Young Russians mourn the loss of a Western lifestyle as a new iron curtain rises

As sanctions take hold, Anastasia is concerned a lack of flights to the West will impact her career plans. She says she always dreamed of teaching Russian in Europe or Britain, but now doubts this will be possible in the... Read more

The West must now wage total economic war against Vladimir Putin

Much of the recovery then is artificial but as long as oil and gas receipts continue to flood into the country, Russia can keep rebuilding its hard currency reserves and ultimately weather the storm.  “Self-sanctioning” in the shipping industry has... Read more

How to keep Sunak’s hands off your investments forever

Even if your partner is not working, you can put the same amount in their Isa and a token amount in a pension for them too. A working couple can squirrel away more than £100,000 a year without a moment’s... Read more

Joe Biden to release record 180m barrels of oil from strategic reserves

A senior US official said the US oil would be “coming to market very soon” and that with other countries making their own coordinated releases of reserves, the total addition to daily supply will be “well in excess of the... Read more

Ban on Russian bank deposits over £50,000 is illegal, warn finance chiefs

A plan to ban Russian nationals from holding more than £50,000 in their bank accounts is “rushed” and illegal, the finance industry has warned. Banks claim that the measure – proposed by Boris Johnson last month as part of a... Read more

Kremlin-linked firm puts UK delivery service up for sale

The Russian tech giant Yandex has hoisted a for-sale sign over its British grocery delivery business amid concerns over the company’s links to the Kremlin. Yandex, known as Russia’s Google, said it was seeing a “considerable amount of interest” in... Read more

Boris Johnson opens the door for a fracking revival

The company spearheading Britain’s stalled fracking industry has been thrown a lifeline by the Government in the clearest sign yet that ministers are rethinking their stance on shale gas. Cuadrilla, the energy producer, said it had been given a stay... Read more

Vladimir Putin threatens to cut off Europe’s gas on Friday

Customers seeking to submit meter readings in a last-ditch attempt to save money before the rise were foiled after the websites of British Gas, SSE, E.ON, and EDF crashed. British Gas later said that it would accept photographs of meter... Read more