Biden’s loose talk is becoming dangerous

Joe Biden’s visit to Europe at a time of acute crisis for the Continent should have been a reassuring event. Here was the leader of what is still the world’s only true superpower reaffirming America’s commitment to Nato and to the defence of... Read more

Oscars winners 2022: full list of results and nominees

Best Production Design Dune: Production Design: Patrice Vermette; Set Decoration: Zsuzsanna Sipos Nightmare Alley: Production Design: Tamara Deverell; Set Decoration: Shane Vieau The Power of the Dog: Production Design: Grant Major; Set Decoration: Amber Richards The Tragedy of Macbeth: Production... Read more

Channel 4’s Traitor King documentary felt like a nail in the coffin of Edward VIII’s legacy

Andrew Lownie, historian and author, suggested that the Duke supported a German plan to put him back on the throne as head of a puppet state, although the evidence for this was sketchy. Lownie was the main driver of this... Read more

Peaky Blinders has finally achieved the impossible – it’s become boring

Peaky Blinders has, by contrast, shuddered more or less to a standstill. This week’s instalment started explosively enough, as Tommy tossed into a Birmingham canal the ticking bomb he used to threaten the tea-shop owners supplying Arthur (Paul Anderson) with... Read more

A ‘bloody shambles’: The Falklands War seen through the eyes of its soldiers and leaders

‘After 40 years, it’s time the full story was told,” said General Sir Mike Rose at the beginning of Falklands War: The Untold Story (Channel 4). This was, as we might have expected, a tale of immense bravery and ultimate... Read more

Russia’s war risks plunging us into recession

The UK is in a different position. Last week the Office for Budget Responsibility (OBR) downgraded its forecast for growth this year from 6pc to 3.8pc. But the size of this revision is not a reflection of an enormous effect... Read more

Joe Biden’s gaffe is ‘a gift’ to an isolated and increasingly erratic Vladimir Putin

Any actions or language deemed escalatory, such that Putin believes his rule could be at risk, should therefore be handled extremely carefully. In February, he said in a televised statement: “No matter who tries to stand in our way or... Read more

Globalisation has run its sorry course. We must find a new model

“You might as well debate whether autumn should follow summer,” Tony Blair once said, as debate the nature or desirability of globalisation. Blair was, as so often, intellectually clear, politically provocative, and entirely incorrect. For globalisation – the treaties, processes... Read more

Eric Zemmour pleads for Muslim vote as he slumps in polls

Eric Zemmour, the far-right French presidential candidate whose campaign has been dogged by accusations of Islamophobia has called on Muslims to vote for him as he slumped in the polls. During a campaign rally he told Muslims they must adapt... Read more

Education Secretary urges teachers to submit proposals to Covid inquiry after defending Gavin Williamson’s knighthood

He admitted his stance “isn’t universally popular”. In the same interview, he said the closure of schools was a “mistake”. Pointing to both learning losses and the “mental strain on young people, the anxiety”, he told Sophy Ridge: “I will... Read more

Sadiq Khan’s ‘shambolic’ handling of Cressida Dick’s resignation to be investigated

Sir Steven House, the deputy commissioner of the Met, has complained that “due process” was not followed. A Whitehall source said: “No matter what you think of [Dame] Cressida, Sadiq failed to act with an ounce of professionalism in her... Read more

Electricity could be free for families living near new nuclear plants

Asked if free energy bills were an option, a source said: “Yes, but long term. We’re looking at how communities can benefit from new infrastructure.” This could also include academies, leisure facilities and roads. It came as it emerged that... Read more

‘Rejecting a CV over a typo is out of date’: Matt Hancock’s mission to raise dyslexia awareness

The former culture secretary made it to Oxford, where he studied politics, philosophy and economics before he found out about his condition. “I always knew there was a problem because I found reading difficult. The letters would jumble around, and... Read more

Backlash against Joe Biden over Vladimir Putin ‘cannot remain in power’ comment

It is seen as the latest in a series of potentially dangerous missteps in recent weeks. A month before the war, the 79-year-old president suggested Russia would face minimal consequences if it restrained itself to a “minor incursion”. Mr Biden... Read more

A hidden crisis is hitting the property market

Aneisha Beveridge of Hamptons said: “Mainly I think it’s a demand-side factor due to the cost of living crisis.” The contrast with the pricier end of the market is huge. Sales of £1m homes in February rose by 40pc year-on-year, despite... Read more

Questor: Informa is priced for a future that is not guaranteed. Let’s sell up and move on

However, it could be argued that reducing its debts would be a more appropriate use of any money raised from asset disposals. Informa’s net debt may have fallen by 29pc last year so that it has a modest gearing ratio... Read more

Midlifers own 80pc of housing wealth in the South West

Lawrence Bowles, of Savills, said: “Particularly over the last decade, falling interest rates have let older households continue to upsize, while tighter mortgage regulation pushed the first rung of the housing ladder out of reach for many younger households unable... Read more

Steph McGovern: ‘My best financial decision? Leaving the BBC’

Property aside, what’s the most expensive purchase you’ve ever made? I had a dream when I was a kid that one day I’d go back to my school in a sports car and talk to the kids about ambitions and... Read more

Sunak’s heat pump tax cut is hot air, warn experts

Energy savings made by heat pumps will not outweigh their upfront costs even after the Chancellor’s VAT cut, analysis has found. For the next five years, energy-efficient equipment such as solar panels, insulation and heat pumps will attract zero VAT... Read more

Post-Brexit £20,000 tax windfall if you own a second home in France

British taxpayers who own property in France have been given the greenlight to claim back thousands of pounds in overpaid duties, in a post-Brexit windfall for second home owners. The French tax authority said it will reverse post-Brexit tax rises... Read more

Savings rates rise – but only if you lock your cash away

Now, savers must navigate a swathe of restrictions in accounts’ terms and conditions. Just 40pc of the top 50 accounts come without some form of restriction, according to research by Investec, a bank, and MoneyComms, an analyst. These conditions can... Read more

Ask the expert: ‘Should I buy my next car outright or take out finance?’

Alex Robbins is contributing editor at Telegraph Cars where, as well as responding to readers’ queries, he also contributes reviews of new and used cars, together with articles on buying and selling.  His knowledge of the used car market informs... Read more

I turned my bargain bungalow into a stylish dream home

The humble bungalow is having something of a moment. The draw of a relatively affordable detached property, often surrounded by greenery, has come to the fore over the past couple of years – not to mention the benefits of lateral... Read more

Private schools find this war uncomfortable, but they have only themselves to blame

Astonishingly, earlier this month, the Independent Schools Council had to advise its members – the likes of Eton, St Paul’s and Thomas’s, attended by the small Cambridges – not to take cash from sanctioned individuals. Schools responded by saying they... Read more

The West cannot afford to be complacent about the Iranian threat

As Iranian and Western negotiators reportedly edge closer to agreement on Iran’s nuclear future, many commentators will be asking themselves a similar question. Will a new deal endure and provide stability for the Middle East and the world? As always,... Read more