Civil servants must not stand in the way of energy reform

Most countries are now having to contend with the consequences of the sudden increase in energy prices. But it is a damning indictment of the Westminster establishment that so little was done in the decades before the present crisis to... Read more

Britain can inspire the world to make the internet much safer for our children

“Share your data if you’re looking for a wee stalker”. That is the response by a child from Edinburgh when asked about sharing too much personal information online. Others see content that promotes self-harm and suicidal thoughts without searching for... Read more

Loophole gives Russian trawlers access to £16m of fish in UK waters, despite fishing ban

Russian trawlers still have access to £16 million of fish in UK waters because of a loophole that affects a stretch of sea off the coast of Scotland, government officials have warned. Despite a ban on Russian vessels fishing in... Read more

‘Fixation on electricity’ is short-circuiting Britain’s hydrogen power rollout

Britain is significantly behind its European rivals in rolling out hydrogen power because ministers and officials are “fixated” on electricity replacing fossil fuels, a leading businessman and Tory donor warned on Saturday. Lord Bamford, the chairman of JCB, the construction... Read more

Rishi Sunak urged to disclose private investments, amid warnings over his role as Chancellor

Mr Sunak ordered an inquiry into the leak of his wife’s tax status on Saturday, as the Chancellor’s allies said officials could be prosecuted for releasing the information, which he had declared to a small number of officials. A source... Read more

Sunak blocks Truss’s tax cut plan for British businesses in Northern Ireland

Liz Truss’s plan to entice 200 British businesses back into trading in Northern Ireland by offering them tax cuts has been dropped amid opposition by Rishi Sunak over the costs of the scheme. The Foreign Secretary had drawn up plans... Read more

Jess Phillips: ‘No trans person I’ve met has said we can’t say “woman”’

Jess Phillips was standing in her local Sainsbury’s when the reality of being a woman in public life came crashing down around her and she had a panic attack. Most days, she tells me, she can compartmentalise the death threats,... Read more

Once their pride and joy, ‘out of touch’ Rishi Sunak has let his Yorkshire constituents down

Norman Dimon, a retired theatre director who has lived in Richmond for 40 years, said: “It’s not really acceptable for people who are already very wealthy to be looking for perfectly legal ways to avoid their responsibilities to the communities... Read more

Are Emmanuel Macron’s policies enough to overcome his far-Right rival?

In his only mass rally on April 2 in Paris, Macron cited Brexit to suggest that that the unthinkable “can happen” and that his main rival and Eurosceptic Marine Le Pen could pip him to the post. Elected in 2017... Read more

Retirees forced into ‘terrible choices’ by draconian pension taxes

Punitive pension tax rules have scared savers into making poor and financially damaging decisions. Those falling foul of the “lifetime allowance”, which caps the amount people can save into their pensions tax free, can be stung by tax charges of... Read more

Millions search for cheap mortgages as rate rises loom

The Bank of England has raised rates three times since December and lenders have wasted no time in passing the higher costs onto borrowers, with the best mortgage rates now disappearing within days of launching. The threat of further increases... Read more

‘Grow cucumbers and wear a balaclava in bed’: old-fashioned ways to cut your bills

A combination of tax rises, household bill increases and inflation is putting the biggest squeeze on finances in decades. But this is not the first cost of living crisis our readers have faced. Many will remember the 1970s, when inflation... Read more

The secret £200 bill you’ll pay for failed energy firms

However, David Osman, a former senior economist at Ofgem, told Telegraph Money the charge should only be £60 per year. The substantial increase in unnecessary cost has all but wiped out any benefit of the Chancellor’s flagship “energy rebate” scheme... Read more

‘I was pushed out of work because of my age’: mid-lifers face ruin as pensions run dry

Stuart Lewis of Rest Less, an online community for over-50s, said: “The mass exodus of mid-lifers is in full swing. There are thousands who have given up and left the workforce involuntarily after struggling for months or years to find... Read more

Ask the expert: ‘Which ULEZ-compliant luxury car should I buy on an £11,000 budget?’

Alex Robbins is contributing editor at Telegraph Cars where, as well as responding to readers’ queries, he also contributes reviews of new and used cars, together with articles on buying and selling.  His knowledge of the used car market informs... Read more

I’ve tried everything to break my TV addiction – even hypnosis

It was the moment I realised that my viewing habits had gone from a harmless pastime to help me get through lockdown into something else; something that if I wasn’t careful would end up slowly but surely stealing my life.... Read more

One box of eggs – three easy and delicious ways to use them

My sons are eating their favourite lunch. It’s ‘jammy eggs’, large eggs boiled for just under seven minutes so the centre of each yolk is barely set, then halved while still warm. These are daubed with mayo (not too much... Read more

What your waist is saying about your health

To measure one’s waist, governmental guidelines tell me, you wrap the tape around the midway point between the lower rib cage and the top of the hips, then breathe out naturally before reading the bad news.  Oh dear. My svelte... Read more

Can I let go of my hangups and date a small man?

Apart from the late night I mistakenly slathered HRT gel across my face thinking it was night-time serum, which resulted in what looked to be scarlet fever, last week I endured my most mortifying moment of midlife. Last week, I... Read more

Wouldn’t it be great if there was an All-round Prenup that covered all the essentials for an enduring marriage?

There can be no one in the western world who isn’t aware of the impending nuptials of Brooklyn Beckham (son of David and Victoria Beckham) and Nicola Peltz (daughter of financier Nelson Peltz). Rumours as to the location, the scale... Read more

Gardeners’ Question Time used to be for silver-haired ladies, but that’s changed – gardening has got hip

It fascinates me when I meet glitzy people who are non-gardeners and they tell me: “Oh my God, I love Gardeners’ Question Time”. And you think, “What, really?” But they also say that when they listen to people talking about... Read more

The UN Human Rights Council is a sick joke

Russia has been suspended from the UN Human Rights Council. And although this will do absolutely nothing to deter Vladimir Putin’s war machine, it is still an almost historic decision. Because of all the compromised international bodies that exist in... Read more

Stuck between Macron and Le Pen, France’s political system is disintegrating

Whatever the outcome of France’s presidential vote – and President Macron will probably be reelected – I fear it marks another stage in the dissolution of a political system. Of course, this could be beneficial: we are supposed to welcome... Read more

Britain must pray that it can still escape America’s vicious gender culture war

When Joe Biden’s Supreme Court nominee Ketanji Brown Jackson was asked to define the word “woman” at her Senate hearing last month, she dodged the question by saying that she was not a biologist. Labour top dogs Anneliese Dodds and... Read more

Rishi Sunak has shown that he just isn’t a very good politician

In all the finger-pointing about the Sunak family finances one thing seemed, even by the standards of British politics, remarkably hypocritical. All political parties now, quite rightly, champion equality. But as far back as 1882 Gladstone’s second administration passed the... Read more