Nine words we all need to stop using

As in physically attractive. Never liked it, always seemed too reductive and mainly it’s confusing. Fit like a butcher’s dog, or fit like Kim Kardashian? Not the same at all.

5. ‘Skill set’

Just seems you’re unlikely to have more than one actual skill in life and, once again, we’re thinking BS Apprentice-speak.

6. ‘Vagina’

Using this word regularly in conversation has lately become the norm, like saying “omigod” was a few years back, or referring to a glass of white wine as “lady petrol”. It’s a word we feel could be retired temporarily until people get over their virtue-signalling selves.

7. ‘Annual leave’

Just say “holiday”, people – and if that sounds too much like having fun, as opposed to taking an enforced rest break from a position of maximum national importance, then that is sad.

8. ‘PDA’

Maybe if we took PDA out of circulation, the PDAs that are now commonplace (see Grammy’s night) might get called by the names they deserve, eg: “public kissing with tongues” and “public heavy petting”. Sorry, but “displays of affection” does not describe this stuff any more than “cocktail party” describes the dentist’s chair.

9. ‘Woke’

Given that we’re all a bit woker than we were (our TV viewing habits alone have bounced us into wokeness by accident), and that “woke” has come to mean absurdly pious, maybe we should retire it, on the grounds that it’s lost its meaning and start again with a set of more closely targeted words. For example: “old woke” (trying, but not yet 100 per cent there), “mid woke” (trying too hard and overdoing it), and “naturally woke” (anyone under the age of 30).

What would you would add to the list? Let us know in the comments 

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