Cryptocurrencies are Putin’s sanctions-busting superweapon

Russia has spread its risk by buying euros, yuan and gold instead of just dollars. But the fortifications have a weakness. These foreign reserves aren’t sitting in bank vaults in Moscow. A good proportion of the assets are thought to... Read more

Ghosts of the 1990s haunt Putin as Russian economy descends into chaos

As the economy crumbled and sky-high inflation decimated living standards, one enterprising Russian turned to moonlighting as a taxi driver to pay the bills. “We lived like everyone but sometimes I had to earn extra money,” he said a few... Read more

Fifa’s Russia ban is not about morality – Gianni Infantino simply had nowhere left to turn

It would be useful to know if, as part of Fifa’s truth-and-reconciliation process, Infantino intends to hand this medal back. When asked directly last week, he chose to answer another question entirely. But even Bach, erstwhile companion of Putin at... Read more

Ship carrying Russian gas to UK is diverted as Europe unites to weaken Kremlin stranglehold

Boris Johnson said last week that the government is working on policies that will reduce British reliance on Russian hydrocarbons. Mr Shapps said on Monday that Russian vessels will be banned from the country to prevent energy sales to Britain from... Read more