Keep up the supply of weapons to Kyiv

In wars, the names of towns and cities associated with great turning points have reverberated down the years – Blenheim, Waterloo, El Alamein, Stalingrad to name a few. Is Trostyanets to be added to this list? It is a town... Read more

Rishi Sunak gets a slap for spending like Cecil B DeMille

Welcome to the 94th Treasury Committee awards, where Rishi Sunak was up for best Spring Statement. The red carpet glittered with the latest fashions. Rishi looked like a million dollars, which is probably what the suit cost. Attending any discussion... Read more

Myopic Western elites are in danger of handing the world to China on a platter

The story that Western elites have told their populations for the last 40 years has collapsed. The tale started out as a tough love mantra in the late Seventies: economic efficiency, openness to global capital, an end to union militancy.... Read more

Why Will Smith snapped

Will Smith has a therapist, and she has a name for his nice-guy persona: Uncle Fluffy. “He signed every autograph, shook every hand, kissed every baby. Fluffy was jovial, talented, smart, generous. Uncle Fluffy needed everyone to like him,” Smith... Read more

Academy Awards launches ‘formal investigation’ into Will Smith slapping Chris Rock at the Oscars

Will Smith has been condemned by the body that hands out the Oscars as it launched a formal review into the actor for slapping comedian Chris Rock across the face during the ceremony. Smith strode on stage during the televised... Read more

Newark, Newark, review: this bawdy new comedy fills a Gavin & Stacey-shaped hole

While James Corden continues to appear in 50 per cent of the world’s entertainment output – “It’s that man’s voice again!” says my young daughter, watching the latest kids’ animation in which Corden stars as a rabbit/mouse/troll/sentient emoji – Mathew... Read more

Winning Time, review: Adam McKay’s Lakers basketball saga is far too pleased with itself

If you’re a fan of basketball, the stories and characters in Winning Time: The Rise of the Lakers Dynasty (Sky Atlantic) will be familiar. For the rest of us, it’s a bracing introduction. The series begins in 1979, when self-made... Read more

Government to name and shame landlords with substandard social accommodation

Landlords with substandard social accommodation will be named and shamed across the Government’s social media channels. The plans – set out in a white paper on social housing – will mean landlords are highlighted for breaching the regulator’s consumer standards, which cover... Read more

Joe Biden says ‘I’m not walking anything back’ as he defends calling for Vladimir Putin’s removal

Mr Biden said “nobody believes” he was talking about “taking down Putin”, and claimed his comment was directed at the Russian people.  He added that he was expressing his “personal feelings” during a testy exchange with reporters. In an emotional... Read more

I never claimed to be a tax-cutting Chancellor, insists Sunak

Richard Hughes, chairman of the Office for Budget Responsibility (OBR), told the MPs “overall personal taxes are going up” because of tax rises announced in previous Budgets. He added: “The 1p cut to the basic rate of income tax reduces... Read more

High risks at low altitude: Ukraine’s pilots reveal tactics giving them the edge in the skies

One month into the war, Ukrainian officials say they have shot down around a hundred Russian jets and a further 120 helicopters, defying expectations that Moscow would quickly take control of the skies. The exact details of how Ukraine has... Read more

Ending home abortions goes against WHO advice, ministers told

Amnesty International has said ministers’ plans to end home abortions go against advice from the World Health Organisation, as MPs prepare to vote. The organisation is one of 36 that have written a joint letter to Boris Johnson ahead of... Read more

Ukraine could get more tanks from Nato – but their troops may not be able to drive them

Artillery systems with minimal protection such as Grad rocket launchers or BM-27 don’t need to be attacked with anti-armour missiles but can be destroyed with heavy machine guns. Zelensky: There are ‘tank traffic jams’ Even so, in an interview with... Read more

Prince Philip memorial service: When is it and how can I watch?

Aside from being where every English and British monarch has been crowned since 1066, Westminster Abbey was also where the Queen and Prince Philip married in 1947.  The service is set to honour Prince Philip’s work in support of the... Read more

Controversial ex-Police Scotland chief to lead Met during search for Dame Cressida Dick’s replacement

Sir Steve also came in for criticism during his time in Scotland over the force’s policy on stop-and-search and for deploying armed officers on routine patrols. However, under his leadership, Police Scotland had success in tackling domestic violence, knife and... Read more

Scotland Yard ready to issue first ‘partygate’ fines

Mr Johnson has consistently rejected suggestions he broke Covid laws. His defence is believed to centre on the argument that he attended the gatherings in a work capacity. Downing Street insiders said they have had minimal contact from the Metropolitan... Read more

How to find a stock market bargain in Britain, America and further afield

Britain  While global markets tumbled, falls in the London market were short-lived. Jason Hollands, of the broker Bestinvest, said Britain remained one of the few truly undervalued markets. “British companies have done well this year but they still trade at... Read more

Desperation pushes more buyers to purchase homes that aren’t built yet

David Fell of Hamptons said this trend had reversed last year because owner-occupiers were more willing to buy off-plan in the face of limited options elsewhere in the market.  He added: “Typically, these are chain-free homeowners who have more flexibility... Read more

For sale: £850,000 Grade II listed water tower linked to piano dynasty

It was common for land owners at the time to commission towers for private use and this Grade II listed building once supplied water to the historic Broadwood Estate. The tower is close to Lyne House, the former country home of... Read more

‘My brother used power of attorney to change my mother’s will – can I fight him?’

The word senile implies old age and loss of mental faculties. Neither of those necessarily precludes making a will or making a power of attorney. However, it is a question of degree and there does come a point when a... Read more

Savings account paying 50pc more than rivals launches – but there’s a catch

Digital bank Chase has released a savings account which offers customers a rate of 1.5pc a year, far ahead of other leading easy-access accounts.  Savers can deposit up to £250,000 into the account with no penalties for accessing their money.... Read more

The towns the house price boom forgot

The cathedral city: Ely, Cambridgeshire Average house price: £361,406; travel time to London: one hour and 20 minutes Long overshadowed by nearby Cambridge, buyers who rule out this cathedral city in the Fens are missing a trick. Its diminutive size means that... Read more

Money Makeover: ‘We’re retiring to Spain – how can we avoid a tax disaster?’

They have confirmed their annual spending will be €27,000. They have about €62,000 across UK and Spanish bank accounts, and accounting for the £8,400 a year they will be taking from Mrs Shelverton’s Sipp they will exhaust this cash during... Read more

Dear Richard Madeley: ‘How can I tell our son to stop having loud sex in our house?’

Dear Richard,  My son came home from university with a lovely girl in tow. As we live near where the two of them work, we invited her to stay with us for a while. The problem is that on weekends... Read more

Three easy ways to eat seafood sustainably

Switch to shellfish Before reaching for that pack of salmon fillets, consider buying shellfish instead. Oysters, clams and mussels, farmed here in the UK, are particularly eco-friendly and a good source of omega 3. Try to avoid farmed prawns from... Read more