Maradona’s daughter claims shirt on sale for £4m is not the ‘hand of God’ top

Dalma, speaking on Radio Metro, said: “That ex-England player thinks he’s got my dad’s second-half shirt but there’s a confusion.

‘Knows the truth’

“He has the first-half top. I wanted to explain that to people so that whoever wants to buy it knows the truth.”

Former midfielder Steve Hodge, who for the past 20 years has loaned the shirt to England’s National Football Museum in Manchester, has said of the moment he acquired Maradona’s iconic shirt: “I was walking down the tunnel and Maradona was coming in the opposite direction. I just tugged my shirt and we swapped there and then.”

Dalma’s mother, Claudia Villafañe, backed her daughter, saying: “It’s going to be our word against this ex-player’s.

“The one this man has is the first-half shirt which if he wants to auction it off is a sin, unless he wants to sell it and do something for charity.

“I don’t think he needs the money. It would be good if the Argentinian Football Association buys it.”

Sotheby’s, which is auctioning the shirt, has rejected the claims, however, adding that it had hired an expert outside firm to photomatch the shirt that is being auctioned which had found “multiple conclusive matches” to the one Maradona was wearing when he scored his two second-half goals.

A spokeswoman said: “There was indeed a different shirt worn by Maradona in the first half but there are clear differences between that and what was worn during the goals.

“Prior to putting this shirt [up] for sale, we did extensive diligence and scientific research on the item to make sure it was the shirt worn by Maradona in the second half for the two goals.”

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