France plans Mariupol evacuation as Russia accused of abducting 15,000 people

French forces could be dispatched to Ukraine as Emmanuel Macron plans an evacuation mission to save up to 100,000 Ukrainians from the besieged port city of Mariupol. The French president is expected to talk to Vladimir Putin to convince the... Read more

Shipment of fake guns to the Solomon Islands rattles locals amid ‘climate of insecurity’

The ambiguous wording of the draft security agreement has raised the question of whether further turmoil could give China the pretext to intensify its operations in the Solomons. ‘Unease and insecurity’ Matthew Wale, the leader of the opposition party in... Read more

Workers of the world, unite: Delia Smith cooks up her manifesto for a new world order

Smith has argued for a change in You Matter, but told fans in Oxford that she herself is not a “prophet” and “can’t start a political movement”. She did however express the hope that “younger people will start a movement”... Read more

Liz Truss: We’ve had our differences with the EU, but now we must stick together against Vladimir Putin

She is Foreign Secretary at the time of a war in Europe, Iran on the verge of developing nuclear weapons and the UK charting its own course after 47 years of EU membership. It is, perhaps, therefore not unreasonable that... Read more

Boris Johnson urged to trigger Article 16 as expert warns Irish nationalists set to win Stormont election

If Sinn Fein win the poll, Mr Johnson would face attempting to secure changes to the protocol that are opposed by Northern Ireland’s first minister.  Paul Givan, who was DUP first minister until his resignation last month, strongly supported the... Read more

Stand up to threats, Margaret Beckett tells aspiring MPs as she announces retirement

Britain’s first female foreign secretary has announced her intention to retire from the House of Commons at the next general election, as she said threats against MPs “wouldn’t put her off”. Dame Margaret Beckett said that despite the threats faced... Read more

Kwasi Kwarteng’s push for wind farms ‘could make Britain more reliant on gas’

Dr John Constable, Net Zero Watch’s director of energy and a co-author of the paper, said: “In boosting onshore wind, Mr Kwarteng is either desperate and mistaken or indulging in cynical gesture politics to cover up what he knows he... Read more

‘Crippling’ sanctions could be lifted if Russia withdraws from Ukraine, says Liz Truss

Britain could lift sanctions crippling Russia if Vladimir Putin withdraws from Ukraine and commits to “no further aggression”, Liz Truss has said. In an interview with The Telegraph, the Foreign Secretary set out a blueprint for the so-called “off ramp”... Read more

‘How I escaped a £50,000 repair bill on my buy-to-lets’

Mike Fox, 60, is a small-scale landlord who will just miss the cut-off because he owns five properties in total, although he will now be protected from costs on his main residence. He warned that safety works on blocks of... Read more

‘My BT landline is being torn out – now I’m spending hundreds to ensure my phone works’

The telecoms giant has admitted that some personal health alarms and burglar alarms – which use landlines to dial the emergency services in case of a fall or home break-in – will cease to function once copper lines are switched... Read more

Burglar alarms to stop working as BT tears out copper landlines

As revealed in today’s Telegraph Money, some BT customers have resorted to spending hundreds to install back-up generators. One ADT customer said they had been quoted £500 to upgrade their analogue alarm. Former burglar Michael Fraser, who is now a... Read more

How Middle England can protect itself from Rishi Sunak’s tax raid

Liberal Democrat leader Sir Ed Davey said Mr Sunak should now be known as “the swindler Chancellor”. He accused him of “giving a little and taking a lot from families across the country”. However, there are ways to shield yourself... Read more

Ask the expert: ‘Which electric car should I buy for an occasional cross-country trip?’

Alex Robbins is contributing editor at Telegraph Cars where, as well as responding to readers’ queries, he also contributes reviews of new and used cars, together with articles on buying and selling.  His knowledge of the used car market informs... Read more

‘My son told me I was a nag on Mother’s Day – it really hurt’

How that gratitude is shown can be open to interpretation – and perhaps mothers can sometimes expect their offspring (and, by extension, their partner) to know, instinctively, how they wish to spend the day. At one stage, with three children... Read more

Would you pay £52 for a ‘slow-grown’ chicken?

Labour shortages have also had a catastrophic impact on the poultry industry. One farmer, Rod Adlington, told the BBC in October he’d had to raise the price of his chickens by eight per cent as a result of staff shortages... Read more

How to eat cake and lose weight – yes, really

The hacks are not a diet. You don’t change what you eat, only how. “Keto and low-carb diets rely on the same concept – they flatten glucose and insulin spikes – but with my hacks, you don’t have to cut... Read more

Why the spark died when he asked to split the bill

This is awkward, so I’ll get straight to the point. When it comes to paying the bill on a date, I don’t need a man to pay for dinner nor do I need him to buy the drinks. But there... Read more

Why I’m terrified to get behind the wheel in France – where tailgating is a national sport

I come from a line of terrible drivers. When I was small, my mother wrote a weekly column in our local paper, The Northern Echo. It embraced anything she was thinking about that week, from the Russians sending a dog into... Read more

The Cambridges’ tour hasn’t quite gone to plan

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have been described as coming across as “too try hard” on their tour of the Caribbean this week, “like awkward guests at a party.” I wouldn’t quite go that far. With her slicked back... Read more

Will the Conservatives be blamed for Britain’s coming immiseration?

The question now is who gets the blame. Britain is about to become much poorer. Almost all of us will find that we can no longer afford things. A country can’t pay people to stay away from work for the... Read more

The Left used to champion women – now they appear to have abandoned them

One of the hallmarks of contemporary Leftist thinking is what the poncy (hands up) call “defamiliarisation”: taking something that is instinctively obvious and flipping it. Winston Churchill a hero? Wrong: he’s a racist. 9/11 was a hideous and uncalled for... Read more

Why we should teach our children to speak proper English… just like the Geordies

To traditionalists, it may sound bizarre. In the world of education, however, the following question is causing debate to rage. Is it snobbish to expect our children to speak “proper” English? In one camp, as we reported this week, there... Read more

The UN’s hostility to Israel is holding back peace

Israel is that rare thing in the Middle East: a liberal democracy. It is a close ally of the West, it has a vibrant and innovative economy, and all Israeli citizens enjoy equal rights under the law. At present, an... Read more

Will Britain ever be rid of Brexit Derangement Syndrome?

This is why you don’t want to be prime minister, even if the job does come with a nice car. Boris goes to a Nato summit. He shakes lots of hands. He takes a breather to pose for a photo... Read more

The death of the peace dividend will turn the West upside down

Who remembers the “peace dividend”? If you are under 40 you may have to ask your parents what that term meant. But in its day, it stood for a glorious new age in which the huge costs of the armaments... Read more