The 10 essential questions you need to ask before changing your car this year

The bad news from oil industry experts is that prices could continue rising, possibly passing £2 per litre for petrol, with diesel going even higher. Dr Amrita Sen from Energy Aspects told the Commons Treasury Committee: “If you do it... Read more

Is this the final straw for the family farm?

Richard Fisher’s family has run a dairy farm near Fyvie, Aberdeenshire, for the past 64 years. It has weathered the financial crash, resisted rewilding and avoided every crisis that has beset British farming: foot and mouth, mad cow disease, drought... Read more

Calorie counts on menus won’t work – and they’ll suck the fun out of eating out

And so, coming to a takeaway, a café or a pub near you, is this sledgehammer of calorie-hating force that will paint devil’s horns on the scones with cream and jam at your posh treat of cream tea. Or your... Read more

Would you pay a restaurant to eat your own cake?

Not everyone agrees. “The thing we get to do, which is the greatest privilege, is to be the place where people mark the moments in their life,” says Nick Gibson, the owner of the Drapers Arms in Islington. “What frustrates... Read more

The £150 test that will transform how your medicine works

Imagine a future where your medication is tailored to you. No trial and error, fewer side effects – a pill that works faster and more effectively. You’re a smaller female? Take 50mg. From a south Asian background? This class of... Read more

Correctly diagnosing symptoms can be a tricky task

Doctors, being fallible, sometimes get it wrong, the more culpably so when dismissing their patients’ symptoms as being “all in the mind”. My first, never to be forgotten, introduction to the serious consequences of this was as a medical student... Read more

Mr Loophole: ‘Back surgery has made me want to take an even greater bite out of life’

Covered by private health care – the operation is available on the NHS, but current waiting lists are around a year – Freeman was referred to a specialist, neurosurgeon Jeremy Holland. An MRI scan revealed the problem. Short-term options such... Read more

Our sex life is electric, but half the time we hate each other

After 20 years of marriage, somehow our sex life is better than ever – even more of a miracle given that outside of the bedroom, most of the time we drive each other mad. I can’t remember how we went... Read more

My electric car journey from hell shows buyers must beware

This week, Grant Shapps announced a target of 300,000 more chargers across the country by 2030, the year when the Government says it will ban the sale of new petrol and diesel powered cars. Fatally, he’s left it to local... Read more

We must take back control of our strategic industries from China

It is beggars belief that the Government is going to stand idly by whilst Nexperia, a Chinese-controlled company, attempts to take over Britain’s largest microchip factory, and it is yet another example of Whitehall’s failure to think strategically when it... Read more

Nicola Sturgeon is addicted to Covid powers

When the Scottish Government launched a public consultation on whether ministers should have the power to amend primary legislation by decree during an emergency, the response was, shall we say, unusual. Around 90 per cent of the 4,000 organisations and... Read more

Carrie Lam’s legacy: the permanent destruction of Hong Kong’s liberties

Three months after Carrie Lam took office as Hong Kong’s Chief Executive in 2017, she denied me entry to the city that had once been my home. Three months before she leaves office, she has threatened me with jail. That... Read more

Easter chaos proves we are not yet ‘living with Covid’ – we are living under it

The problem with the now-unproveable Covid excuse gets worse: it’s now synonymous with something having gone wrong, with no explanation required. Which makes it an all too easy diagnosis that absolves the need to search more deeply for what might... Read more

It may take years, but we must aim to lock Putin in jail for life

It may seem a hypothetical too far to imagine the trial of the Russian leader – an exercise in wish-fulfilment at a time when barbaric war crimes in Ukraine have sickened the civilised world. But Vladimir Putin, at 67, could... Read more

Demoralised and incompetent, Putin’s army is marching to its doom

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Power rationing is a worrying echo of the 1970s

Parallels with the 1970s grow by the day with high levels of inflation, low growth and rapidly rising energy costs caused by an oil price shock. Now another spectre from 50 years ago has been revived: the rationing of power.... Read more

Building a war crimes case against Putin’s forces must start immediately

Terrible things happen in all wars. The deaths of combatants and fatalities among civilians are impossible to avoid without the overwhelming victory of one side and the early surrender of the vanquished. In a conflict like that in Ukraine, however,... Read more

Russia is incapable of fighting a ‘long war’

Fighting a war is really difficult – as we constantly find out every time a new one is started. Though they may begin with hopes of lightning invasions and victory parades, they often end in protracted, bloody catastrophes. This is... Read more

Dear Richard Madeley: ‘My sister-in-law’s dementia care is too much for my brother’

Dear Richard,  My sister-in-law (who has recently been diagnosed with dementia) is still living at home with my brother. At the moment, he receives six hours of respite care for her a week. This is clearly not enough as he... Read more

Shein: the stealth Chinese fashion brand that’s raising $100 billion

Unless you live with a teenager, you’re unlikely to know much about the brand that is breaking every fashion record going. That’s because Shein has systematically targeted under-25s through ultra-low prices, 3,000 new products a day, and one of the... Read more

Thanks Justin Bieber for this fashion moment – we needed a laugh

Can someone come to collect Justin Bieber please? He’s had too much sugar and run amok in his dad’s suit, nabbed his big sister’s beanie and it’s just getting silly now. He’s got hold of the felt pens and drawn... Read more

The dress you can wear all year round – and for any occasion

A good green dress is like having a best friend tucked away in your wardrobe: it has the potential to cheer you up, plus it can cope with any situation, at any time of the year and will provide you with... Read more

Not so fast: Autobahn speed limit proposals over Russian gas spark heated debate

For the liberal Free Democrats, speed limits are an unwanted infringement on the freedoms of car-loving Germans. Bijan Djir-Sarai, the Free Democratic Party secretary, accused the Greens of “symbolic politics” saying that “now is definitely the wrong time for partisan... Read more

‘This guy is brutal’: Joe Biden insists Vladimir Putin must face war crimes trial

Joe Biden has called for Vladimir Putin to face a war crimes trial, as he promised additional sanctions on Moscow. Appalled by the situation in the Ukrainian town of Bucha, where hundreds of civilians have been found dead, the US... Read more

Monday evening news briefing: Debunking the conspiracies of a massacre

US president Joe Biden today branded Vladimir Putin a “war criminal” who must face trial after the atrocities emerged in the liberated towns.  As international outrage mounted, Liz Truss, the Foreign Secretary, said Russia “must be suspended” from the UN... Read more