Council tax rebate: who will benefit and when will it be paid?

Nearly five million families in homes that were expensive in the early 1990s will miss out on the Government’s funding, even if their homes are not particularly pricey today. 

Households in areas where prices have surged since 1991, on the other hand, could still be paying among the lowest council tax bills despite their properties’ high values.

Those exempt from paying council tax, including students and retirees on pension credit, will still be able to receive the grant. Those living by themselves and receiving the single person discount, which reduces their council tax bill by 25pc, will also be entitled to the full £150 rebate.

You can check what band you are in here on the Government website. 

Which areas will get the most funding?

There is a stark North-South divide in England when it comes to council tax bills. The North East, North West, Yorkshire and the Midlands have the highest proportions of properties that fall within bands A to D, who will benefit from the Chancellor’s £150 per household rebate. 

London, the East, the South East and the South West have a higher percentage of homes in bands E to H, which will be excluded from the state aid. More than 1.7 million homes in these regions will miss out on the £150 discount, compared with just 601,000 in the North and Midland regions.

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