Laura Kuenssberg: The ‘rule-breakers’ of British politics have prospered

Laura Kuenssberg, the BBC’s outgoing political editor, has said “rule-breakers have prospered” in politics over the last five years.

Kuenssberg, who will officially remain in the role until May, on Thursday published what she called her “last article” as political editor on the BBC website.

She spoke to several senior politicians including Nigel Farage, Andrea Leadsom, John McDonnell and Nicola Sturgeon, as well as unnamed sources, for the article.

And she wrote that those who had succeeded in politics during her stint as political editor had been people such as Jeremy Corbyn, Boris Johnson and Mr Farage, who had defied convention and broken the normal rules of politics.

“There’s no doubt that Johnson’s willingness to be blunt, to be prepared to offend, and yes, to break the rules, has been seen by many voters as a welcome refreshment from smooth, technocratic politicians I’ve been told so often are ‘all the same’,” she wrote.

She also quoted Nicola Sturgeon, who has been in power since before the Brexit referendum, accusing Mr Johnson of not having “a basic respect for truth and civilised debate”, unlike David Cameron and Theresa May.

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