, he has been left humiliated. Not only have Ukrainian forces mustered levels of resistance that have surprised even their allies in... Read more

The war in Ukraine reminds us that the free world’s values are still worth dying for

They were some of the most horrifying pictures ever to grace the front pages: pregnant women, shell-shocked and bloodied, being helped through the rubble of a bombed hospital. One of them died not long after losing her unborn baby. The... Read more

The Rustat hearing at Cambridge should be a turning point in the war against woke

Without intending any disrespect, I think one can say that a judgment in the Consistory Court of the Diocese of Ely would not normally affect our public life. The Church of England is “by law established”, so ecclesiastical law is... Read more

Britain’s overlooked Bob Dylan, plus this week’s albums

Placebo, Never Let Me Go, ★★★★☆ Absence makes the heart grow louder, or so it seems on Never Let Me Go, Placebo’s first new album in almost a decade. Filled with foreboding about the future, damaged and twisted by everything... Read more

Why I’m pleased they’ve taken the sex out of Bridgerton

I thought of Weir’s words when I heard Bridgerton had been sexed-down: meaning there are only three minutes of sex across all episodes, compared to almost 20 minutes of bedroom antics in the first eight. It’s fair to say series... Read more

Tell Vladimir Putin to pull troops out of Ukraine, Boris Johnson urges Chinese president

Boris Johnson told Xi Jinping, the Chinese president, to urge Vladimir Putin to pull out of Ukraine during a “frank and candid” 50-minute call on Friday. Mr Johnson is understood to have set out the UK’s position on Ukraine during... Read more

Sir David Amess suspected Brass Eye-style prank before fatal knife attack, court hears

Sir David Amess feared that he may have fallen victim to another Brass Eye-style prank as he asked a terrorist if he was “from the Labour Party”, a court heard. Ali Harbi Ali stabbed the veteran Conservative MP 21 times... Read more

Grammar schools to be protected in shake-up of education system

Grammar schools are to be protected in a new White Paper, The Telegraph has learned, as MPs call for selective school pilots in Red Wall seats. It came after the Government announced that several areas in the north of England... Read more

Marine Le Pen gains on Emmanuel Macron as French presidential race tightens in final stages

Macron’s presidential campaign is quiet “Macron is complacent,” charged Philippe Marlière, Professor of French and European politics at University College London. “He hasn’t been seen much on the campaign trail. There are reasons for that – he’s the incumbent president,... Read more

Ireland’s foreign minister whisked off stage during Belfast speech after ‘suspect device’ found

Tim Attwood, the secretary of the Hume Foundation, told Reuters: “There is a security alert and the PSNI [Police Service of Northern Ireland] are currently assessing the situation. Everyone has had to evacuate the centre.” The PSNI said: “Police are... Read more

Watch: Kim Jong-un stars in bizarre slow-mo video of North Korea’s ‘largest intercontinental ballistic missile’ launch

North Korea has launched its “largest intercontinental ballistic missile test ever” and released a bizarre slow-motion video to show it featuring Kim Jong-un clad in a black bomber jacket and sunglasses. Footage aired on state television showed the leader with... Read more

Cochrane’s Scotland: The SNP must stop blaming Boris and start putting policy over presentation

Not having been very often on the same side of many arguments with Gordon Brown, I was happy to agree with his recent pronouncements about the likely result if there was ever to be another referendum on Scottish independence. The... Read more

Germany can afford to ban Russian gas completely, so why hasn’t it?

Right now, the country’s leaders insist that is simply unaffordable. The Chancellor Olaf Scholz pleads that it would cost too many jobs, while the finance minister Robert Habeck has warned of social unrest.  Seriously? Germany would grind to a halt... Read more

Disgraced SNP ex-minister could be forced to return to Holyrood over ferries fiasco

Ms Sturgeon is known for tightly controlling her ministers and The Telegraph understands that she, or John Swinney, the  then finance secretary, would usually sign off on all major decisions at the time. ‘Absolutely laughable’ for Sturgeon to deny blame... Read more

Boris Johnson’s council in row after charging to take in Syrian but not Ukrainian refugees

Boris Johnson’s local council has charged householders for offering their homes to Syrian refugees but not Ukrainians in a move that has sparked complaints of discrimination. Hillingdon Council told a householder she would lose her single person’s discount – worth... Read more

Britain pays Belgium £10m to help stem tide of Channel migrants

Phil Douglas, the Border Force director general, told The Telegraph: “Our work with operational counterparts in neighbouring countries is crucial to helping prevent Channel crossings and the organised criminality that comes with it.” Referring to the £10 million for Belgium,... Read more

Head of civil service given ‘partygate’ questionnaire by police

The investigation was taken over by Sue Gray, a former head of propriety and ethics at the Cabinet Office and a senior civil servant in the Levelling Up department. She handed her finding to the Met, which launched a criminal... Read more

Dominic Raab takes back powers to stop high-risk criminals leaving jail

He is demanding a more “precautionary approach” to prevent the release of offenders such as Pitchfork, who was recalled to jail for “concerning” behaviour, including approaching young girls in the street. Mr Raab’s review of the Parole Board is expected... Read more

First MP to take in Ukrainian refugee says she wants to give her ‘the skills to rebuild Kyiv’

Vika said she felt so grateful to any British families taking in Ukrainians fleeing the conflict. “English people are so kind because they’re trying to think how we are feeling,” she said. “They’re trying to think how it feels when... Read more

Boris Johnson plan to guarantee cheaper energy bills ‘was blocked by Rishi Sunak’

Ofgem reviews the price cap on energy bills in August ahead of its introduction on Oct 1, before the expected date of the next Budget. The claims were denied by Number 10 and the Treasury on Friday night, with an... Read more

Questor: Boohoo has problems but they can be fixed – so we’ll stick with it for now

This is a long-standing trend that shows little sign of slowing; in fact it is likely to have been accelerated by the pandemic. The company has also increased the size of its total addressable market through acquisitions over recent years.... Read more

‘Energy bills will crush my tenants – and then no rent will be paid’

The drop in incomes will hit just as tenants see energy bills rise by 120pc this year to reach an expected average of £2,800 by October, in the wake of the energy price crisis and the war in Ukraine. Jamie Moodie,... Read more

‘Stagflation is a real threat – but we know how to beat it’

How does the fund invest?  First, we look for companies with strong intellectual property. Then they must demonstrate high returns on invested capital, which demonstrates how effectively they invest and grow their business. Finally, we look at valuation as we... Read more

Banks sneak in higher charges for mortgages

The lowest mortgage rates have doubled in the past six months and borrowers are now paying £840 a year more for the average loan than they did in October last year, according to analysis by broker L&C Mortgages. Experts have... Read more