Ukraine is paying the price for Germany’s complacency

“Every euro, every cent that you send to Russia is bloody money,” Kyiv’s Mayor Vitali Klitschko told reporters yesterday as he again called on Europe to stop funding Putin’s war through trade. In light of the reports of horrific atrocities... Read more

Channel 4 has become a Left-wing Frankenstein

Liberal Conservatives such as Damian Green and Ruth Davidson are queuing up to denounce the Government over the privatisation of Channel 4, which is of course their right, but when they try to drag Margaret Thatcher’s name into their campaign... Read more

JK Rowling is right. Woke men are ruining beards for the rest of us

Gillette says that sales of its razors have shot up 30 per cent in the past year. You may think the reason is obvious. After letting themselves go during lockdown, men decided to smarten up for their return to the... Read more

Covid can no longer be an excuse for chaos

After two years of travel restrictions and expensive testing requirements, holidaymakers will have been looking forward to a trip abroad this Easter. At ports of departure, however, they were greeted with chaos. Flights were cancelled by carriers, including British Airways... Read more

A total energy embargo against Russia is now unstoppable, whatever Germany thinks

Curbs on the Russian central bank have come to little. The country does not need to tap its frozen foreign reserves to defend the currency as long as revenues keep flowing from the sale of hydrocarbons and metals at today’s... Read more

For the work-shy, Covid is the gift that keeps on giving

Nine new official symptoms of Covid-19 have just been added to the NHS website. Symptoms may or may not include the following: Sneezing in the past 10 months Possession of a cat Feeling like a week off (public sector only)... Read more

Net zero is one Big Thing Boris has got wrong

On the whole, I subscribe to the view of the Prime Minister’s supporters that “Boris gets the big things right” (while getting lots of the smaller things wrong). He got Brexit right, and vaccination, and he is getting the Ukraine... Read more

The EU can’t win in its eternal battle against Viktor Orban

Viktor Orban’s victory in the Hungarian elections on Sunday has sent shivers of revulsion through liberal Europe. The self-proclaimed illiberal democrat has won a fourth successive term despite the opposition uniting to try to defeat him. His conservative “alternative model”... Read more

We went on a Colombian holiday – and came back with a cannabis business

After I separated from my husband in 2017, and my two grown-up daughters left for university and travelling, I found myself at a bit of a loose end. My best friend of 25 years, Claudia, swooped in and took me... Read more

Best air fryers 2022 — and are they better than deep fat fryers?

Roast potatoes Cut floury potatoes into chunks and parboil then shake them; allow to dry and drizzle with a little oil. Air-fry for about 25 minutes on the highest setting, turning twice, until golden and crisp. Leftovers As long as... Read more

Why June Brown was the most stylish woman on British television

When she went to Buckingham Palace to receive an MBE from the Queen, Brown wore a deep pink skirt suit in a sleek 1930s cut with a matching hat – the colours, naturally, had been chosen to match the hue... Read more

Lethal drone package set to give Ukraine the upper hand in tactical battles

A ‘tag-team’ of drones could soon be deployed for the first time in a battlefield to help Ukraine destroy Russian artillery.  The latest batch of lethal aid from the US could extend the range of the Switchblade “kamikaze” drone, which... Read more

Britain to collaborate with US and Australia on hypersonic weapon innovation

The UK’s hypersonic weapons programme will be “accelerated” by information sharing with Australia and the United States, as the three countries vow to “deepen co-operation on defence innovation”. Boris Johnson, the Prime Minister, Joe Biden, the US president, and Scott... Read more

Czech Republic becomes first Nato country to send tanks to Ukraine

Emmanuel Macron, the French president, ruled out sending tanks and warplanes to Ukraine, while Boris Johnson said: “Logistically at the moment, it looks very difficult both with armour and with jets.” Last month, Poland offered to provide Ukraine with 28... Read more

Why Ukraine may struggle to get Russia removed from UN Security Council

Can Russia be expelled from the UN Security Council? Russia can only be thrown out of the Security Council if Moscow agrees to its own expulsion. The Council would have to recommend Russia’s removal, which would need to be approved... Read more

‘They took them away and executed them’: Russian mercenaries implicated in Mali massacre

Russian mercenaries and Malian soldiers have allegedly massacred 300 civilians after forcing them to dig mass graves, in the single worst atrocity during the Sahel’s decade-long war. Malian and foreign soldiers identified by survivors as Russians rounded up and killed... Read more

US Secret Service rents $30,000 a month California mansion to protect Hunter Biden

The Secret Service was said to have been a victim of rocketing property prices in the area. Following revelations about the cost, there were calls for Hunter Biden to open up his home for the Secret Service agents to stay... Read more

Chaos in Shanghai as Covid patients fight for food and water amid extended lockdown

“Shanghai’s epidemic prevention and control is at the most difficult and most critical stage,” Wu Qianyu, an official with the municipal health commission, told a briefing. “We must adhere to the general policy of dynamic clearance without hesitation.” Shanghai’s quarantine... Read more

‘Hero’ British girl raised the alarm after landslide killed her father and brother

Police in the Blue Mountains said they were hoping to fly family members in the UK to Australia to support the survivors. Acting Superintendent John Nelson said the 15 year-old girl was in hospital with shock. “We’ve focused on caring... Read more

Black Lives Matter leaders accused of using $6m of donations to buy luxury mansion

The leaders of Black Lives Matter (BLM) allegedly used $6 million in donations to buy a luxury California mansion, as more questions are raised about how the anti-racism group manages its finances. The 6,500 sq ft home has more than... Read more

Joe Biden insists Vladimir Putin must face war crimes trial

Joe Biden has called for Vladimir Putin to face a war crimes trial, as he promised additional sanctions on Moscow. Appalled by the situation in the Ukrainian town of Bucha, where hundreds of civilians have been found dead, the US... Read more

US and Spain seize $99m superyacht owned by Vladimir Putin’s billionaire ally

Spanish police on Monday seized a $99 million (£75 million) superyacht belonging to an oligarch on behalf of American authorities, a first for the US’s “KleptoCapture” taskforce launched to punish Vladimir Putin’s billionaire cronies over his war on Ukraine. The... Read more

Bucha massacre: ‘We brought the dead here because the dogs were trying to eat them’

“The Russians looted and robbed every home,” Mr Mikulich said. “They stole everything they could get their hands on, from gold to microwaves and, when people had the chance, they ran.” During The Telegraph’s visit, a resident returned to his... Read more

Russian troops readying for big attack in Luhansk region of eastern Ukraine

Russian troops are preparing for a big attack in the Luhansk region of eastern Ukraine, officials warned on Monday night, urging a mass evacuation.  “We see that equipment is coming from different directions, they are bringing manpower, they are bringing... Read more

What happened on a holiday in the EU’s most boring Capital of Culture

More insights from a weekend in Esch Coolest corner Cool is a relative concept in Luxembourg, which would turn up looking like Matt Hancock on his day off if you invited it to a house party. That said, the former... Read more