Cody Ackland pleads guilty to murdering Plymouth teenager Bobbi-Anne McCleod

Judge Robert Linford listed his case for sentence on the morning of May 19 and warned him he would received a statutory sentence of life imprisonment, adding: “The only issue will be the minimum term.”

Ms McCleod disappeared in Plymouth on November 20 as she waited at a bus stop on the way to visit her boyfriend. Her ticket was never used and she did not arrive. Her headphones and tobacco were found at the scene and her phone was handed to the police.

Her body was found on November 23 close to a beach in Bovisand, around seven miles from where she was last seen.

At the time of Ackland’s arrest, police said they believed there was “no known link” between the two.

Ackland was lead guitarist in Plymouth-based indy band Rakuda, who released their first EP in August last year.

The other members of Rakuda announced in November they would disband “with immediate effect” but weeks later said they would be taking a “short hiatus from the music scene” with a view to reforming in the spring of 2022.

Victim’s mother in tears throughout hearing

Ms McLeod’s mother, father and brother were seated in the public gallery while the victim’s friends and extended family were seated in a separate court room via video link.

The victim’s mother Donna McLeod was in tears throughout the brief hearing.

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