Watch: Parking row murder suspect caught on CCTV as off-duty police officer tries to intervene

Minutes earlier, the court heard that Mr Arslan had fatally stabbed Mr Boorman and was heading to confront Mr Marsden.

Mr Wilkinson can be seen imploring Mr Arslan to drop the knife, saying: “You stand still, now. Don’t you go down there. Put the knife down now. Put it down.”

Mr Arslan forced the gate into Mr Marsden’s garden, with the CCTV then showing Mr Marsden wrestling him out of his home – having been stabbed eight times – while Mr Wilkinson struck him with the wood.

In a police interview, Mr Marsden said that he had just got home from work and was making dinner when Mr Arslan stormed into his kitchen with a knife and stabbed him.

He said: “I was expecting my son to come home and heard a big bang on the gate against the wall.”

He saw that Mr Arslan had “come across the grass and then come into our house”. 

Mr Marsden added: “His eyes, I remember, were really evil. He had such hatred. I instantly dropped what I was doing and ran towards him shouting: ‘Get out, get out.’”

Following the struggle between the two men, Mr Arslan lit a cigarette and left Mr Marsden’s garden, where he was again confronted by Mr Wilkinson and other neighbours, now armed with golf clubs.

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