Polenta is the perfect foil for so many hearty dishes

If ever I want a real hug of a dinner – a soft, hearty bowlful to fall into at the end of a long week – I always turn to polenta. It’s also what I make when what I really... Read more

Would you want to know if you’re going to get Alzheimer’s disease?

Medical ethicists draw some parallels between knowing you are at high risk of Alzheimer’s and Huntingdon’s disease, an incurable neurological disorder caused by a single gene defect which can be diagnosed even before birth. Individuals with Huntingdon’s begin to develop... Read more

I was allowed to transition at 18 without question – but I regretted it

The debate about trans identities and gender dysphoria has become very polarised – even for those of us who have lived through it. When the Government announced this week it would not go ahead with a Bill to ban conversion... Read more

Angela Merkel doesn’t deserve a quiet retirement

She was hailed as the world’s most powerful woman, the de facto leader of Europe and, for a while, of the free world. For 16 years Angela Merkel’s popularity in her native Germany never fell below 50 per cent. For... Read more

Nicola Sturgeon is taking a leaf from the Donald Trump playbook

Donald Trump has given a lot more to modern politics than non-existent walls, alleged electoral fraud, and misogynist soundbites. Across the globe there have arisen politicians who, even if they don’t admire the former president’s politics, seem prepared to emulate... Read more

In defence of non-doms

In politics, like sports, momentum matters. The same blow one might shrug off if the fight is going your way can floor you if it isn’t. So it was with Boris Johnson, who shrugged off innumerable embarrassments before they started... Read more

The Taliban knows exactly what a woman is

An odd phenomenon has taken hold of our political class. Politicians of all persuasions have forgotten not only “what women are” but also basic facts about human bodies. Last week, the Keir Starmer refused to answer whether women have penises,... Read more

Macron’s presidency has been a lamentable failure

The French are going to the polls again. And once again I get to make my traditional prediction for the results. Which is that whoever wins, the results will always be the same. The French public will once again vote... Read more

Liz Truss’s days of emulating Margaret Thatcher are over

She became known in Westminster as the Minister for Instagram after posting elaborate photo opportunities on social media. But Liz Truss’s PR antics are being dialled down in favour of more “natural” shots. Spies in the Foreign Office and Downing... Read more

The status quo on NHS cancer care is no longer tenable

It is an uncomfortable fact for those who like to claim that the NHS is the envy of the world: Britain’s health outcomes are poor when compared with similar countries. A study by the Nuffield Trust in 2018 found that... Read more

Rishi Sunak was simply deluded to think his wife’s tax status was irrelevant to his job

They called it “la loi Macron”. Back in 2015, when he was still the French economy minister, Emmanuel Macron passed a law that, among other things, extended a whole set of tax benefits to rich foreigners who moved to France.... Read more

William Sitwell reviews Jöro, Sheffield: ‘It might be one of the great restaurants of the world’

Approach from one direction, and the location of Jöro looks like a makeshift shelter on the edge of some wasteland. Shipping containers are piled high, windowless and bleak, there are sprawling weeds and – as an almost decorative piece of... Read more

The best red wines under £30 to serve with Easter lunch

Like many of us, I spend time with family at Easter and my approach to wine-buying is to treat it like a mini-Christmas. Or perhaps it’s more accurate to say Christmas-lite because, while I’d never be without a couple of... Read more

I dread Sunday lunches with my husband and his father. Is it my job to be peacemaker?

Dear A&E,  My husband and his father don’t get on. My father-in-law is traditional, went to boarding school at seven and sees feelings as a sign of weakness; my husband, sent away at the same age, has worked to loosen... Read more

Is Jack Grealish the new David Beckham?

Until now, the only Jack synonymous with Gucci was Jackie Onassis, for whom the house famously made a handbag that became the calling card for its Dolce Vita glamour. But the immaculate Jackie O is apparently set to be ousted... Read more

Russia’s super rich v Chanel: is there ever such a thing as bad publicity?

In what must surely qualify as the most tone-deaf protest of all time, Russian Putinistas have taken to social media to vent their fury – not at the war in Ukraine, but at Chanel, whose distinctive, much-sought-after quilted, gilt-chained booty... Read more

Friday evening news briefing: Civilians killed as they tried to flee

Sport briefing: Masters second round – live Rory McIlroy found himself in a depressingly familiar position as he got his second round of the 86th Masters under way. Daniel Zeqiri has live updates from Augusta. Meanwhile, three reserves snuck into... Read more

Britain to send armoured vehicles to bolster Ukraine’s fightback against Russian onslaught

Britain will send armoured vehicles including Mastiff patrol cars to Ukraine to bolster its defences ahead of a renewed Russian onslaught, the Defence Secretary has announced. Ben Wallace said the RAF would also strengthen its presence on Nato’s eastern flank,... Read more

Imran Khan back on the brink of defeat after supreme court loss

Imran Khan again faces being turfed out of power after the nation’s supreme court ruled Pakistan’s parliament should be restored so that he can face a no-confidence vote. The former cricketer last weekend appeared to duck the vote he was... Read more

Joe Biden’s top generals say he is wrong to cancel new submarine nuclear missile amid Russian threat

The Sea-Launched Cruise Missile-Nuclear [SLCM-N] programme was proposed in 2018 by Donald Trump’s administration. Mr Biden has decided against it in his forthcoming Nuclear Posture Review, which will set out his nuclear weapons strategy. This week Admiral Charles Richard, head... Read more

Ukraine afternoon briefing: Five developments as death toll from Kramatorsk rocket strike climbs to 50

4. Russia sends neo-Nazi mercenaries to Ukraine Neo-Nazi mercenaries known for their brutality in conflicts in Syria and the 2014 war in Crimea have been deployed by Russia in Ukraine.  The self-styled “task force Rusich”, recruited from nationalist circles in... Read more

Somalia risks a repeat of 2011 famine as drought tightens its grip on Horn of Africa

Other NGOs, including Action Against Hunger, Medair and Save the Children, said their programmes were also stretched thin – meaning a critical opportunity to avert a famine is being missed. While largely driven by a drought across the Horn of... Read more

Marine Le Pen receives hero’s welcome as she gains ground on Emmanuel Macron in final flurry

“An electoral contest is a confrontation of ideas and projects, not a fight,” she said, adding that she wanted a “a tranquil France, a serene France, a France at peace with itself”. “I challenge him to find one single proposal... Read more

Israel’s leader vows ‘no limits’ in war against terror after three killed by Palestinian attacker

Around a thousand Israeli troops, including special forces, went door-to-door in Dizengoff as they searched houses. They eventually confronted the attacker in the Jaffa district where he was killed in a shoot-out. On Friday morning, youngsters wept and hugged each... Read more

‘I tied myself to a post to sleep’: Basement prison discovered where 100 people were kept for a month

A Ukrainian man has described tying himself to a railing to sleep standing up in a harrowing testimony following a month locked in a basement by Russian forces.  At least 130 peope in Yahidne, 80 miles north-west of Kyiv and... Read more