She’s richer than the Queen, but Rishi Sunak’s wife avoids UK tax as India is her ‘final resting place’

Mr Sunak and his wife have a grace and favour flat in Downing Street, but they also own a five-bedroomed mews house in Kensington, west London, which they bought for £4.5 million without a mortgage in 2010, and which is now worth around £7 million.

Nearby is a first-floor flat worth around £1 million which is used by friends and family when they come to visit, and their home in Mr Sunak’s Richmond constituency in North Yorkshire is a £2 million Georgian manor house set in 12 acres of land.

During school holidays they family often stay at their £5.5 million penthouse flat in Santa Monica, California.

Ms Murty pays ‘full tax on UK income’

A spokesman for Ms Murty said that she pays “full tax on UK income”, though it is unclear how much she earns in the UK because she has been involved in a series of loss-making ventures.

In 2013 she and Mr Sunak set up Catamaran Ventures UK Ltd, which invests money in startups and other companies, though Mr Sunak transferred his shares to his wife and resigned as a director when he became an MP in 2015. At the end of 2020 it had liabilities of £226,572.

Papers filed at Companies House state that: “The shareholder has invested over £4.2m to date into young start-up companies with the view to future capital growth and income distributions.

“The distributions receivable from such companies are, by nature, sporadic and may take five to seven years to materialise. As the shareholder will continue to financially support the company for the foreseeable future, the director considers it appropriate to prepare the statutory accounts on a going concern basis.”

Until May last year Ms Murty was a director of her brother’s software firm, Soroco Private Ltd, which lost £10 million last year.

Together with Rupert Lowe, a former Southampton FC chairman and ex-Brexit Party MEP, she is also a director of Digme Fitness Ltd, which is currently in administration.

Ms Murty lists her nationality as Indian and her country of residence as England in her Companies House filings.

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