Ask the expert: ‘Which EV should I buy to replace my unreliable Jaguar I-pace?’

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Dear Alex,

My Jaguar I-Pace developed a series of faults. First, a leaking windscreen filled the footwells after a storm. Now it has several electronic faults. It’s been at the dealership for 10 days, but no solution is forthcoming. Do I have a case for charging Jaguar the cost of hiring a car while mine is hopefully fixed? I’m considering selling the I-Pace. I wouldn’t buy another JLR product as this is the third vehicle (two previous Range Rovers), which has been unreliable. Which electric car (EV) would you suggest instead?

– RC

Dear RC,

That’s a disappointing set of problems and, combined with your prior experiences with two Range Rovers, I can understand why it’d make you think twice about choosing another Jaguar or Land Rover again.

I don’t think you have a case for charging your dealership for a hire car, unless you have an agreement with them that a courtesy car was guaranteed, which would be unusual. Even when cars are fixed under warranty, manufacturers rarely guarantee a courtesy car; one is usually provided out of goodwill, and then only if it’s available.

There are plenty of very good alternatives to the I-Pace that might not have been available when you bought yours.

Given your reliability concerns, I’d point you in the direction of the Kia EV6. I think it’s the best EV on the market at the moment and, given it’s just won the European Car of the Year award (as well as plaudits from almost all the major motoring publications), it seems I’m not the only one.

Granted, it isn’t quite as posh as the I-Pace, but the EV6 is beautifully finished inside. It’ll go further on a single charge than the Jaguar and it’s very well equipped, even in entry-level form. But, of course, the big asset the EV6 has is its whopping seven-year warranty – not that you should need it, given Kia’s solid reliability record.

If the EV6 doesn’t feel upmarket enough for you, you can sacrifice some of its reliability potential for swankier surroundings. I recommend the Polestar 2, which can be had with a truly lovely mix of Scandi-style open-pore wood and cream leather, if you opt for the £5,000 interior upgrade package. The 2 is a brilliant car with or without said upgrade, however; it’s at its best in long-range, rear-wheel drive form.

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