We’re ready and willing to take in Ukrainian refugees – so where are they?

We have a log cabin with two bedrooms, underfloor heating – and all mod cons. We registered our willingness to take refugees the day after the website for the Government scheme first went live.

That was in March. Weeks ago. Since then, apart from an automated acknowledgement, we’ve heard nothing from Government or council. 

No one has quizzed us about our (or the cabin’s) suitability, or showed any signs of matching us with any Ukrainians. Instead we’ve been bombarded with screeds of guff about how well the system is working, and appeals for money from refugee charities.

There must be thousands of would-be hosts like us. And some will just give a sigh of relief and give up. To have a stranger living with you is a big risk, and I’d have thought we’d be encouraged – or at least kept in the loop.

Personally, I’m worried that we are 6km from the nearest town and there may not be any other Ukrainians for miles around. But I’m sure these things can be overcome. People in the neighbourhood have been thinking about what help they could give: like English lessons, playgroups, parents’ coffee mornings, lift clubs. 

But all our enthusiasm will fade if the powers that be don’t tell us what is going on – if anything.     

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