Planning hurdles for solar panels set be lifted under energy strategy

It was also reported that Mr Johnson may drop a planned target to treble onshore wind capacity by 2035 amid a rebellion in his Cabinet.

It had been suggested that this week’s energy security strategy would see a new target of 45GW of energy a year from onshore wind in the next 13 years – up from the current level of 14GW a year.

Simon Hart, the Welsh Secretary, reiterated the Government’s support for wind farms at sea but said onshore developments were “more complicated”.

“I think it only works in Wales where you’ve got significant community buy-in, and that’s a very big if,” he said. “That community buy-in isn’t just about turbines, it’s also about infrastructure that supports turbines.”

The strategy is now expected to focus even more heavily on nuclear power, which Mr Johnson believes will be a major component of the UK’s energy security in the coming years.

Kwasi Kwarteng, the Business Secretary, said the strategy would “reverse 30 years of drift and take the big decisions to generate more nuclear power”.

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